you already know that our planet is
getting warmer but what exactly is going wrong is it the fumes from the factories
or the emission from the car exhaust or is it the cows farting well it’s all of
it in this video we will look at ways in which engineering helps improve the air
quality for us well what are the gases do you think that contaminates our surroundings for
these gases are mainly carbon dioxide methane and the oxides of nitrogen
reducing carbon dioxide and methane is a primary focus in this video the
product we’re designing is called a carbon processor this processor filters
and converts the carbon dioxide gas into calcium bicarbonate so firstly the
carbon dioxide gas goes through the valve then in between the valve there is a
small sponge layer with calcium hydroxide this calcium hydroxide is a
strong base that reacts with the acidic gas carbon dioxide to neutralize it
completely products formed in this reaction is calcium bicarbonate which is not
reactive and a safely stored in the jar this process will reduce air pollution
significantly and it’s not very expensive you’ll obviously have
questions regarding this disposal of calcium bicarbonate and the production
of calcium hydroxide the reason why we chose calcium hydroxide is that it is
abundant in supply and cost effective now talking about the calcium bicarbonate
when the jar is 70% full the driver will be indicated to dispose the
calcium bicarbonate the driver can dispose it by giving the car for service once in
six months because the amount of calcium bicarbonate produced is at the absolute
minimum In extreme circumstances when the jar is
almost full the driver will have to dispose the calcium bicarbonate himself
this calcium bicarbonate can begin for industries involved in chalk
manufacturing because calcium bicarbonate is used to make chalk now
talking about the pollutants in the factories for the carbon dioxide released
in the factories we can make a machine like the carbon processor in the car
that has a layering of Calcium Hydroxide but the factories also produce methane
but methane is a tricky gas since it is a covalent compound that is
neither acidic nor basic to reduce Methane near the Tundra region scientists
have conducted experiments leading us to conclude that coniferous plants absorb
methane if this conclusion is true we can leave the exhausts of factories with
these plants but this remedy might only work for the tundra region for other
regions we can make a small diluted sprinkler near the exhaust of factories
that will release water to dilute the particles of methane before it leaves
the factory the methane will be diluted by at least 1:50 parts of water
this causes the Methane to be very diluted to cause any harm to our
atmosphere your individual daily actions have a huge impact reducing these gas
emissions cannot stop air pollution completely convince your friends
neighbors and family to try our product for a better future!

The Carbon Processor
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  • March 24, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    This video is very good. I would like to pursue into this idea and I would like to talk with Pollution Free

  • April 3, 2019 at 7:39 am

    Wait what😂😂. This is for class 8. Such losers 😂😂😂😂😂

  • May 19, 2019 at 8:18 am

    Amazing idea guys! Way to go.


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