Hey guys 🙂 here is ManoDelta bringing another video for ROTA e-Sports in today’s tutorial, I will show how you monitoring the use of CPU, GPU, temperature, memory ram various information, as you put it all on your game screen we will use the MSI Afterburner program along with RivaTuner so you will be able to monitoring all while you play what we will need 1st is MSI Aferburner you can come here on google and type MSI Afterburner the first result click here I’ll leave the link in the description
so it is even easier for you access the MSI Afterburner website here is the download link and here is the MSI Afterburner, we download you downloaded, installed the program he’ll be here his icon on the system tray, close the system clock you click once and you can open the program by default it comes with this screen you can change it, just come in settings and here you will have the options of MSI Afterburner an option that you should leave enabled is the Start with Windows that is to start with Windows, for you dont need to opening the program every time you start Windows, already does this automatically and let selected also start minimized, for it start minimized so it is not on the screen, it will stay there in system tray, hidden here it comes Fan disabled but you can enable this option at set an automatic control of rotation of the fan you will define here the temperature
you want the fan, no the GPU will reach a certain temperature is the fan will follow this temperature and increase speed according to the temperature you select for example, put it here for when reach 40 degrees the fan will be in 40% of rotation and so I went up, I’ve set for according to my video card you do according to your GPU for to have a certain temperature and a certain rotation of the fan so you can minimize the noise
rotation and keep the GPU cold low temperature here in monitoring I’ll show here
by little, that’s where we’re going configure the monitoring options
is it see this information on the screen here in screen capture you can set a key to when you are playing capture one screen, it will make a capture and here in screen format, choose the format you want I recommend or .jpeg or .png here in screenshots folder you will change the folder where the screenshot will be saved you take the game come here in browser and choose the folder where you want
save, desktop or document choose the folder that best for you video video capture, you can also make video capture with the MSI Afterburner If you have no program you can capture with MSI I found the capture, lower quality vs other programs but you can break a twig so here in video capture you will define a key when you press it will start the video capture here you can change some quality settings here comes standard in 85% if you have a good PC put in 100% to improve the video quality frame size put on full frame, to capture all the frames and frame rate if you are recording at 30fps, leave 30 if you record in 60 place at 60fps or set according to your need video folder is to choose the folder where will be saved the video captured only come here in browser and choose the folder where will be saved the videos in profile if you want to make various settings for different profiles here you place a shortcut key to change the profile here in user interface is where you will change the skin of the program by default does this green skin but you’ll changing here and choose a skin that you like more I use this red because I think is most beautiful there you change quickly to skin program RivaTuner is installed with MSI Afterburner then I recommend you run it with administrator privileges I put the RivaTuner here on the start menu when running he will stay with the icon here in system tray you just click once and it will open the RivaTuner it comes with this option to disable show own statistics, you can enable to display fps here too, if you want you can leave enabled start with Windows, to start with Windows the same way we did with the MSI Afterburner so you do not need to open the program because it will start with Windows you’ll onlyneed to open the game and see all the information on the screen I’ll open a game to show the settings in game so here in the game, will again open the RivaTuner and enable the option show own statistics you can see there at the top, the game is already displaying the fps how many frames the game is one thing you can change is the location can put in how many of the screen here in On-Screen display palette, you will change the display color by default comes in pink if you do not like, you can put a green color can put a red color you choose the color you like I will leave green to make it easier to visualize here in On-Screen display zoom you will change the zoom of the letter you can leave small can leave big configure the way you see fit that it is better for you to view information here in On-Screen display rendering mode you will change the way it goes
display information on the screen here I am using vector 3D you can put on raster 3D it changes and gets a different letter Click here in this small arrow right in
corner you can change the font the letter display click OK, is changing the font, you choose the font that you like I will now open the MSI Afterburner to set up what we want to display on the screen you will in the program settings if you are using other skin, go to the settings option here we go monitoring we will choose this screen, what we see on the game screen for example the temperature of the GPU is important information, so let’s put this information on the screen you will click once GPU temperature and will come down here show in on-screen display Select this option to display this information on the screen click OK he already display the temperature of my video card is 56º degrees we come back here in the settings and add other information GPU usage is also important information how many % of the GPU is in use at the time let’s enable this option also if you want to change the column you put here 2 or 3 it will change the columns according to the information you are displaying if you do not change it will be displayed according to the name, for example override group name is GPU GPU temperature is also as GPU then will group all the information you have written GPU same line I’ll click OK and he grouped together, GPU 56 degrees of temperature 57%, 56% is the GPU usage at the time if you want you can change here in GPU usage, I will put, will enable the group name I will switch to, GPU usage click OK and he changed he changed the line for no longer part of the same group It is a new group GPU usage you can put any name you like to look better you can also enable the memory usage, to know how much video memory is in use comes here and enable it we can also enable the CPU CPU is good information we enable the CPU usage the temperature of the CPU too if you want to know the temperature and ram, we know how much is
