I’m Stephanie Essin,
and this is IDZ Weekly. wrnch, a software
engineering company focused on computer
vision is making it possible to teach cameras
to read human body movement. This is called motion
capture technology. And until now, it’s only
been available to people like Hollywood
movie producers who could afford the expensive,
specialized equipment required. wrnch has made an AI-driven,
marker-less motion capture technology solution that can
be used by any 2D webcam. Using Intel Deep Learning Boost
through the OpenVINO tool kit, wrnch can turn any camera
into a visual cortex that can translate visual information. By helping computers
make connections between what they see
and what they know, they can better understand
human motion, activity, and body language. Imagine the ways it
could be deployed in the physical training
and exercise industry. By combining motion capture
technology with computer vision, coaches
and trainers gain insights at a level of precision
unavailable to human senses. This wealth of
information allows for more precise
training, which ultimately results in better athletes. And with the solution,
it could spread to amateur athletes
who are working out at home or in a gym. By removing the need
for wearable sensors, allowing the computer
to see more naturally, and using an affordable
webcam, this solution can be utilized by
pretty much anyone. From entertainment to security,
the application potential for this is widespread. The question is, where can
we take this technology? And that falls to the creative
minds of developers like you. Make sure to follow the links
to get more ideas on how the solution can be deployed. And I’ll see you next Monday.

What Can you do with Wrnch* Motion Capture Technology? | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software
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    I need OpenVino. I evangelist software/influencer. I participed roadshows intel edison


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