oh look mermaid man’s magic conch follow
this seahorse there he goes thanks for helping me get through that
buddy hey wanna be in a TV show animal off yours can become pretty famous you
know what now I just have to teach you how to talk sure was tough to get you I barely made
it out of the kelp forest well glad you made it out here stranger yeah don’t
tell me what gonna happen to you not fair forest Thanks
what are you guys doing way out here hoping to find a priceless artifact
that’s right somewhere yonder out here it’s a real salt I have to live how do you know some special artifact
thing he is around here well see the flying dutchman himself has
come here looking for this prize I saw his ship anchored not but a
moment’s walk from this very spot Joe has to be something special with a tear
or one can for it you have any idea where to look for it
you say Dutchman had a match but buried it somewhere long time ago yup I reckon
if we had that buyer we could find it in a jiffy Campos we do it’s right there in
the Tampa childr hand go spongebob go spongebob I always knew
I could do it Yuriko let’s go after it we’ve done don’t hear it is a wonderful glorious Oh
saw you have got to be kidding me I can’t believe we’ve spent all this
time looking for a dirty holy piece of butt coffee there you go kid if any of
us deserve this priceless item that’s you I think it even pirate booty this ominous green glowing rope doesn’t
seem dangerous at all I love your where it goes hi can you tell me wow how do you make
your voice echo echo echo like that if you learn how to breathe fire you’d be
scarier all right that’s enough what do you want kid I don’t have all
eternity to answer your questions well maybe I do but but that doesn’t mean I
will well it’s the second Saturday of the month which means today I have to
swab the deck the problem is I can’t find my mop anywhere oh yeah I’m also
supposed to scare away anyone that gets near the ship something tells me you’re
not gonna get a raise anytime soon nice kid you really know how to kick a ghost
when he’s down how can I get into the captains quarters
well I have the key but the captain is busy right now and doesn’t want to be
disturbed besides if he finds out that I haven’t
swab the deck yet he’ll probably send my soul into the dark abyss that doesn’t
sound like fun at all you have no idea what are you doing I’ll head over to the
endoplasmic containment slinger you sheesh now that was a close one swab away this is one of the finest mops
I’ve ever seen air tickets key you can use it to visit the captain but
I’m warning you he has never taken time leader strangers especially ones that
are still alive would you like to be in a new television show that I’m helping
to cast television show ah can i play a pirate
well okay but don’t get upset if you wind up being typecast for the rest of
your life on life after life oh boy wait till my captain hears about this locked I just have to get in and tell
the captain how much I like his hip excuse me are you the captain of the
ship ha ha you bet your shiny black booties I am I
need a captain of this fine vessel let it be the scariest shift ever sail the
seven seas you’re the Flying Dutchman all right you be ready now who might he
be foolish enough to step foot into before my pants well then mr. square
bottom you’d be having any last words before I turn you into the member of me
ghostly you seem a little angry anything wrong I’m actually a sponge silence I
buried my most prized possession right here in the sea floor below us now I’ve
come back for me beloved dining son but I can’t seem to remember where I buried
it what’s so special about some old sock anyway some old socks why I should roast
you where you stand me dying inside is the only thing that
gave me foot I’m getting cold when I sit down to eat
I’ve grown hungry for so long sorry if I seem a little sour lady
disturbing for fun are you really gonna make me a member of
your crew for all eternity I’m afraid it’s part of people sleep
contract no no I don’t think I cut out to be a pirate well I guess I’ll just
have to send you into the dark happy all right all right if you get out of here
in the next five seconds I won’t do anything more shoo this is your special dining sock shiver me timbers and ice me sails lets
me dining sucked I can finally eat again Hawaii
I’m so hungry that I think I’ll start with you hey we max ladi just goes
pirate humor you’ve returned my name is Zack and for that I will assume I will
grant you three wishes ogwuche you may ask me for anything you
heart desire Wow three wishes I know just what I’ll ask for I’m ready to use my dream way kids well
it’s happened then huh I really wish you wouldn’t rush me
fine take all the time you need two wishes left no no I wish I’d learned to