ram memory being used at the time and then we have all the information
on the screen GPU temperature, GPU usage, GPU memory usage CPU we can see the temperature how many % is being used and memory ram, the ram memory of the game is currently using outside the fps game this information is important you can disable them when you do not want to appear, just go in Rivaturner and disable if you have any questions, you can post there It works in most games It can happen to not work in a game I can not test every game if you have any questions we try to help I will ask for your help to share the video so that other users can do the same configuration I will stop here, until the next video, bye Hey guys 🙂 in today’s tutorial, I’ll show how you display the information of GPU usage, video card temperature CPU temperature, CPU usage use of ram memory all this information on the game screen only that I will show you how you use only the RivaTuner and HWiNFO guys we need of these two programs,
then go here at google you put RivaTuner Statistics here appeared statistics server go on the 1st link, Guru3d here you go down the page in the end will have a link to Download the latest version always use the latest version if you have any problems using earlier versions we also need the program HWiNFO it will help to display the temperature information processor usage, graphics card and memory type in google HWiNFO 1st here in this link, click Download it has two versions 32-bit and 64-bit if your system is only 32-bit x86, you download the 32bit version if your system is x64, download the 64bit version I use the portable version do not need to installation but if you want to install the program, you can download the installer version I’ll leave the link of the two programs in video description so it’s easier for you to do the download you installed the program, I left here on the start menu I will open the HWiNFO first it comes this way, just by clicking RUN it will work as a program displays information from your equipment will give detailed information video card, processor will have the motherboard information closing this screen you have here a lot of information processor motherboard memory video drivers, has installed SATA, SSD audio network Also useful program for those who are looking for driver and do not know which the hardware that is installed on equipment I will close and open again why you should always select this option Sensor Only we only want information from sensors select this option Only Sensor, RUN … and here it will display only sensor information will have memory information processor temperature the clock how many % is being used CPU temperature motherboard, temperature voltage the cooler will have rotation information HD displays temperature information video card will have temperature, clock usage, percentage of memory usage fan speed and also from network I will leave in the corner to not disturb It will also open the RivaTuner to make a setting in him he gets down here near the clock, you just click once on the icon RivaTuner it will open this screen here if you want I recommend enable the Start with Windows option so the program always start with Windows so you do not have to worry about opening the program here for you view fps information you will need to enable this option show own statistics put ON so that you can display this information on the screen I’ll open the game so that we can see all the game screen ok, we are the game open and there at the top is displaying the fps game information I was the first option that I enabled the RivaTuner the first option show own statistics if you click here on the side you can change the location where displayed information here in this option On-screen display palette you click it, you change the color the letter being displayed by default comes in pink, if you do not like can change for other colors can put blue can put red can put green you put the color you like best here in On-screen display zoom, you will change the zoom of the letter if you find that the letter is too big or small you only change the zoom it can leave tiny leaves large configure the way you think is best I will now begin to configure HWiNFO to display CPU information, GPU and memory usage here in HWiNFO click this gear, settings here in settings go to OSD (RTSS) RivaTuner Statistics Server click it and here we’ll have all sensors enable those you want for example, I want to know the memory usage physical memory used to enable I click once and click on this option, Show value in OSD display this information on the display here show label is for display these letters, the physical memory name if I unmark this option, will stop displaying and will only get the number then you configure if you just want the information in number you leave this option unchecked, show label in OSD if you want to display the name to know what it is about this information let enabled here in position, you can change the
line that will get this position and column I’ll put another option here cpu usage is also very good information, I will enable this option I let here show label enabled then it appeared total CPU usage if I want to change, I can also put on line 1 column 2 it will be on the side of the physical memory if you want to decrease the font size remove the show label it will reduce the information we enable temperature so put only show value, to display only the information this Temperature place in line 2 which is the same CPU and column 2 to stay after the CPU usage information so I’ll have CPU usage in percent and the temperature in degrees I will also enable GPU here temperature I enable, I will put on the line 3 to stay below I will also enable the GPU usage D3D usage, you will know how many % is the use of your gpu the game is using the GPU line 3 column 2 and I have the temperature information and GPU usage so if you want to separate, put on line 4 column 1, will be one below the other here another option that you can change, going in RivaTuner It is the shape of the letter you will Raster 3D click on the small arrow next to that here’s side has a small arrow click it and you will be able to change the font of the letter you will get put to another font choose one you like more, think more beautiful and you will setting according to your use you put the information on the screen
as may be necessary for you I hope you enjoyed if you have any questions you can post here the channel and try to help Please share this video so that others know how to make these settings I’ll stop here guys, until the next video, bye 🙂

Tutorial – Como exibir as informações da GPU, CPU e Memoria na tela do jogo

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