if you wish to use the slicing shredding
or grating discs first place the disc attachment shaft into
the bottom of the bowl once this is in place carefully pick up the disc you wish to use
by grabbing it with a convenient finger holes please note: the slicing shredding disc is reversible Once the disc is fully inserted onto the shaft
pick up the feed chute lid this lid locks into place by putting
the lid on the top of the bowl and turning clockwise until the
interlock on the lid in aligned with the handle on the bowl once the lid is correctly in place push forward on the lock to secure the lid
you will know that everything is assembled correctly when you push up on the power
toggle and the light is solid use the dough disc setting when using
these attachments as these blade systems have built it
gears that automatically run on the optimal speed for that specific function

The Ninja Ultima Blender: How to Use the Food Processor Discs
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One thought on “The Ninja Ultima Blender: How to Use the Food Processor Discs

  • May 15, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    That's not how you use the food processor discs, that's how you assemble it. If the blender doesn't turn on, you're not using it. How do I USE it?


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