haha what could be dangerous about
jumping headfirst into a gigantic swirling purple vortex I wonder where I
am now hi there would you be able to tell me
where I am well you know what they say you can lead a sea horse to water but
you can’t make it swim even though you can find it all over the
ocean floor there’s definitely something special
about this pile of fan I need you really believe all that nonsense about staying
away from wild berries well squeeze me dry and call me gerald you know you looked up my best buddy
Patrick except you’re a little bit well Harry hmm wow you sound a lot like him
till what you doing out here silly that’s because you should cook your food
before you eat it looks like you have a fried grill anywhere close around here
so we’ll have to come up with something a bit more primitive I can swear that I’ve been here before
maybe someone who lives around here can tell me where I am I see you’re tired of
eating seaweed and want some jelly ice cream instead Wow I can understand you ice cream is
the universal language I’ll be back as soon as I can find some I know you probably have a bit of a
brain freeze right now but would you want to be in the TV show glad to hear
it mr. Henry see me sure gonna be happy
about this now who is only two perfectly good
sticks just lying around if this postmodern is alert just a pin painting Mike you okay I haven’t seen anyone get
stung like that this is a great jelly scanner 47 that’s a lovely self-portrait it must’ve
taken days to chisel it you should really get some sting protection on
those welts I’ll get you some I’m not favorite you’re looking a lot
less creepy now oh what a cultured art lover like yourself like to conquer the
art form of actually no no no giant jellyfish will be allowed on the set wonderful it’s about time you showed up
I like it I get out of here and get the work you’re beautiful I’m sure this will work just like it
does in the movie there you go now you can eat some decent
grub I guess you can cook the grubs into grubs that you can rub on would you mind
if I sign you up to being a TV join helping to put together of course there
will be free food I should probably make it a rule to
steer clear of any massive stealing like the goo that I come across out here is
there a more majestic creature than a wild oyster I think not maybe this
little fella could use a little extra said for a dad you Wow
that little guy sure grew up that is one huge oyster I wonder if it remembers me I think you can make a real big splash
in the entertainment business and I mean a real big splash right I dub thee no need to stir the great Camus a
performer of his size shouldn’t be rushed how are you even going horrible without
a decent power source like the Sun I can’t continue my research sorry kid I don’t have time to talk I
need to get my hands on a huge pearl soon or my career as a reporter is over is this pearl big up holy sea cow where’d you get that never
mind that’s definitely big enough hey I’ll
tell you what as a reward you can have the solar-powered collector maybe you
can find a use for it you well this contraption to help out with
your power problems hmm y-yes it most certainly will once I connect the solar
collector to my devices they will begin functioning properly again I can’t thank
you enough for your help but here take this battery although it was not enough
to power my equipment it may still be of use to you Wow Thanks I wish I had a new battery for this dog
thing will this battery get your metal detector working again hmm yeah I think
it will work now just give me a moment aha I’ve got something that’s it what
measly coin and some dumb piece of paper I knew I should have listened to me
mother she told me to stay in school and become a doctor but no I had to go off
and become a treasure hunter waste here’s your share kid Wow Thanks yes now that you found the
treasure you were searching for would you like to be in a TV show sure I gotta
pay the bills somehow you if you can bring me the wild berries and
the recipe together I’ll make you some 4 station cooler okay one crustacean
killer coming right up there you go here take this whoa awesome thanks spongebob
I am totally back in shape and ready to work out again hey Larry I know
lifeguarding is really important but would you be interested in being on a TV
show is it a show about lifeguarding well it is a show about heroes tell me
in then as long as I can work out between takes I have swapped many back in my day what
is that noise don’t hear you and yet it’s me plankton oh where are you I’m
underneath the stupid robot get it off of me how did you get under the robot I
forgot to oil the joints on the dumb thing this morning in a gut stiff yeah
yeah I’ll tell you about how to get on to it I’m getting to that you twit ahem
I was over here working on a plan to conquer the world I mean the plan to
stop world hunger and this thing got stiff it fell over on top of me how can
I help you’d have to get some oil to loosen up
the joints on this worthless robot of mine Buffy
wait a second you idiot when the robot fell it also broke the controller I used
to operate it Oh so I need to get something besides the oil yeah you’ll
need some kind of portable communicator to control it after it’s been oiled
hurry this thing is crushing my spleen I’m sure there are more things you could
be doing to help get this huge bucket of bolts off a bay like finding some oil
and a controller for this thing idiot locked I wish I knew the king code biologic analysis of a secret formula is
stalled at 99% the final parameter aka ingredient cannot be determined hi Karen
are you still trying to discover the secret formula of a krabby patty ah
negatory I am i analyzing a different secret formula
oh okay well then do you know the combination to open up the storage
closet of course I know the combination but I cannot give it to you why not
I am only programmed to give that combination to plankton can’t you make
an exception No are you implying gonna beat roved you’re a nosy little sponge
aren’t you I order you to give me the combination to that storage closet oh
what’s the matter are your plans for world domination not coming together
again no need to rub it in now hand over that combination oh nice to see you too
honey I knew it what did you say nothing ah this should do it the squeaky wheel
gets the oil awesome now I just need to find some kind of wireless controller to
get him off of pointing it’s about time you imbecile another second under there
neither been a goner now I can get back to world domination hey plankton now
that you’re free how was you and robotic spongebob like to be in a TV show mm-hmm
a popular worldwide medium could be used to manipulate the thoughts and minds of
the countless mindless idiots that watch count us in

SpongeBob Lights, Camera, Pants! Part 5 (PC) Prehistoric Bikini Bottom & Chum Bucket

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