now call mr. Krabs more junk mail let me
guess three tickets to Neptune’s paradise why
don’t you give them two more on back there for being employee of the year spongebob yes mr. Krabs I need very
valuable tickets to them toons paradise gee thanks mr. Krabs
he was just better fortune on these money tell Patrick thanks again hmm
I know I am but what are you hey Patrick spongebob Patrick spaceball pageant
I’m behind you Patrick this boots boat mr. Krabs gave us two free tickets to
nuptials paradise toots burgers you go home and get ready and we’ll meet up
later after work hello faithful customer what are you
gonna do to get some service around here I’m sorry sir was there a problem with
your order I haven’t even been served yet what’s the big holdup guess who’s
going to Neptune paradise that’s nice I just came back from there
it was a lot of fun oh well then maybe you can help me I’m trying to find out
how to get there do you know away yes ask me nicely okay could you tell me how
to get to Neptune’s paradise please nope why not because I’m starving fix me a
krabby patty and maybe I’ll tell you I’m terribly sorry sir what did you order
again a krabby patty and I’m starving I’ll fix you one right up mister well I
gotta go bye I better wash this before giving it to anybody hey there Squidward old pal what do you
want spongebob I got maimed employ any other year and
mr. Krabs gave me tickets to Neptune’s Pacific paradise as a reward what do you
think about that Bob I think you finally lost it hey Squidward there’s a hungry
looking customer over there should you do something about it
I have no interest in that but I need to get to Neptune’s paradise could you
please take care of that customer for me look spongebob I am very busy please do
not bother me unless it’s important Oh tartar sauce
I don’t want to do one delicious and krabby patty now can you tell me how to
get to Neptune’s paradise yes Wow Wow
there’s a bus stop downtown where you can catch a bus to Neptune’s paradise
every day now leave me alone I’m eatin so this is downtown bikini Bob hey
Patrick where’d you get that sweet camera I want
first place of the annual bikini bottom bikini contest and this was the prize Patrick you want a bikini contest well
that was the only male contestant but the judges said I had the most unique
figure hey Patrick you wouldn’t happen to have any bus tokens would you
no spongebob I don’t have any we were gonna do don’t worry Patrick I’ll find
us a couple somehow great I’ll save replacing Lloyd uh yeah okay I’m stumped
Patrick do you know where I could find any bus tokens just buy them Patrick you
know we don’t have any money oh then just go find some buried
treasure buried treasure oh well I heard the Flying Dutchman buried some treasure
near goo lagoon maybe you could talk to someone over there well it sounds like a
long shot but I might as well give it a try hey Patrick I like your hat
yeah it’s the newest style and keeping it
I’ll be back Patrick I’ll be here hello nice place you’ve got here
you think so yeah it’s real pretty are you yanking my chain
no I love it wow that’s really great to hear Thanks just for that I want you to
have this videotape it’s priceless much like the compliment you just paid
me I can never thank you enough thank you thank you thank you okay never look
a gift sea horse in the mouth that’s what I always say goo lagoon there is nothing like being
at the ocean except being under the ocean hi there spongebob I’m working on the
biceps they are the most important muscle group for impressing the ladies
you should try it Sunday skinny Bob Squarepants I love your beach toys over
there yeah those are mine Oh shovel Ian mr. pal no way I love that shovel and
that del Valle teary-eyed just thinking about them good thing I haven’t fallen
off my diet where hey there’s no mermaid hey Larry
what can I do to get big and strong like you well spongebob it’s not easy first
of all you have to wake up each morning at 3:00 a.m. and go for a 10-mile run
then you have to do five sets of exercises isolating each muscle group
ten repetitions each it’s gonna hurt make that cake finally you gotta stop
eating those fatty Krabby Patties see it takes discipline no Krabby Patties huh
don’t you ever get tempted to cheat on that diet now the only thing I really
miss our grandma’s homemade pies I sure wish I could eat those well I
better get going hi spongebob try to break a sweat once
in a while hey get your hands off old shovel again mister pal funny money haha
dear friend mr. Krabs makes his way to the local noggin hard to make a little
extra money on the side he is such a card he makes me laugh so haha hi grandma it’s me your most favorite
grandson Oh Patrick is that you what a pleasant surprise oh how is your day been grandma oh it’s
so much nicer now that my puffy mopey Patrick is coming to visit me what are you baking grandma it’s your
favorite urgent chip pie but I just ran out of urchin chips
I’m so sorry Patrick I can run to the store and get you some urgent chips oh
don’t bother dear I’ll just feed them to the sea gulls later it’s no trouble
grandma if you’re absolutely sure just promise me you’ll be careful I will
thank you grandma I want tickets to go to Neptune paradise
for being a boy over there patty-cakes I knew you were turned into
a good little growing up I am so proud of you I gotta get going grandma but
I’ll come back to see you soon okay Patrick be careful hi there I don’t mean to be nosy but
your clothes seem a little big for you yeah I know I got a haven’t altered I
just bought them from home they look sort of familiar from mr. Krabs but he
let me have them for steel he’s in the bargain Mart selling all
kinds of stuff so if you are wearing mr. Krabs clothes what is he wearing
you don’t want to do anyways I gotta go bye bye hi welcome to the Barton park do
Gary urgent tip tips you sure – yep how much are they well I
don’t have any money really I never would’ve guessed oh well
know are chips for you but I really need those urgent chips is
there anything I can do to get them I’ll tell you what if you wish my boat for me
I’ll pay for your action ships well I guess that sounds fair but where’s your
boat party right out front oh and please don’t forget to watch the
