Upgrade to Windows 10 Free 2019 can you still upgrade to Windows 10 for
free in 2019 the simple answer is yes let me show you how you could still
upgrade together stand for free in 2019 there are two methods to upgrade from
windows 7 to Windows 10 one upgrade existing Windows 7 in this method you do
not format Hardware instead you run upgrade why log into winter 72 friendly
with storm of business 10 in this method hard drive is completely for married and
brand-new Windows 10 installation takes place in order for any of these methods
to work you must have genuine Windows 7 installed on your computer this method
would not work on hack versions of Windows 7 the steps involved in upgrade
existing with the 7 method are 1 collect with the 7 product key to download
Windows Media creation toolkit 3 run upgrade process using Microsoft
media creation tool kit for activate understand the steps involved in brand
new install upgrade methods are one flag business 7 product key to download
windows media creation tool kit 3 create USB bootable Windows Media for install
business 10 using USB bootable media and number 5 is active activate vendor stand
before you move forward with any method please make sure your computer hardware
meets minimum requirements for Windows 10 chances are if you are running a
vendor 7 successfully without any kind of problems your PC already meets those
minimum requirements but just to make sure that that you have those
requirements the hardware must have one giggles or faster processor it must
have minimum of two gigabyte of RAM it should have minimum of 20 GB of hard
space it should sport direct x9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver and it should also
support 800 by 600 dpi display let’s start with upgrade existing Windows 7
method this method does not require you to format your hard drive it will simply
upgrade your Windows 7 operating system from windows 7 to Windows 10 there will
be four steps in this process one will collect a Windows 7 product key I’ll
show you how to download windows media creation tool kit and number three I’ll
show you how to run upgrade process using Microsoft media creation tool kit
and the last step I’ll show you how to activate a understand collect window 7
product key this is very important step do not move forward until you have
collected in the 7 product if you are upgrading a laptop you should be able to
see the product key on the bottom of the laptop if it is a desktop then just as
our is gonna be on the back side there would be a sticker on the back side of
the your desktop the the sticker should look like this
if for any reason you are not able to find the sticker or the number on the
sticker are faded then run the following command line together the product key to
get the product code from your window 7 click start type CMD right click on CMD
and run as an admin type the command line you could find this command line in
the description of this video pass enter and this should give you the
product code write it down at safe place so that you could use it for the feature
thank you the next step I’ll show you how to quickly download in this media to
media creation tool kit simply visit this website you could point this
website in the description of this video once you are on this page simply click
through on download tool now and it will start downloading I already have it
downloaded and saved it on my desktop in this step just execute Windows Media
tool if you just downloaded read the license agreement and click
accept the system will run some jacks and after
three move it will give you the choice to upgrade this PC now or create
installation media for another PC check upgrade this PC now and click Next but
for this video purpose I have separate video on how to create Windows 10
bootable USB step-by-step to watch that video you can click here once you click
Next the system will start going to certain process like downloading windows
10 verifying the download and creating vendors and media etc depending on the
speed of your computer and internet it can take several minutes two hours to
complete these steps gram cup of coffee or tea can let the
system do its thing depending on the state of your computer
it might reboot automatically once you are prompted over the dialogues to
accept agreement click accept after running a few process the system should
prompt you with dialogue ready to install it will also give you options to
will keep or delete personal files and apps for this video purpose I’m going to
leave everything default and click install your computer should start
installing Windows 10 now depending on the speed of your computer it can take
anywhere between 20 minutes to two hours to complete this final step during this
step your system lightly boots several times
allow it to complete a Windows 10 installation and enjoy one more cup of
coffee or tea I will fast forward this step to save some time there you have Windows them ready for
you to activate thank you to activate your vendor step simply go to the search
box and type windows activate and click on see capitals is activated should
break this window for you look for change product code link on this window
click on it enter your product code that you receive
in the step 1 of this video hopefully you did all of every step that I had
warned you about if you did it then I’m sure you are gonna run to the problem
now but if you have the product code just into your product code and follow
through the directions I’m not going to enter it because Marvin does is already
activated hopefully this explains the whole
process of how to to upgrade to the understand from a beta 7 if you run into
any kind of problems or if you have any kind of questions please feel free to
drop those questions into the comment section thank you so much again
enjoy your vendor stance Thanks for friend new install of because then I
have already showed you how to collect we will have a pocket key in the
perfection of this video I have already showed you how to download the fitness
media patient bullshit if you want to watch how to create a USB bootable
Windows Media USB step-by-step I have a video in my video section it goes into
great details I I am in a process of creating install wizard and using
bootable video please make sure to subscribe so that you could get notified
as soon as that videos available for you thank you so much again and I hope you
have a wonderful rest of the day thank you you

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  • May 20, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    Great Info. Thanks

  • May 20, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    My product code sticker was unreadable. Thank you for showing how to find product info by running command line. Very helpful.

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    Will it work if I make a cup of tea instead while I wait. I don't like coffee.

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    Great video. Thank you for clear cut instructions.

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    Just updated to windows 10 today May 26th 2019 works fine.

  • May 26, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    Let's say I am building a pc, and instead of buying windows 10 again, I can just put it onto a usb, and reinstall onto my new pc? correct?

  • May 26, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Thank you. I have a laptop haven't used for a year, tonight I brought it out couldn't update Windows 10. Followed your suggestion, it worked like charm, now it up to date. Thank you…thank you!!!!

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    Thank you very much, this is very helpful to me!

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    It's 4.6gb

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    Do it need internet

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    Sir window 7 ma ksa ho ga

  • July 26, 2019 at 9:20 pm

    When I was using Windows 7 I like to try windows 10 and I found that website so I download media creation kit. But when I install windows 10 after few weeks when I turn it on it blacks out like the explorer.exe is stop working. Can you solve it so I can upgrade again.

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    Will this work?

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