Hello friends I have created an excel
sheet for Traverse area calculations normally for Traverse area calculations we
open AutoCAD and paste the Traverse data that is easting/northing and then we
calculate the traverse area but in this excel file just what you have to do is
paste your point id easting and northing data for Traverse so the Traverse
area will be calculated automatically in this square metre square feet and acres
format. This formula is applicable when your Traverse data is free from closing
error and if you have closing error then you can adjust it by Traverse closing
error calculations for Traverse Corrections so friends welcome to our
channel learn and explore before going to start this video I am
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notifications. If you have closing error in your Traverse data for example this is
the first point of the Traverse this point and this is the first point again
so this data is same that means there is no closing error. Now for
example I’m changing this northing value 10 meter so this is 70 now we can see
that there is a closing error so this formula will not work so to calculate
this or to eliminate this closing error I have created another excel sheet for
this specially so you can use this excel sheet for Traverse Corrections so this
is the excel sheet what I have created and I already uploaded this excel sheet
in my youtube channel. so you can paste this incorrect data so you can see this is the
closing road ten meter at 180 degree and here is the output this is the corrected
easting and northing values see this first point coordinate and the last
column is same so this is the corrected data now we can copy it and
for traverse area calculation see this area is closed and this is the actual
area of the Traverse area so I have another sample data for these traverse
area calculation and will also check in the AutoCAD also that either this area is
correct or not so I have another data I can see that I am copying copying this
data 43 points of a traverse so I will copy these data
and this Traverse area calculator and paste it
see this Traverse layout has been drawn and here it is the area showing five
zero one four to seven point five square meter and this is 123.91 acres
now I will check whether this excess it is working properly or not so I will
paste the Traverse data in AutoCAD for easting norting values in autocad I already uploaded videos then go and check these so for example I’m
putting this formula so easting and within quotation coma and again & nothing so this is the formula to paste the easting northing data in
AutoCAD so I’m dragging it now copy it and go to AutoCAD this is my AutoCAD I’m
choosing polyline command and in the command bar right-click and paste see
this is a actual Traverse in AutoCAD now I’ll check this area whether the area is showing five 501427.5 so now
in autocad what is showing so I will use LIST command LI. Here the area
is showing 501427.5402 so this area is absolutely right as in AutoCAD
so this excel sheet is working fine and you can download this I will give the
download link in the description and in the comment box also and if you want to
know about the formula the basic formula for these calculations then you click
here I used this formula this summation of P and the summation of
Q then sums P minus sum Q what is P and Q for detail you can go to the video
link I am giving link to the top right corner there you can view the details about this
about this formula so that will be easy to understand for traverse corrections
traverse calculations use this excel file that I created. you can download it from
these from our channel you can find the this video this video this
traverse calculation on Corrections so in this video in the comment box the
download link is available for this traverse corrections. So friends thank
you so much for watching this video please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE our
channel and give a LIKE to this video Thank YOU!

Traverse Area Calculator in Excel

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