So, a long time ago one of the first games
I tackled for this channel was co-op shooter Borderlands 2. It remains a popular and stylish game and
an interesting benchmark for low end computers However, in that video I could have gone much
lower, as the game is way more flexible than I expected, which made ask…could this game
be run on an Intel Atom CPU? Maybe something as low as computer on a stick? Apparently I was not the only person curious
about this. Well, it’s time to find out. Welcome to the LowSpecGamer, the show where
we explore ways of getting games to run on computer that are under the minimum requirements,
no matter the sacrifices and boy are we going to sacrifice a lot on this one. You know how YouTube ads are the most unreliable
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channel. Borderlands 2 is a 2012 game running on my
all time favorite engine. Unreal Engine 3 while the requirements do
not look particularly high I tested on the lowest settings and a resolution of 1024×768
on the atom X7 Z8700 powered GPD Win portable game console and got… around 20 fps? With some rather frequent game crashes. Because I was curious I also tried this on
the x5-Z8300 atom stick computer from intel, which I recently tested more extensively on
a video that probably came out with this one. I would love to tell you how it did, but the
game was stuck on an infinite loading screen every time. Right, time to get to work. For this you need to navigate into the configuration
file located on your documents folder, my games, borderlands 2, willow game, config,
and the main configuration file is called WillowEngine.ini On the previous video I focused on increasing
performance by making sure shadows were disabled with dynamicshadows on false and I also disabled
the post effect that applies the black border around the characters, which can be achieved
by changing the default post process name in the file from willow scene post process
to ryan scene post process. Now, I am also going to disable other effects
from the system settings such as decals. You can disable dynamic lights, secondary
lighting and direction lightmaps for a very important boost in performance, as long as
you are aware that this will make the game look very dark, although still usable. You can tweak the game’s internal resolution
as well as long as UpscaleScreenPercentage is enabled you can then use screen percentage
to reduce internal resolution to a percentage of the external resolution without affecting
the UI. One word of warning tough, some of the game’s
interfaces were not designed with this in mind and will become unusable on very low
internal resolutions so I do not recommend going under 80%. Finally we have our old friend the texture
groups in the system settings, where you can reduce all the MaxLOD values to very low numbers
and this… is actually more effective than I originally imagined. A maxlod value of 1 will pretty much disable
all graphical detail and leave you with something that resembles an atari game… but in 3D. This is actually kinda nice. There should be an indie game with this aesthetic… huh A value of 16 will look a bit more acceptable,
and you can start noticing the details when you go as high as 128. How low you are willing to go depends on you. A copy of my configuration file is in the
description if you want to copy the LOD values or any other changes. Going to these extremes on GPD Win gave me
a surprising 40 fps. Performance is kept over 30 fps even while
fighting on open areas, which is pretty impressive! The compute stick was more of a surprise. I had to drop internal resolution down to
30 percent, which as I told you before, is not recommended because it breaks several
menus, but at the beginning of this video I commented on how this game would not even start on this
device and now… Now the game not only loads pretty quickly
but is also able to maintain near 30 fps performance on combat. While I would not recommend playing this game
like this or in this low end of a computer, I must admit it is pretty interesting to see
that it is possible to reduce this game so low, it will run on this thing. I suspect this effect has to do with the very
limited quantity of RAM and memory on this specific computer so these LOD tweaks are
something worth thinking about on integrated GPUs. Oh and if you want to know what I am up to
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videos possible. See you on the next video.

Super low Borderlands 2 on an Intel Atom PC (GPD Win and Intel Stick)
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