again we witness another one of my
finest moments in battle this one is called fugax saves the colony part 6
that’s not the way we learned it in school and how can we don’t see you in
any of these paintings if you’re such a great big hero okay kid let me see your
permission slip he already collected them you know
you’re being a real pest what do you expect from minions as I was saying the
Chamber of the ages was built to commemorate the colonies history and to
honor my numerous feats of heroism bravery and is the day I single-handedly brought
down the cloud reader yet one more of my finest as I recall you did have a little
help in order to know the true history of our colony you must know the story of
Lucas Nichol destroy yes he was once known as the
destroyer but that was before he was brought before the Queen’s Counsel to
answer for his crimes against the colony sentencing was handed down by the Queen
herself what did the Queen decide that Lucas Nichol had to live and work in the
colony and learn our ways that he must become an aunt or he would never go home
did he ever go home what kind of aunt did he become was he a forger or a scout
how can he human become an aunt silence Lucas’s story is full of challenges and
adventure like the time he and I single-handedly saved the colony from
her but it all started out trying to help him find his place within the
colony um soldier scout forager regurgitator the
hatching chamber is one of the most important places in the entire colony
Lucas it’s here that we determine the future foragers Scouts drones nurse ants
and even regurgitate errs let’s see if there’s a nurse ant in you as if vulva
you and peanut to get a move on we’ve got 2,000 more births to get through
today quickly Lucas grab the pupils and be
sure to protect them from any harm that may come their way you’ll need to move
quickly these pupils are the future of the colony and what if I don’t care what
happens to the colony then you will never become an ant and you won’t ever
go boom all right all right I’ll bring back some pupils once you have lifted a pupa you can
carefully loft it in the direction you face or simply drop it in front of you to us too late finer crystals will be used to create a
potion that will return you back to your human side you will need to collect 100
of them sorry we haven’t reached our water nice
for two mega watch your foot you excellent Morpheus you keep this up
in no time I’ll do anything to get back home do I get to go home now you heard the
Queen Lucas you can’t go home until you become an aunt you just need to find
your place within the colony and I need to be coming at because because you’ve
brought nothing but chaos and destruction to our colony and your human
form it’s time you gained a new view of things not that I think a human is
capable of this and what if I don’t want to there are other options like what
how does dissection appeal to you so uh tell me Hova how exactly does he can’t
go about becoming an end guess he’s not a big science fan by learning our ways
Lucas and acquiring our traits like lifting 10 times your weight and by
learning how to work as a member of a team
not to mention climbing walls no easy task for a human sounds like a lot of
work you’re right it will be so let’s continue honey-do will permanently increase your
energy bar no there’s an ant in you come on let’s
wipe out those pill bugs so gather round young scouts will I prepare
you for your mission uh fugax there’s only me yeah all right so pill bugs pill
bugs everywhere Lucas were on the brink isn’t this exciting
what do you want me to do about it I want you to win one for the colony and
clear those bugs out you’ll get me home you do the job I’ll put in a good word
for you with HR you can see the enemy on your mini-map nice yah these bugs are come on kid no need to know how to swing
that Oh Oh way you gotta work on here he fucks are slower than lark Wow um

The Ant Bully Walkthrough Part 1 (Wii, PS2, Gamecube, PC) – Unwanted Guests
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    do you play these games yourself?

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    are you gonna get all Fire Crystals?

  • August 21, 2016 at 1:49 pm

    man this game used to be awesome back in the day

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    hi what console was this vid made for or was it PC? thanks!

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    only reason I watched this was to hear aangs voice again

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    damn I loves playing this game on ps2

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    I used to play this game back in the day for PS2 at the kids world daycare, an old friend of mine had this game and I played the Gameboy Advance Version!

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    Where download for pc?

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    I remember playing this back in the day, it was my first Wii game (next to Wii sports obviously). When I finally collected the last fire crystal, it was the best feeling. I searched every where for them.

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    I hated the levels when you would call on an ant latter but there was like a mosquito that kept trying to sting you as you climbed up.

    Haven’t played the game in ages but if anyone knows what I’m talking about lmk if I’m right

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