On a smarter planet, information-centric processes and applications are driving tremendous growth through the industry. The IBM mainframe has been always been an industry leader in enterprise data serving and transaction processing workloads.
Today we further extend those capabilities of the mainframe to provide even more value for our customers Our customers said: “the thing that keeps me up at night is when our systems don’t fail outright but they start behaving abnormally.” IBM zAware is an integrated self-learning system analytic solution which helps identify unusual system behavior. So it’s all your workloads, all your vendor applications, anything that has a well-formed message. So it’s trying to say, let’s look at what’s normal for the system and let’s help the sys admins through this vast quantity of data, find where we might be behaving differently or where an anomaly is occurring. IBM zAware uses analytics against system instrumentation data, so it’s taking analytics but applying it to a new domain for purposes of improved availability and system resiliency. Flash Express is an extension to main memory in z/OS where it is integrated within the memory hierarchy. We’re looking to reduce those delays and actually get the work system responsive and available a lot faster and in a lot more resilient way, therefore, having the availability transactional response times actually be greater.
The data on the Flash card is encrypted at the hardware level. In addition, in order to have access to the data, we have an authentication key that’s actually generated and managed through a Smart card. Networks are an integral part of the zEnterprise platform. They were designed to support and enable the various management disciplines of the Unified Resource Manager.
A key differentiator I believe for networks on zEnterprise is the way that we provide security for the customer data network.
Security is provided by tight control of both the physical and virtual underlying networking resources. zBX hardware management and operational controls is provided transparently through the hardware management console user interface and automation interfaces. This ultimately allows a customer to have their operations management under a single silo for both the zEnterprise and the zBX. The Platform Performance Manager provides a common and integrated approach to monitor the resources consumed by the workloads. Platform performance manager precisely identifies performance of multi-tier application at each hop In contrast to silos of management seen normally in the distributed environment. IBM has a unique advantage that we own the stack and therefore, you know, the cooperative and collaboration between the different layers on the stack provides for a better optimized design both in terms of availability and performance.

Technical Advantages of the IBM zEnterprise System
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