Hello, I’m Guy and this is Guy, Robot. [music] Hello. So today I need to sort my office out.
I’ve lived in this house for almost six months now. It’s a really weird house from the 1800s
and at the top of it is a room called the lookout tower. It has glass on all four sides
and I can see all around the local city. Now I thought this would be a cool place for
an office the only problems are it’s tiny (it’s 2.5m by 2.5m square), the stairs to
get up it I barely fit through because they’re so narrow and when it’s sunny I can’t see
my monitors, my eyes get hurt and also the room goes to about a hundred Fahrenheit without
my air conditioning on and the air conditioning I have is so noisy. And there is just no room
for me to do my work. So I need to sort a new office out. Now we’ve
got a basement that I’ve not been using. It’s been a bit damp so I bought a dehumidifier
and dried the thing out and I’ve decided that rather than just using it as a cat room, which
it’s used for at the moment for our three cats to have to themselves, and as a bedroom
that’s never been used, I’m going to convert it into my underground bunker where I can
do all things geeky. So today I’m going to run through building
my underground bunker. Now the key thing is I need a lot more space to work on. I love
this desk and actually I’m going to really miss having it as my main desk but I’ve had
it since 1999 and I bought this desk from a furniture company that no longer exists.
It’s actually made of almost-real wood, I say almost because it’s still a flat-pack,
but it’s survived 18 / 19 house moves and it’s brilliant. The only thing is – it’s too
big, it was designed to have three CRT monitors on it and these days, with just having really
light-weight small screens, I don’t need it. The majority of that desk space is just bringing
the keyboard closer to me. And it’s heavy, it’s bulky and it’s a bit dated. The surface
is starting to wear off where I’ve used it so much over the last decade and it’s a bit
ropey – it’s held together with brackets. So, going to have to say bye-bye but that
means entirely new office! So what I’ve decided to do is use Ikea to use the cheapest bits
I can for now. We rent, I don’t know how long we’ll stay in this house, so I don’t want
to spend loads getting a custom setup done. So I’m going to build five-and-a-half meters
of desk space using the Linnmon desks. I’m going to use a combination of corner pieces
and long desks to do a massive L-shape desk where I’m going to have my vintage computers,
I’m going to have room for this computer, and I’m also going to have room for all my
AV equipment and any project work I’m doing. At the moment, if I want to do any soldering
or electronics I tend to use the kitchen table so it will be nice to actually have my own
workspace without intruding on my wife and daughter whilst they’re trying to eat their
dinner. So I’m going to be sad to see the end of this
office with it’s lovely views but it is a state and I have chance to build a massive
room downstairs. The only problems are I don’t really fit – because the ceilings are about
five-foot eleven and I’m six-foot one, and there are some things in there like old washing
machines and dryers that we can’t get rid of that I’m going to have to box in the corner. So I’m going to divide the room in two using
giant Ikea Kallax storage units. I’m going to have all the rubbish that I don’t want
to see there and the rest of the room as my office. Now this is a huge basement so there
should still be plenty of room. I’m not sure what the sound’s going to be like, I’m not
sure what the lighting’s going to be like but let’s get the build started. I’m going to redo everything and hopefully
by the end of this I’m going to have an incredibly neat and beautiful office. Let’s get going. So my old office was an absolute state. This
is a particularly bad day you’re seeing here when I’ve tried to tidy things away for a
camera. But there is so much stuff. and if I go downstairs to the hallway under my office.
There’s more stuff. There’s stuff everywhere. I just can’t possibly store it in such a tiny
space. The basement on the other hand is massive.
It’s 250 square feet, about 21 square meters – but it’s mainly used by the cats at the
moment and there’s a lot of stuff in it that I need to get rid of. There’s old beds, there’s
cat toys, the litter boxes, there’s so much stuff in storage. This all has to be sorted. There’s a lot of stuff to get rid of in here.
