why were Episodes four, five, and six
made before one, two, and three in the Star Wars franchise? Because in charge of directing, Yoda was! welcome my apprentice
welcome back to another episode of Star Wars Republic Commando I am your master
Darth Stardust and let’s get right into this level we’re still trying win over
the Prosecutor this ship that was taken over by slavers, so let’s get into this. I hoep you guys are enjoying your day I’ve been doing pretty well and kind of on my game in
terms of take a color alright need to advance through the hallways to the
bridge kill these Transocean slavers here breach that dome turrets quietly where’s
everybody all right there we go yes setting charge turrets are not good
turns are definitely not go I got my shirt I got some more jokes
Boyet actually a scorcher sir decided to focus in on the game but after destroy the turret then we’ll be
good all right so let’s get set up and then I’ll tell you some more guns it’s a bit overkill but he hurt me don’t
you know so you have like I said I hope you guys are doing fantastic I’ve been
doing really well I’ve been accepted to the Disney College Program so I’m super
excited about I made a video about it posted it yesterday this video yes yes
yes another one down cheese on the motor
down shoot the canisters that brah I’m out of ammo
alright alright everyone’s good let’s go always focus on the turret Spears I’m tapped out let me go ahead – six –
give me a sec here we go all right didn’t lose me much life with that one audition a character performer that was
telling one of the some of the girls there cuz there was a lot of girls but I
told that ivory what I really want to be in character I mean any type of
character would be cool and is female one of the characters that I would
really want to be is kylo Ren because he saw a menacing and I don’t have to be
super happy all the time which not that I can’t be happy I can I’m sure can be
happy and bubbly and everything like that but on my off days it’s just kind
of easy good show that I’m having a bad day you know
I can still do my job because feller and his tendency doesn’t even happy don’t
get so caught up in counting that you forget to cover me all right well if you guys wanted to be
any type of character in Disney or universal or whatever what what
character would you guys be thank you what’s your inner he was the least of all z1 check up
there by that platform signal game I located what did Darth Vader’s say when he
walked into a vegetarian restaurant I find your lack of stinky serving we’ve
reached the bridge and shut down the signal jamming device do you read next
day and they’ve been throwing us my questions exactly absolutely so it
occurs to slavers hey blooming around and get some back
way yeah sounds like a door breach all right let’s move out boys I noticed it’s been recording everything
that happens on board it’s just weird like my computer does
not want to run any of those games which are classic on my big coat or with my
favorite neither commence demolitions maneuver Delta score I’m in charge ye don’t mess with me don’t mess with another episode before but for some
reason just game and the smoke effects just don’t work well with my computer
the elevator we’re stuck in the detention area so to
give to the separatists this goes there I thought we would have
to start recording the game fix the circuits come on blue red green green red clean
and stop finally we can’t hit him hard from here I
thought you’d never ask oh that’s right I do have to just spoken
right here we’re gonna repair the control don’t you know otherwise that
would have been like four seconds I have 28 bullets thank you guys so much
for watching that episode of Star Wars for public command oh I hope you guys
have enjoyed it and if you have please like this video and leave a comment and
subscribe so you guys don’t miss any more videos I hope you guys have a
fantastic day and may the force be with you always you

Star Wars Republic Commando: Hacking the Mainframe!
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    #apprentice #darthstardustv2 Hey guys! Do you like the Jokes? I thought i'd be a bit more entertaining. Let me know what you guys think!


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