– [Josh] When I was little I always wanted to be like a basketball player or football player. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to play sports because I couldn’t hear that well. It would have been harder for me. – Let’s go Josh, woo! My name is Emily, my son Joshua is 11 years old. He’s a special kid, like he has so much confidence, very smart and talented. It’s been hard for me as a Mom seeing him go through the stuff that he’s been through. Remember that? That’s my favorite one, just me and you. Doctors said that he had a really bad ear infection in his left ear and they said that’s what started the issues with hearing loss. And they fitted him with just the regular in the ear hearing aids. – It was tough, my hearing aids, it, like it was like lower, like it mumbles. – I noticed him struggling to interact with other people. He wasn’t doing well in school and that’s when I realized that we needed a different option. We’d seen the audiologist and that’s when she told us that he was a perfect candidate for the Baha. He thought it was really cool. I was very nervous, I had a lot of questions. – I think she was kind of scared but at the same time, I don’t cause she’s a tough Mom. She knows I’m going to be fine. – It’s not a long surgery, it’s not a long recovery. It’s so worth it. – I got my first Baha when I was nine. A year after that I got my second one. – After getting the second Baha, he heard a lot better cause it was just balanced out. He was able to hear all around versus just on one side. It just showed so much improvement with his social life. He was super happy with it and I just, I just cried. Cause that’s when I knew, like, this was perfect for him. (children chattering, laughing) – I feel comfortable as a parent knowing that whatever environment he walks into his Bahas adapt. And he was finally able to listen to music. – I like music a lot because I like to just feel the beat of it and it, like, relaxes me a lot. – He can easily pair his Bahas with his phone or with an iPad. Being able to, like watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, that’s his favorite thing about the Bahas. He’s able to play sports. He hears the coach a lot better. (coach chattering)
His coach would use the mini-mic around his neck when they yell out plays. He’s able to do so much, just anything that a regular kid can do and it’s because of the Bahas. I know for a fact it’s because of the Bahas. I would say to that parent that doesn’t know where to go, discuss your options and I know it’s scary but this is the best opportunity you can give your child. – Don’t be scared because you’ll hear a lot better. It’s definitely worth it.

The Baha® 5 Sound Processor Allows Josh to Play Sports
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