– Hello, my name is Jiang, and I am a Graduate Co-Director of the electrical and the
computer engineering department out of Texas A&M University. I would like to introduce our distance education programs. One is the Master of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering. This degree requires 30 credits, among which at least 27
must be from course credits and up to three credits
can be from directed study. Since each course usually
has three credits, this degree requires nine to ten courses. If you take one or two courses a semester, finishing this degree will
take about three years. We offer 27 online
graduate courses in areas of power systems, control,
integrated circuit design, communication, and computer network. You will have plenty choices
to fulfill the degree requirement 100% online. Our other distance
education program is the Certificate On Analog IC Design. It requires only four courses among a list of seven online courses. So it can be easily
completed in two years. Our department ranked is at
13th for electrical engineering among U.S public universities according to U.S News and World Report. It is ranked the sixth by EE
Times for starting salaries, behind the CMU, Caltech,
Stanford, Harvey Mudd college, and the UPenn. Our Power Systems and
Analog IC Design programs are regarded as the best in the U.S. Texas A&M University is famous for having one of the largest
Alumni Networks in the world. Everywhere you go, you will
find Aggies willing to help. By joining our distance education programs you will receive top
quality education with world renowned professors
and enjoy the benefit of being a Texas A&M Alumni at where you are without relocation. (upbeat music)

Texas A&M Electrical & Computer Engineering distance Master’s Degree overview (Dr. Jiang Hu)

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