I need to get rid of everything that’s in here before I can even start piecing things
together. However, once this is done this is going to be massive room and great for
an office. My plan is to have the whole of this end behind
me converted in to desk space so I’m going to have a 2.2 meters desk behind me in an
L shape coming in to a 3.2 meters desk down this side. That gives me five and a half meters
of total desk space covering the whole of this office which is quite an improvement
on the one-and-a-half meters I have at the moment and trying to cram everything on the
floor. I’m going to cover up the area of rubbish
over here where I’ve got all my old suitcases and washing machines using some of the big
4×4 Expedit units from Ikea. With that, hopefully I will be able to hide away everything that
I put in the corner and also have some storage for all of my items. Shall we see how it goes? So the build itself was fairly easy. It took
a long time though. It took somewhere in the region of 20 hours, unfortunately I lost a
couple of hours of footage where the battery on my camera died. It took quite a while to get everything down
and remove everything that was in there. There was a double bed, there was a lot of old furnishings
and the whole thing had to be cleaned several times because it smelt very much of cats. As you can see from the video the cats really
seemed to enjoy what was going on here and kept me busy for the entire build. I even
had the highlight of standing in cat poo at one point and got batted on the head whilst
trying to build the desk. It certainly made it somewhat more interesting. Putting together the Kallax units was super
easy – although having got a Kallax and an Expedit it’s noticeable how much cheaper and
thinner the Kallax are. I appreciate the fact that they’re trying to save the environment
but I suspect there’s also some saving of profit margins going on there and it overall
means that it’s thinner and not as nice as the old ones. Whilst I was at it I bought down everything
that was in my old office. There was a lot of stuff. I wanted to tidy up all my old box
files, all my old books, I wanted to make sure that when I was doing the new office
that absolutely everything that I could possibly get was out of the way so that I had a clean
and calm place to work. That meant for the first time in several years actually facing
my filing and dealing with it. The build was certainly complicated by some
quirks of the house – noticeably the fact that floor is incredibly wonky. Trying to
level off the desk was nigh-on impossible. And trying to build anything on a surface
that was a massive slope was really difficult. It was great finally getting these old vintage
computers wired up thought. Believe it or not I’ve never actually turned that Commodore
64 on. I bought it a few years ago and haven’t actually tried it because I hadn’t bothered
setting up a separate monitor and setting up the cables for it. Annoyingly it seems
to have a video issue – but at least it is plugged in and working now and turning on
a CRT monitor for the first time in a while was great fun. Wiring up my main computer was a challenge
for the amount of wires. I’m not well known for having nice tidy office with well cable
managed solutions so trying to do it properly for the first time took a very long time.
It took me hours to get the whole thing done not to mention the amount of stuff I have
plugged in. I was really happy with the outcome though.
Once everything was sorted, nice and tidy under my desk, it looked awesome! You can
see there’s a massive ethernet cable draping across at the moment. That’s because I haven’t
actually run proper ethernet in to the basement yet – which I still need to do. For now I’m
using power-over-ethernet. It is tidied up now but I need to run a proper connection
down here because there’s no way the wireless signals can reach. I put my old office desk up in the end as
well which I wasn’t actually expecting to do but there was so much space down here that
it gave me the chance to put a couple of other things on display and I hope to be able to
use it for projects as well. I’m not sure I really want to solder on top of the cardboard-filled
Ikea desk. The Kallax storage unit and the Expedit box
off the old rubbish I’ve got here fantastically. I’m never going to get rid of that washing
machine but it’s good that I can’t see it and it makes the room feel divided really,
really nicely. The cable management worked out really well
just some Velcro, some cable ties and a really cheap cable management solution and it all
ended up looking nice and clean. I can honestly say I’m incredibly proud of
this build. This has been the best office that I’ve ever managed to work on. So that took a lot longer than I thought.
I think I’m up to somewhere around fifteen to eighteen hours of build time doing this.
My original plan was that it would take me maybe half a day plus emptying out this room
but it’s taken a lot longer. However, I am super happy with the results.
For the first time in years it actually feels like I’ve got an office that I want and this
place is huge compared the roof-loft-thing that I had before. I’ve now got over five-and-a-half meters of
desk space for my new desk and I’ve even got my old desk that I’ve managed to fit in the
corner of this room despite the fact that it was a giant desk by itself. So I’m somewhere
around seven meters of desk space and I’ve still managed to fill it. I actually wish
I’d got slightly more. As for these Ikea desks the are nice looking
but they are definitely cheap. The thing with Ikea stuff is that it’s made of cardboard.
