This demonstration covers replacing a DPE storage processor assembly in the VNXe. For procedure details please reference the most current documentation. Once the proper SP has been identified and the SP is in service mode let’s go ahead and remove the SP assembly. For demonstration purposes I’m using an unracked system. You want to disconnect and label the network cables and all other cables from the back of the SP assembly. Squeeze the orange levers on the latches on the side of the SP assembly to release the latches. Pull out the latches until they are fully extended and the SP assembly is released from the enclosure. Use the latches to slide the SP assembly about half way out of the enclosure. Use both hands to support the SP assembly and pull it fully out of the enclosure. Place the SP assembly on a clean, flat, static-free work surface. Now, let’s go ahead and remove the SP top cover. And we do this by pressing the blue button on the cover. We push the cover straight back about a quarter of an inch and lift the cover up. When replacing an SP assembly we need to transfer the reusable parts from the faulty SP to the replacement SP. That’s the memory modules, that’s the battery backup unit, that’s the I/O module and the SSD module from the faulted SP. So, let’s go ahead and start by removing the memory modules. Press down on both of the memory module latches to release the module from the socket. Touching only the outside edges of the memory module, pull the module directly out of the socket. Now we want go ahead and install the memory modules on the new SP. Again, handle only the outside edges of the replacement module. Align it with the socket and firmly push the module directly into the socket. The latch is snapped to the close position when the module is fully inserted in its socket. Now, let’s go ahead and remove the BBU from the faulted SP. Press the white tab on each side of the cable connector while gently pulling upward to release it from the processor board. And again, you may need to gently rock the connector to remove it. Push the blue tab to the left to release the BBU and then carefully pull it from its housing on the processor board. Then we’ll go ahead and install that BBU into the replacement SP. First, we’ll go ahead and slide the BBU into the housing on the SP until the release tab catches. Attach the cable connector to the SP processor board. Next, let’s remove the I/O module or the I/O filler module, whichever is in place from the faulted SP. Lift the blue latch carefully until it ejects the I/O module or I/O filler module from the connector. Now, we’ll go ahead and install that on the replacement SP. Angle the component slightly so it fits into the canister and align it with the blue and gray alignment pins. And you want to make sure that you don’t attempt to seat the module into the connector while you are holding the module at an angle. Doing this might damage the connectors. The module should be flat before you attempt to seat it in the connector. With the component aligned and parallel to the CPU board, press the blue latch down to fully seat the module in the connector. Now, let’s go ahead and replace the top cover to the SP. Align the cover tab with the notches in the housing. Slide it forward about a quarter of an inch until the tab secures the cover. And the last reusable component, we want to remove the mSATA SSD from the faulty SP. Let’s go ahead and turn the faulty SP assembly over. Push the latch on the plastic cover and rotate the door upward to expose the mSATA SSD. Next, we want to go ahead and remove the mSATA SSD and we do this by pushing each of the small metal tabs at the same time to release the SSD. And now we want to go ahead and install that SSD into the replacement SP. Holding the mSATA SSD at about a 45 degree angle, align the SSD with the connector. Gently push it completely into the connector. Push down on the other end of the SSD until it catches under the two wire clips. Push down on the black plastic cover until it clicks into place. Next, we want to go ahead and install the new SP assembly. Pull out the latches on each side of the SP assembly and make sure they stay in the open position. Align the SP assembly with the enclosure opening and push it straight into the enclosure. The latches begin to close when they contact the enclosure edges. Close the right and left latches to fully seat the SP assembly in the enclosure. Ensure that the SP assembly starts powering up after installation, if not reseat the SP assembly. Reconnect the cables to the back of the SP assembly, being sure to connect all the cables to the same ports from which you removed them. This concludes the demonstration. As a follow-up, you want to make sure you reboot the SP and verify the operation of the component.

VNXe CRU: Replacing a DPE Storage Processor in a VNXe1600
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