keep my big mouth shut I thought you’d never ask
you got one wish left stop barnacles I wish that you would take apart on the
new adventures of mermaidman and barnacleboy TV show ah
the only thing worse than starvin is television so be it your wish has been
granted you I wonder what this button does what is it on this time you old coot quick mermaidman we need to get out of
here to work out what’s going on this all looks evil wet barnacleboy to the mermalair to
the wear secret hideout Wow yes turd but point barnacleboy to
the gap to the secret Marmol air away to the invisible
Balbir wait mermaidman I have some powder spray to help us find the
invisible boatmobile no time for that I sense are you ready after God rural our
wool or Iran or fell forward buddy Baba I was nowhere near my utility belt at
the time I was just trying to flush the toilet I tell you you think that’s bad
try actually committing some exceptional crimes only to get arrested for
jaywalking this whole buildings epstein could never have been cooked up by those
two idiots I concur in fact it seems like the sneaky hermit is up to his old
tricks again he certainly is a crafty one I’ve never
heard of sneaky hermit what does he do well basically he steals buildings it appears that there has been a
clerical error and you are free to go and it appears dirty bubble that you are
to come now there’s crime to be had evil evil to the invisible boatmobile
we have to pick up the sneaky Hermits trail at the shady shows away teacher
Merv a man that Bobby purple happy cow for deep in the death of the real jumper
mr. Moody I am not welcome you to the neighborhood
yes the neighborhood evil and if there’s anything we can do to help you settle in
feel free to take his feature and go set up a distraction for the fools who would
seek to stop me that should keep them gone just long enough no clues there
Mermaid Man well spotted Barnacle Boy looks like we have to talk to the only
man in town who knows everyone in Bikini Bottom
inside and out extrude order yes daivi no I’m talking about the chef a
simple man perhaps but sometimes it is only when one who sees life simply than
one can perceive its true meaning Oh let’s really deep firm is bad – Wesley
I know you yeah I’ve heard of them what have you heard I’ve heard that he’s
really sneaky well that’s groundbreaking information I
have one more question Grubbs how’s my order of meatloaf coming along and now that moron ray and the dopey
bubble are occupied it’s time to add a bit more evil to my home this test
should impress our new neighbor yes I see many wonderful years of villainy
ahead man down fools this ingenious fry cooking device has rendered our victim
helpless yes take one step closer and it’s fly damsel in distress that aah
you fool you have to save the damsel do I have to spell everything out for you
dirty bubble come and let us retire to my lair where we shall imbibe the rich
nectar of the steam to resume aah – cello and feast and a delectable
selection of profiteroles huh coffee and doughnuts let’s go get some coffee and
donuts why do I even bother talking to you I’ll never alone it looks like she
is set to be floured battered lightly seasoned and then cooked until she’s
crispy golden-brown with a dash of salt don’t worry little lady
we’ll get you out of there turns out the sneaky hermit sent us here
to keep us occupied well he stole our secret lairs that really is sneaky I
propose a temporary truce to rid us of this sneaky foe so lame green marine the
biologist what can you tell us about the sneaky Hermits possible weakness speak
English or I will crush your brain into a lumpy mess with which I could spread
across my morning toast I love toast to the final showdown away third season
pinky dozen dog beasts are wide-eyed our still they do stairs earth your reign of
terror and your reign of sneakiness was come to it well well do you truly
believe your little pathetic alliance is enough to stop me our combined might
will spell your ultimate doom sneaky one you’ve run out of places to run and hide
sneaky hermit enough now my true power shall be unleashed in all it’s sneaky
glory you better move for a baby seal but now you fought where do cutters but
now we must bid you adieu come Dirty Bubble ha ha ha evil be set
free upon the world once again yes let us wash this clean K from our mouths well I guess everything is back to
normal again yep are you gonna pull your pants up
mermaidman all in good time barnacleboy all in good time no please don’t never take me back there
please take me to the cops to prison do aside my convention just please Mermaid
Man and Barnacle Boy madness a joke now yes ma’am you

SpongeBob Lights, Camera, Pants! Part 6 (PC) Kelp Forest & Dutchman’s Ship

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