Whoever sat around a table at some point in the 1990s and went “why don’t we make furniture
out of cardboard” was a genius. I’m not sure, however, how well it’s going to last compared
to my other desk that I’ve had since about 1999. I went with the Ikea Signum cable management
arms underneath the desk. I’ve got one of these ever meter of desk space – and they
were really cheap actually. Looking at some of the other options that are on Amazon they
were coming up at twelve to fifteen pounds for seventy centimeters of cable management.
Whereas from Ikea only ten pounds and they come with the correct fittings and screws
to mount them in to any Ikea desk. I’ve also decided that I wanted to keep it
super-tidy underneath so all of my power sockets, my network switch, my wireless access point,
KVMs, component to VGA converters – all of those are stuck with Velcro underneath the
desk and are hanging upside down. This has freed up so much space. As you can see from the build and the pictures
my floor is completely empty of any cables the only thing I’ve got is two power bricks
from a vintage computer that I couldn’t put anywhere else because I think they were too
heavy for the desk. They weigh as much as the planet itself – so they need to sit on
the floor. They are tidied away though and I might box them off. Other than that it’s
awesome. The Linnmon desks – I would definitely recommend
but you need to know what you are buying. You are not buying a solid, high-quality wooden
desk. Now I have the best part of a thousand pounds of monitors behind me and I’m not sure
entirely how I feel about having those mounted on cardboard. I did do some research to see
what other people said and most people said as long as you don’t over-tighten it, it seems
to work fine and this two meter desk behind me has got an extra central leg right underneath
where the mount is. So I’m hoping it will be OK. If they all drop on the floor though
I’ll definitely let you know. I would certainly advise having that extra support. I also plan
on getting some metal braces to link all of these desks so that I can connect them so
that the strength is shared between them. I’ve got some extra screws to do this – I
just need to get around to ordering the metal braces. I’m hoping that will give me more
stability. It’s not helped by the floor in this place which is incredibly uneven. However, whatever I’m saying, I love this.
I’ve finally got, almost, all my vintage computers out on show. I’ve got my Commodore 64, I’ve
got my BBC B, I’ve got my very first model of PC that I’m going to do a separate video
on which I’ve finally plug in and that was awesome. You can see a bit in the build process
where I’m having a tinker. I’ve also got a BBC Master, some old servers. I’m going to
eventually get this all up and running and it’s no longer just in boxes. I’ve got storage
coming out the wazoo. So I am stoked by this. There’s a couple of things I still need to
do. One – I need to replace this chair. Now, that’s a tough one for me. This chair has
been with me for a very, very long time. It’s been with me for more than my entire adult
life. I got this one when I was 16, I think. It’s definitely gone on the padding though.
So I’m looking at getting a new chair and also I need to get some curtains up to hide
those incredibly bright LEDs behind me and to just give a nice blue glow so hopefully
by the time the next video or the one after comes I’ll have both of those setup and going
as well. I’m not going to do a chair review straight
away though. I’m curious how it will bed in. It’s taken me to get attached to this one
and I’m going to feel sad to let it go – it feels like the right time though. I would recommend, if you’re on a budget and
you want to come up with a cheap layout for an office, going for the Ikea Linnmon route.
I was going to go with white but my past experience has led me to believe that they scratch really
easily and be super visible. So I went with the black/brown and the blue legs and actually
I’m really glad I did this. I think it fits in to an overall theme much better. I think
the white would have just ended up looking really grubby and dirty pretty quickly. So there we are that is my tech bunker – or
at least the start of it! I’ve taken over the whole basement of the house and as long
as we stay here this is going to be my den. I’ve got loads of room for more exciting things. Hopefully you found this interesting. If you’ve
got any questions about what I did during the build or which bits I used please put
them in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks. [music] Thanks for watching. Please check out some
of my other videos and don’t forget to subscribe! [music]

Ultimate Office and Computer Desk Build
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