Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today
we’re starting a new three part series called PC CULTURE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN. If you don’t
know what PC stands for it stands for Politically Correct. Politically Correct culture really
took off during the early 2010s when Internet culture became more mainstream. People were
just saying whatever they wanted online without any real thought because, “it’s just the
internet, not real life.” And people were anonymous and people were just saying really
hateful things. But the internet also gave power to marginalized people, which pushed
back against these internet trolls if you will. And so we had two warring groups. One
group that was fighting for equal rights and equal treatment and one group that wanted
to keep things the way they’ve always been. And as we know in 2019 PC culture won. The
progressives won. So now we’re living in a politically correct culture and that’s great
I’m totally here for it. However, now that PC culture is finally the norm, the right
or conservatives are taking PC language and using it against actual progressives. So this
is where these three topics came from. The first video I’ll be discussing the cult
of positivity, the next will be The Darkside of Being Unapologetically You, and the last
will be Cancel Culture. So if you’re into that, please stay tuned and let’s start the
video. The Cult of Positivity, at best it creates celebrities who live in their echo
chambers and don’t care about the repercussions of their actions, at worst it creates politicians
and right wing followers who excuse their racism and queerphobia with “you’re not
respecting my opinion”, “it’s the left that’s intolerant”, and “I can’t be
myself anymore.” I’m not the first person to coin this term.
The Cult of Positivity and the mindset of positive thinking has been talked about for
a couple of years as social media continues to grow bigger and bigger. This is mainly
because a lot of people online are bullied, harassed, and critiqued, so in order to get
over it, a lot of people decide to only channel positivity and delete or block the negative
comments or commentators. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a positive person
and to protect yourself from online harassment. However, there’s a HUGE difference between
online harassment (someone threatening you with violence or leaking private information
about you, etc.) and giving someone you know or love some constructive criticism. Though
we all suffer from online bullying, the ones that get their stories told the most are of
course, celebrities. I’m not here to bash them because I can’t imagine the amount
of pressure they’re under as they live under a microscope. However, I do want to use two
celebrities as examples in order to make my point that the cult of positivity has gone
too far. Two in particular have recently spoken out against their “haters” by calling
out fair criticism as “negative energy” that “doesn’t serve” them. Firstly,
there’s the Kardashian sisters (and mom Kris) who were called out by Jameela Jamil
for advertising appetite suppressants and Flat Tummy Tea Co. These products are horrible.
One, appetite suppressants spur on eating disorders and continue to fuel the industry
that preys on young people to get them hooked on dieting and hating themselves. Secondly,
Flat Tummy Tea is just a fancy word for laxative. The tea makes you sh*t yourself constantly
and therefore gives the illusion that you’re “losing weight.” Jameela rightfully called
the Kardashians out for promoting these products. A) Because the Kardashian’s don’t use
these products themselves. B) The Kardashians are making people strive for an unattainable
body by unhealthy and unethical means. Jameela didn’t blame them completely because she
also added that the reason why the Kardashians don’t see any problem with them advertising
these products is because they grew under the patriarchy as well. In fact, she said
she feels bad for them for constantly being under the microscope. However, that doesn’t
absolve their part in perpetuating sexist body ideals and immoral business practices.
The Kardashians’ in response said that Jameela was a “silly person” and that they don’t
pay attention to “negative energy.” Basically putting the blame on the victims and absolving
themselves of any guilt because we’re the ones that shouldn’t be spreading our negativity
everywhere. Rather than really listening to some fair criticism of their brand, they simply
said “haters gonna hate” and shrugged it off. I get why they did this. They’ve
been under fire so many times before they’re sick of getting told how awful they are. And
y’know, I would be too. Hearing how horrible you are all the time sucks, so I get why it’s
hard for them to differentiate hate with constructive criticism. However, if they had done just
a little research into who Jameela Jamil is, they would realize that she’s coming from
a very helpful place and is only trying to spread awareness. Next we have Ariana Grande.
She is the queen of blame shifting. First, it was about the criticism she got for the
whole tattoo thing and cultural misappropriation mess. People called her out for using Japanese
culture as aesthetic and she responded saying that we’re hurting her mental health. Of
course, mental health is a serious issue, but she’s clearly only saying that so she
doesn’t have to confront her white privilege and deal with the consequences of stealing
from other cultures. More recently, there was a debacle with a blogger named Roslyn
Talusan and Ariana Grande. Grand tweeted, “People are so lost. One day everybody that
works at all them blogs will realize how unfulfilled they are and purposeless what they’re doing
is and hopefully shift their focus elsewhere. That’s gonna be a beautiful ass day for
them! I can’t wait for them to feel lit inside.” Roslyn in turn tweeted, “Just
because we don’t sing or dance shitty choreo or culturally appropriate for profit doesn’t
make our craft any less valid. suck on my balls.” Of course, as a blogger I am biased
towards Talusan. However, it’s obvious to see that Ariana Grande’s words aren’t
there to help bloggers understand where she is coming from, but rather dismiss their concerns
as “purposeless”. She then ends it on a passive aggressive note by saying that she
hopes they find the light one day – as if we’re the crazy ones. Thanks for gaslighting
us Grande. After, Justin Bieber chimed in and said, “When are we gonna be the kind
of people that find joy in adding value to one another and not tearing each other apart..”
Because you’re such a positive force in the world Justin. But in all seriousness,
this is where I draw the line. Ever since the PC movement began in the early to mid
2010s it’s been misconstrued. First people thought we wanted to censor their free speech
and jokes, all because we pointed out that those jokes weren’t jokes at all, but hurtful
statements based on untrue stereotypes about marginalized groups. Now that the PC movement
has become more mainstream, people are using it as a way to shield themselves from any
negative criticism. For example, when people are called out for being white supremacists
or neo nazis, people say that the left is intolerant. When people bash on Trump and
his cabinet the right says, “Look who’s ignorant now” or “You’re hurting OUR
feelings.” And now, celebrities are using PC culture and the cult of positivity to hide
away in their bubbles of “positive energy” in order to dismiss serious claims against
them. Ariana Grande’s fans were tweeting racist slurs at Talusan as well as threatening
to go to her house after her address was shared online. Grande in response said that she can’t
help that her fans get angry. What a f*cking joke. The Cult of Positivity also hurts abuse
victims by turning their abuse into a positive experience that has made them “stronger”.
Thinking of one’s abuse this way is a coping mechanism for victims. It helps them see their
abuse in a positive light, rather than one that needs to be dealt with seriously and
unpackaged. Social media has put tools in place to protect us from online harassment.
We can block people, mute them, hide them from our timelines, and even hide specific
words in comments. And when used right they can be great blessings. However, many people
– mainly celebrities and politicians – use these tools in order to shield themselves
from valid criticism. Not everything will “serve you” and THAT’S OKAY. We’re
all living in these small little bubbles, cultivated by the algorithm, and therefore,
are never exposed to any differing ideas. We need to stop following things that only
we agree with in order to move forward as a society. Hey guys I’m just coming on to
end the video. If you liked this one please like, comment, and subscribe. And next week we’re gonna be talking about The dark side of being unapologetically you on my new series PC culture turned upside down. See you in the next one, bye 🙂

THE CULT OF POSITIVITY: PC Culture Turned Upside Part 1

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