ah now I can visit daddy ah that Apple is up way too high for me
to region Sammy you don’t seem like yourself right
now I reckon you’re right I never thought my cravings would get this bad
but I guess every girl is down her weakness how can I help
well if you could find me some chocolate covered nuts then I reckon I’d be just
fine hello there little guy you look hungry
are you hungry are you hungry because sandy and her chocolaty pride craze
forgot to feed you I’m not sure what you would eat what a cracker do the trick
maybe if I feed you you’ll transform into a beautiful butterfly and fly up to
the tree and knock down one of those apples for me jump little guy and apple a day is okay no thanks I’ve already had enough
exercise today so that’s where technical acres is I wonder what could be in here hi I’m here to visit my friend Squidward where happiness is just a suction cup
away sides harmonious peace that our community rebels in would only appear
dull and boring to a child like yourself but I really need to see my friend laugh
dare take this movie ticket and go cloud your mind with an endless supply of
meaningless rabble grown-ups sure use a lot of large words you here you go maybe pop Oh spongebob I’m
so surprised really do care you actually brought me an apple yeah it was a pretty
good one too only Robin on one side Oh spongebob
why I can’t do that hey mrs. pop I know this probably isn’t
the best time but what do you want now spongebob well you’re my favorite
teacher and I really want you to be in the new adventures of mermaidman and
barnacleboy TV show that I’m helping the cab if I say yes will you leave me be
sure okay then I’ll be along as soon as I calm down I don’t think so that isn’t right hey can I come in sure you can if you
got a tickets here’s my ticket right this way sir hey wake up what’s going on sorry I had to wake you
up but I really need something from the snack bar oh no my boss is gonna be so
angry I better get back to work isn’t it amazing the way some companies
advertise isn’t it amazing the way some companies advertise you what you have got to be kidding me
the Dirty Bubble contaminate is the bubble machine and now his clothes are
ruining the entire set well get mermaidman and barnacleboy over
there they are soon right playing checkers who could we send over there to
take care of this mess anything I can do mr. Henry theme it’s about time you
showed up listen the Dirty Bubble is over on the
set and he’s wrecking the place get over there pop those bubbles and get
that mess cleaned up okay what are you gonna do haven’t we been over this
already barnacles barnacles I hope you didn’t get in any trouble I
didn’t thanks to you I got back just in time my boss is a real codfish you know
could I have a chocolate bar for the guy who saved my scales you bet why were you sleeping in the bathroom
anyway well this job isn’t very action-packed if you know what I mean
it’s easy to fall asleep when the most exciting thing you do all day is scrape
all gum off of the countertop I always knew I could do it since this job is letting you down why
don’t you try a career as an actor huh sounds great too bad I have no idea how
to act no problem acting is the easy part getting cast on
a show was the real trick okay but who would put me in their show I would
consider yourself cast on the new adventures of mermaidman barnacleboy Wow
sleeping on the job was a smartest move I made in a long time hi I’ve already collected your ticket
please enjoy the show ah now I can visit daddy I don’t think so buddy to jump covered
nuts yet I need a worse than a flower these water that was just what the doctor ordered
feeling better now sandy yeah yeah Bunch Bob I’m sorry for acting so strange
before it’s no big deal oh it is to me I owe you one little buddy sandy I’m
helping to put together a cast for the new adventures of mermaidman barnacleboy
I’d really like you to be in it anything for you spongebob actress are
you kidding only a great actors can act as crazy as
you did well okay let’s get this show on the road you Wow oh my goodness you have to come
quick what’s the matter some crazed maniac is playing music in public
classical or jazz worse progressive rock oh oh no not that I’ll be there on the
double that to keep him busy long enough for me
to get in hey did you ever manage to track down
mr. progressive rock how did you know about that and how did you get in here
um you tricked me sorry but I’m gonna lose
my job because of you oh hey maybe I can help you out now I can get you a new job
as an actor on the new adventures of mermaidman and barnacleboy if I must
give in to this kind of corruption to survive and so be it
yeah is that a yes – you fool I have been looking everywhere for you
now on SpongeBob you have to come back to Bikini Bottom with me right now you
have to be in the new adventures of mermaidman and barnacleboy I can’t
believe I’m actually saying this but I wish I could I can’t this place is so
boring so I passed my will to get up and do anything I thought you liked it here
I did it first but then after doing the same thing day after day I got so bored
then I actually missed being home you really missed me all right enough of
the sappy stuff you have to help me how can you get your energy back I could get
you an energy drink to be honest I prefer a nice mug of cocoa no problem
coffee shop around here somewhere those things are everywhere right and
don’t forget the whip wing I always have with my hot cocoa handy but only get
that at bargain Mart okay man hang in there buddy you want a job spongebob I’m
sure I’ll be hanging were quite a while hi can I have a cup of cocoa please none for me I’m watching my figure none for me I’m watching my figure welcome to barge and Marne hi where do
you keep the whipped cream what do you want it for her huh it’s that actually
for a friend of mine oh sure it is pal it’s over there in the back this is your
lucky day you’re giving away free samples
take as much as you want no charge really Thanks Oh No what’s wrong
we’re having a sale on sea nut butter start at noon today oh it’s fantastic
for everyone except me have you ever seen a hoard of coupon clad housewives
loading up with cheap groceries I know well you’re barnacles will help here you you can come out now they’re all gone you saved me I’ve never seen such
amazing service skills well I’ve had some practice hey now that things have
calmed down around here would you like a beer even new adventures of mermaidman
and barnacleboy’s anything will be better than this job right an
enthusiastic person like you will set a great example for the rest of the cast
to follow great items and low low prices this must be the last bottle it’s a good
thing they hit it back here in the kelpo section go spongebob go spongebob you there you go
one hot cocoa with whipped cream on top delicious perfect wonderful smart phone
you actually did something right for a change
know that you’re feeling better will you be in the new adventures of mermaidman
and barnacleboy didn’t get me out of this dump
then Tom Ian back to his old self in you

SpongeBob Lights, Camera, Pants! Part 3 (PC) Sandy’s Tree Dome & Tentacle Acres

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    Well I’ve played it’s PS2 version, but never seen a gameplay of the PC before

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    I hope you find all the Props and Actors 100% as some of the other Youtubers were missing one spot ma'am?


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