fifteen and a half inches tall and ten
point seven inches wide it weighs a little over six pounds it’s a midsize
food processor it has two speeds and pulse control if you choose one or two
the processor will run continuously the unit has suction cups on the base so it
shouldn’t move around on your counter this 8 cup food processor comes with
the base plastic pork bowl lid food pusher chopping and mixing blade
reversible shredding and slicing discs and an instruction manual the maximum
amount of fruits vegetables meat the chicken process is listed in the manual
this food processor is designed to chop mix slice or shred. Hamilton beech
recommends that you do not grind spices crush them or knead dough
I wouldn’t recommend doing those things in most food processors because that’s
really not the purpose of a food processor however you can knead dough in
higher-end food processors to put the unit together, turn the unit clockwise to
lock into place put the blade on the motor shaft turn the lid clockwise to
lock put the food pusher in the food chute always make sure the knob is off
or on oh before you put the lid on because you don’t want the machine to
accidentally start to disassemble. Make sure the machine is on off. Unplug the
unit then remove the lid just turn the blade turn and remove. let’s
go ahead and test the unit. First.all chopped onions, make sure the unit is set
to OFF put the chopping mixing blade on the motor strap I have two medium yellow
onions cut into about one inch pieces put the food pusher in the food
chute make sure the button is on/off I’ll unplug the machine take the cover
off. The Hamilton Beach did a decent job of chopping the onions they’re not all
perfectly even but it’s all chopped up decently and the onions were chopped
very quickly the more you pulse the finer the onions will be I’ll empty this
and puree some Tomatoes. These are three medium tomatoes cut into 1-inch pieces tomatoes are nicely pureed in just a few
seconds. Next I’ll slice the cucumber using the discs. I’ve removed the
chopping blade. Place the disc with the slicing blade on top. It’ll say slice
here, that goes right on top always hold the disc by the sides because the blade
is sharp. lock the lid my cucumber will fit in the food shoot hole up to a
certain point it gets a little bit thicker up here and it will get stuck so
I’m gonna cut the cucumber in half that fits nicely. The food chute measures less
than two inches across and about three inches lengthwise, so you’re not going to
be able to fit a whole pepper; a whole Apple or any big fruits like that you
will have to cut the produce. Always use the food pusher to push the food down
when you’re slicing or shredding. I’ll use the one setting you can remove the blade by holding onto
the square tab in the middle. It’s a little tricky so be careful the cucumber
is sliced but they’re not all perfectly even. Most of them however, are the same thickness cucumber was also sliced pretty quickly. Next I’ll shred carrots
this time I’ll use the side that says shred and put that on top. Carrots fit
really nicely in the food shoot because they’re split. You have to watch where
you put the carrots because the shredding disc has two big holes and one of my carrots just went right through the hole. I’m going to hold the carrots
and use the pulse button. Now I’ll use the food pusher there are two big pieces of carrots on
the disk. With any food processor you will find some big pieces on top of the
disk. You can stick your finger in the square tab and that might be safest. the
carrots are shredded very nicely let’s try making some pie dough. I have
the chopping mixing blade in the bowl I’m putting in two cups of all-purpose
flour and 1/4 teaspoon salt. I’m adding 2/3 of a cup of cubed butter. it’s best
to cube it and make sure it’s nice and cold. You can chill it in the fridge for
a few minutes. I also have a couple of tablespoons of cold water. Put the lid on put the food pusher in. Plug in the
machine. That looks good. There are two holes in the food pusher so you can add water through the
food pusher. Let’s try that that looks good. There is some flour on
top of this bowl here. It’s really hard to get a grip on the blade and take it
out so I’m just gonna remove the bowl first the top of the blade is slippery
and it’s plastic so it’s really hard to get out you can stick your finger in the
middle and then pull it out that works best. Okay that’s not bad, there’s some
flour on the bottom but the dough is pretty much formed. I can take this, hold
it together and form a nice disc that I can flatten wrap up and put it in the
fridge I wasn’t sure how well the Hamilton Beach would handle pie dough
because it’s an inexpensive machine and it did a pretty good job for removable
parts of the unit are dishwasher safe on the top rock but of course as always I
recommend hand washing it in warm soapy water right after use. This unit is light
enough to move to a cabinet and take out what you need it. It really didn’t move
around on the countertop while I was using it which is good the unit did a
decent job on the onions.The tomatoes were pureed nicely the unit sliced the
cucumber’s but not evenly. First you got circles and then you got this oval shape
if you don’t mind different shapes then you can use the slicer it does work and
it’s fast but you’re not gonna get even shapes the unit process the carrots
nicely and quickly. I was pleasantly surprised at the Uni can handle pie
dough. if you’re looking for a machine to chop onions, puree and make dough once in a while in this Hamilton Beach then a cup will do. It’s not that great for slicing
because the results are not even. It’s an inexpensive unit and fine for those who
just want to use a food processor once in a while. The
link for the Hamilton beach 8 cup food processor is in the description below. I
hope you found this review useful if you did, please give it a thumbs up below and
subscribe for more reviews. Thanks for watching

Top 10 Best Food Processors to Buy in 2018 – Best Food Processor Review

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