So I am having a bit of a crisis right
now… um, I am abandoning a newer MacBook for this 2010 MacBook Pro. I’m even going
to be passing up this MacBook to be using this 2010… as Apple puts it,
“obsolete” machine. No, literally, their website says
obsolete, and honestly I think it’s kind of funny.
I am opting voluntarily, out of my own free will,
to use a 2010 machine that’s almost 10 years old over something in the past
five years. This is not a video I wanted to make and this is not something that,
like, I anticipated making. And I was like “oh yeah, I’m totally gonna do this, yeah.”
Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Dante and welcome to my channel. You
should hit that subscribe button, totally tubular, yeah. So I’m just gonna
cut right to the chase: I am going to be using this MacBook because something
happened to my laptop… So it’s kind of my free will, but kind of not my free will
why I’m using this laptop. So essentially what’s happening is I am going to be
using this 2010 MacBook Pro because I have nothing else. My laptop… I have a
2015 15-inch MacBook Pro. It was the one that’s completely spec’d out for
that year. It was a mid 2015, it’s got the dual graphics cards, and everything. I
just recently got it because I needed something that was a little more
equipped for video editing and I used to have a 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro which is
totally fine if like you’re just starting out, but I’m getting to the
point where I’m starting to mess with 4k, starting to do more like heavy, intensive
video editing… I need something that’s gonna be able to export more than, you
know, 60 minutes for a 10 minute video. What happened is my laptop battery
started to balloon, and ones from that year… there’s actually a whole battery
replacement program set up and already in place for them because apparently
this is just the thing that happens and that it’s just it. I don’t know why, I
don’t know how, it’s just a freaking battery but apparently they balloon up. I
called Apple support and I’m like, “yo my battery is kind of,
you know, puffing up, and I don’t think it’s supposed to do that. What do I do.”
I know full and well going into this conversation that there’s gonna be one
of two outcomes outcome number one is they replace the battery in store I pay
like two hundred bucks and then I go about my day probably like 30 60 minutes
later option number two is they’re gonna have to ship it off to an Apple tech
support center because they’re that’s just how they’re handling this and my
laptop is going to be sent to like Tennessee or somewhere around there
because you know we live in st. Louis Missouri
so you know not that far but it’s gonna take longer because it has to go through
ground shipping because of the fact that it’s a battery and it’s a hazard that
could explode so it’s totally understandable why they’re not putting
it on an aircraft it’s annoying because like ground shipping is like one of the
most excruciating ways to send something to someone it’s gonna take approximately
one to two weeks Apple sent me an update immediately after I gave the guy my
laptop yeah so I go to the Apple store and then once I get to the Apple store
I’m like crap what’s gonna happen here so talking to this person and I’m like
what are the odds of each happening like what do you think is gonna happen and
they said well they might replace it in store but odds are it’s gonna get sent
out and I’m like well crap how am I supposed to do any like editing or
whatever how am I supposed to do anything for like two weeks because you
know I I have a youtube channel I have photography I do things so I was
like yo should I just like not use it for right now because it’s you know a
puffed-up battery and they said yet don’t don’t use it don’t use it don’t
lose it don’t don’t use your laptop so I just closed my laptop I’m like whatever
that’s fine I’m just not gonna use it we’ll figure it out tomorrow and this
was like last Friday and I’m recording this on Monday so I go to the Apple
store after work and I walk in there and I’m like yo this is what’s going on with
my laptop I’m having some problems bro I’m having some issues
as you can see this thing looks like a Arnold’s head this thing looks like a
football what can we do here and he says yeah we’re gonna send this out like
without even had any hesitation the guy is just like yep just get rid of any
hopes and dreams of you actually having your laptop over the next two weeks
where it gets good bye bye bye bye you better send us some postcards so I had
to surrender my laptop and I have no laptop right now honestly I Loki
clickbait dude because I flashed the laptop in the beginning but it’s
literally just for thumbnail purposes that’s it like that I’m sorry I’m sorry
guys I’m sorry but yeah that’s a 20-17 macbook pro and nothing is beefed up but
i use it for work so obviously not gonna be using that machine for personal use
so the only way I had to like edit photos and crap is on my phone and which
isn’t that bad honestly it’s not that bad I can do it I’ve done it before
but it’s obviously not my preferred method not to mention it’s just so much
time and effort that I’m just kind of like I’d rather just not do anything for
a while and I don’t know I don’t even know if this video is gonna get up I
don’t know if this video is gonna make it on the channel I don’t freaking know
I don’t know what this thing is capable of because one of my friends was oh so
kind enough to let me use her MacBook Pro she said she had an old one laying
around I’m like dude this is late I’m gonna I’m gonna use a MacBook I’m gonna
be right at home I’m like how old could it possibly be this thing was running
software from 2009 oh my goodness I opened it up and I saw those retro Apple
icons and bro that was that was pretty bad so I took some time to update it
it’s it’s got like 4 gigs of RAM it’s got a very primitive graphics card I
don’t know how much I’m gonna be able to get done with this machine I’ve done
some very basic level photoshop on this this thing I’m sure you can kind of see
it and it handled is just fine honestly I’m very shocked that like once I
updated this thing to High Sierra it actually runs Creative Cloud pretty well
from what I’ve seen I’ve only open Photoshop why am I
talking like I know what I’m saying so I don’t know I’ll
probably try out iMovie on this thing because I actually started my channel
editing with iMovie so I know I movie pretty dang well and I’m sure that since
that’s an Apple software I’ll be able to run that just fine but I don’t know if
it’s gonna recognize the files from my camera because when I first put the RAW
images on here like from photos it wouldn’t recognize them it said that
it’s not a supported file format I don’t know I don’t know if I can maybe work
around that I’m still kind of figuring it out this is this is new to me yeah I
mean that’s really the story behind this laptop that’s why I have it that’s why I
ditched my macbook because I it sound like it was my decision I had to because
the battery decided to puff up that’s cool I mean whatever so that’s about all
I got so let’s see if this thing can edit like I said it has some very basic
level of Photoshop that’s pretty nifty I’m not even gonna try premiere on this
thing I guarantee premier is gonna run like but that’s not gonna happen
oh I bet the export time is gonna be even worse on this thing because it
doesn’t have an SSD I’m gonna try editing anyways I don’t care but that’s
where we’re gonna wrap up this video so hey if you’re new to the channel
consider subscribing I promise more content coming it’s not like I wanted to
stop making stuff but here I am so that’s gonna wrap up this episode so
thank you all for watching and as always the most important part have yourselves
a blessed day now here’s just gonna happen on top of the subscribe button
I’m actually gonna put the subscribe button on top of my Photoshop
masterpiece you’re gonna find video you know a pull in here too okay yeah that’s
all I got

The MacBook Battery Recall is Ridiculous.

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