Well last time we finished that machine off, that the thugs asked us to take care off. So lets report to them Really Helga? And also what was with the Knight. Who else has that armor, game? Wow these guys are weak as allways Dude, it turns them into flies. But honestly, its their own fault, stop buying the thing. See this is why I dont like giving blood crystals to anyone other than Ryu Even if I dont trust Helga, Merilith has not done anything harmful to us. + spirit wall is pretty good All right lets unlock the next labyrinth, which is bellow the mausoleum of metal. So yes for this dungeon: If you are in battle long enough, a lv 5 Lineage will appear. Other than that there re poison damage tiles that poison the entire party, not a big concern. There are some secret doors here and there and the pitfalls make a return. For now all I really want to do is open that door over there. You are going to need the clerics spirit weapon skill again for the ghosts and undead that are lurrcing around You are not tricking me with your one way doors game. Finally made it, there is a boss coming up, so Ill be right back fully healed. Also I got Ikoma back from his vacation Sorry buddy if I dont trust you.You tried to kill me earlier, and Im pretty sure you are doing it again I think its the evil laughter, you might want to rethink this whole deception thing. Anyhow, this are is filled with poison that you can not get ride of. Oh no 1 whole damage, how will I ever deal with that? But seriously use holy light every battle and you should be fine. Holy light, a damaging spell for our cleric that I barely ever use. Dude no one lives here other than ghosts and skeletons, you cant trick me. Heavy swing one of the most OP skills in the game. You really dont want to mess with these pirates. I like dranserk he is awesome, before this point I thought he was evil with the whole forest of ritual part earlier. Looks like he is testing us, but why? And why is he putting so much faith in us? There was one more lineage back here that I want to take care off. Ikoma you died … again.

Stranger of Sword City PC Walkthrough CC Commentary part 9 – Ghost town part 1/2
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