white walls okay sure no problem the amazing mr. absorbency welcome to the parts and mark oh she’s
all sparkly and clean hi welcome to the porch and mark Wow
working at the bargain Mart must be so much fun yeah it’s a hoot
I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing and I mean that really I
can’t imagine I work at the Krusty Krab myself and I can’t wait to get to work
every day I can somehow sense that about you well I enjoy talking to ya hey there
mr. Krab hello there me boy what happened to someone with a keen eye for passion made
me an offer I couldn’t refuse but near-naked many many many women what
are you doing at the bargain Mart mr. Krabs oh I’m trying to make a few
dollars selling some old junk now why aren’t you on your way to Neptunes
Paradise I am I have to take care of a few things first I might be up late is
it okay if I come into work a little late tomorrow what you know I can’t
stand tardiness maybe I should have made Squidward employee of the year instead
of you no no no I’m sorry mr. Krabs I’ll be at work right on time don’t you worry
about it good now get going you’re scaring away me
business absolutely mr. Krabs Thank You mr. Krabs can I borrow this old putter
loyal take it pearl convinced me to switch to some new
low fat oil type substance you spray it on who would have thought of that I don’t want to do that little blocks of cheese what a wonderful
world hi grandma i back see you always makes
me smile paddy when i got the urgent yet that’s
wonderful patty proof despise so plain without them oh no Thank You Patrick I’m
not even sure what that say he is hi there sorry I don’t have time to talk
I’m late for a doctor’s appointment oh I’m sorry what’s wrong I’m kind of
embarrassed to say oh come on I promise to keep it in the strictest confidence
okay yeah salmonella oh well don’t let me by last time we talked my quest for muscle
mass never ends little guy Larry urgent chip hi
I can’t eat that I’m not allowed my trainer would get minute nothing like
grandma’s homemade pie still warm from the oven I’m on a diet I can’t eat that
okay let me have it look at what you’ve done to me I’ve got love hands I can’t
talk to you I’ve got to take a jog hey this isn’t a tanning salon it’s a
beach hi right back at you wow you sure are tan
yes I certainly am but what else would you expect man I own the salon I must
set a good example for all my Beach brothers and sisters so on what’s a lot
isn’t there’s a beach no well yeah but it’s more than just beach it’s a
holistic and organic tanning experience man we don’t just hand your skin we tan
you oh I’m not so sure I want my soul pan just looking at you I can tell you
really need to get your soul out into the Sun more often it’s a very pale and
spotty I think it’s breaking down into rash man
oh my soul has a rash yeah it’s a leaky dress look Rose can I borrow your
sunscreen I don’t think it’s working for you that’s because I don’t use it any I
have reached the limits of natural tanning the so called
Hamilton horizon I don’t need to block any of the sun’s ray if anything
anything amplified why don’t you just cover yourself in cooking oil say that’s
not a bad idea you think you could get me some I’ll trade you the sunscreen for
it deal oh well I’ll leave you to your frying
thanks dude later one bottle of cooking oil as per your
request all right dude this is gonna be great
soon I’ll be nice and flaky don’t be so hard on yourself
I think you’re pretty flaky already so can I have the sunscreen now sure kid
here you go now leave me alone I got some broiling
to do Wow fish that cook themselves what’ll they think of next why are you standing in the shade it’s a
beautiful sunny day I have sensitive skin it’s very delicate
but it is a beautiful day indeed wow you sure do talk funny
where are you from I’m from the English Channel it’s a beautiful place you’d
like it I’m quite sure the water is much warmer here in the Pacific but you know
what they say it’s not the heat that gets you it’s the salinity yeah so what
brings you to bikini bottom the beautiful beaches the charming towns
earth and the legends of buried pirate treasure I find it also great but the
heat is overwhelming did you say bury treasure what buried treasure
why the flying Dutchman’s very turtle of course legend has it the Flying Dutchman
buried his most precious treasure on the shores of goo lagoon
I suspect it’s somewhere and all this very big well I guess I should be going it was
nice talking to you Tallyho indeed I thoroughly enjoyed our banter
total here you go my lady this sunscreen is industrial-strength SPF 100 well
thank you kind sir so good long you may now borrow my pencil oh well actually I
wanted to borrow your umbrella you tickle my funny dancer all right here’s
your umbrella use it in good health to you thank you milady Wow I found it a chest full of bus
tokens oh well I better take a few for later I already took enough bus tokens
for Patrick and I to get to Neptune’s paradise
I shouldn’t be greedy hi I swear I’m innocent I didn’t do
anything you can’t prove that I was only saying hi oh well I’m busy busy doing
nothing okay here’s a bus token Patrick big spongebob see I wonder where that
bus driver is burritos for breakfast where did the bus from here go the bus
goes to the Ancient Mariner Valley home to the magnificent Neptune’s paradise
where happiness and merriment are the meat and potatoes of a festive diet of
fun can we get on board you have our bus tokens I’d love to say yes unfortunately
we aren’t going anywhere in this weather what are you talking about it’s a
beautiful day you’d like to believe that wouldn’t you but look over there that
cloud is just waiting for me what if we get caught out in the rain I don’t even
have an umbrella no thanks I think I’ll just stay here I get you an umbrella
then will you take it I guess so where’s the bus it’s getting washed I’ll
get it when or if we ever leave I gotta go okay bye there’s an umbrella Mr bus
driver sir can we leave now the wind is picking up can’t you smell
the coming storm I don’t know if it’s safe besides that’s a parasol please I
just gotta get to the park I just gotta well okay but don’t say I didn’t warn
you yeah Neptune’s paradise here we come I have a
bad feeling about this

