Hey guys! It’s Sean here, and we’re going to build a computer today. Yay! Here’s the parts. This is the hard drive, and it’s 240 gigabytes. This is the nVidia GTX 750 video chip, or card, whatever you want to call it This is the CPU brain-chip itself and.. it’s.. It’s very fragile This is the heatsink fan for the CPU um.. Brain-chip This is the.. RAM itself, that we’re going to put 8 gigs into my computer, or.. I’m going to put 8 gigs into my computer It’s the memory! Yeah, the memory. So.. Yeah, it’s the RAM. This is Windows 10! Yeah, Windows 10; Awesome, right? Hi Going to get building We’re going to have a bunch of fun and we’re going to at least get building with these. Done! We’ve put all the pieces together but before we install Windows 10! We’re going to take a nature break.Whoah! Nature break over. Hey, we’re going to install Windows 10 now. Hope you enjoy and see if the computer works and if you see something; it’s working! It’s doing it Yup Yeah, it’s working Yay! This is pretty cool! Windows 10 is awesome because Like this; if you already have Windows 10 that’s awesome because, also if you don’t have it I’m sorry.. but.. Congratulations people who have it already! I bet you already have some fun stuff on it but yeah, um Bye! Subscribe to my channel please Bye!!

Windows 10 PC Build by Sean

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