capture the flag the first nautical bank has reported
that a group of robots have taken several expensive treasures from their
fault if you find something valuable that doesn’t belong to you please return
it to its rightful owner immediately yeah like that’s gonna happen
hello mr. Dutchman anybody in here anyone anyone at all hey that doesn’t
belong to you that’s me money oh it sounds like mr.
Krabs is in trouble hang on mr. Krabs I’m coming retrieve
the fur colored flags and return them to their base x marks the spot click the
mouse button to use your sword when not carrying a flag collect all of the
treasure to continue to the next game well done you found a save nice job you’ve collected the treasure
chest well Donny you found a gold ring good
job you’ve located a money bag good job you’ve located a credit card those scurvy dog fish were no match for
no beard face yellow pirate egg click the mouse button to move Sponge Bob
around the loading platform push all of the crates through the hole in the
center clear all three levels to continue to the nice game you’ve won a large pearl you’ve won a treasure map you’ve won a golden tune oh there you
are mr. Graff ah mr. Krabs this may not be the best
time to ask but uh I was wondering if maybe I mean it’s not too much trouble
if I could possibly you know uh get a raise at the Krusty Krab a raise
have you been sniffing wheel bubbles again spongebob now get me out of this
here brink before you decide to make Squidward employee of the month what
that’s crazy talk hi Kevin I’ll get you out of there right
away answer trivia questions correctly to
free Monsieur Krabs from the cage as the timer counts down wrong answers will be
removed skel at least 500 points to continue to
the next game when was mr. Rath many many many women many what is this
the best favorite kind of music money money money money money what is this trap first name what is mr.
Graff favorite thing in the whole world money money money what is mr. krabs funny many many many many who is mr.
Rams are can be many many many monuments many what is mr. Rams last name one stock
certificate what is mr. reps lifelong dream funny money money money what time does the krusty krab clothes funny money money money money what his
flights on always writing to steal from mr. krabs funny money money money stand aside spongebob I have to stop
those robots from making off with me hard-earned treasure hard-earned doesn’t
it belong to the first nautical bank well I’m just going to return it to its
rightful owner use the mouse to control mr. Krabs and collect treasure once
you’ve picked up a treasure run over to a barrel and place it inside collect all
of the treasure to continue to the next game whether pearl good job you’ve located some dollar
bills well done you found the gold coin good job you’ve located the gold bar yeah great you’ve collected an emerald yeah you’ve collected a large diamond look at all this little spongebob yes
now we just need to return it to its rightful owner
oh yeah right well most easy let’s talk about your raise again me boy my raise
arrey Thank You mr. Krabs yes my boy you’ve earned it of course
after Lea deductions for the no let’s see see tax donation is for diem save
the kelp forest foundation mr. Eugene Krabs for payment fund etc etc I’ll just
deduct all that how do you pay wow I never knew there were so many deductions
from getting a raise hey are you trying to pull the kelp over my eyes mr. Krabs no of course not
oh okay thanks mr. Krabs gee spongebob all you had to do was ask
balance the scale by placing the treasure items on both sides
drag and drop each treasure to a location on the scale evenly balanced or
the treasure to continue to the next game we have to save all those people who are
walking the plank for him for five I’m sure they’ll be just fine without this
land 406 for exactly seven mr. Krabs they’re all potential customers you know
what that means shiver me timbers fine save the fish as
they are forced to walk the plank use the mouse to move your boat left and
right to catch the fish the more fish you save the higher your score will be yeah yeah great

SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Part 4 (PC) Flying Dutchman Graveyard

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