Where am I?phone ringingB: “Hi, how are you doing?” A: “I’m not sure what I want or where am I heading right now.” B: “See, you’ve started it
again!” A: “I’ve tried. You know that.” B: “No, you’re not. B: “You did that because you’re
afraid to lose” B: “You should do it for
yourself” Live is such a beautiful
journey. But, most of us don’t understand life itself. We tend to make ourselves
believe that even though we all know life is temporary, we try to create a thought that it’s permanent. Because of that we assume that we will be at the same
place or situation forever. This way, most of us don’t truly enjoy
this life. To feel the joy and fulfillment, we must make ourselves
understand that nothing is eternal and everything will change. We obviously see whatever that has been created
in this world gets destroyed too. We see people born and die, things are build and ruin, and still, instead of feeling it, we link ourselves to a mindset that it would be long-last. Although we know that we as a human, are a form of energy that will soon disappear into
dust, we keep ourselves to people or things, and create stages of suffer, desire, expectation, also disappointment which give us more and more miserable in return. Sometimes, you forget that you have to love yourself before you love somebody else. Remember one thing, we all should realize that life is a momentary stay of a
wandering. All that matters is how we
cherish every moment. Share the affection, attention, and appreciation with what or whom do we have, so our time here will be a full
of meanings. Dear happiness, I’m glad I have a guts to took
my wake up call seriously. I’m the one who’ve chosen you. I’m so sorry I held you up all
this time. But I promise for now on, I commit to my self to look up after you. Thanks for inspiring me. Yours truly.

TRANSIENT LIFE — A Momentary Stay (ENG/IND Subtitles)
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  • December 5, 2019 at 10:57 am

    I love the music !!!! 😍😍


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