SpongeBob Employee of the Month Part 1 (PC) Chapter 1: Employee of the Year

14 thoughts on “SpongeBob Employee of the Month Part 1 (PC) Chapter 1: Employee of the Year

  • September 14, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    i remember this game

  • September 14, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    Sooo goooooooood

  • September 14, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    I definitely remember this! I loved playing this game, but I didn’t finish it completely because I was stuck in Chapter 1. That was when I was little and didn’t know what to do.

  • September 14, 2019 at 11:02 pm

    Knowing that the intro is set in a Studio lot Why couldn't they have other Nicktoons (Rugrats Hey Arnold Wild Thornberrys Jimmy Neutron Rocko's Modern Life Invader Zim) in the game too?

  • September 15, 2019 at 12:08 am

    Thank you WishingTikal for playing this game that i requested! I really appreciate it and i hope you enjoyed playing 🙂

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    I owned this as a kid holy moly what a nostalgia trip.

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    Wow Nostalgia all over! This was one of my favorite PC games when I was growing up. A part of me wish they made a PlayStation version of this game just like how they made a PC version of Battle for Bikini Bottom, and the SpongeBob movie

  • September 15, 2019 at 12:27 am

    omg i played this game as a kid,,,i think i might still have it somewhere

  • September 15, 2019 at 2:27 am

    Out of all the Spongebob games that AWE games made this felt the most like an actual episode of Spongebob

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    I would play this ALL. THE. TIME! Thanks for uploading so I can relive childhood 🙂

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    Why were you getting all of that stuff before being asked, too?

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    The nostalgia is strong with this one.

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    Used to have the Nickelodeon Splat Pack PC games. It came with this game, the Spongebob Squarepants movie game, Jimmy Neutron vs Jimmy Negatron, (which I always had difficulty with), a Fairly Oddparents game, (can’t remember the name of it), and Nickelodeon Basketball.

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    Okay, I just realized something messed up about this game. When Spongebob is talking to the sick fish when he enters Goo Lagoon, the fish says he has salmonella which you get BY EATING RAW FISH! CANNIBAL!


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