today Tech guy Mitch is gonna show you
how to set up your phone farm to run Bitcoin lottery let’s check it out hey
guys Mitchell here with LCS LLC I will see the lazy tech guys and now what we’re
gonna do today is basically called the Bitcoin lottery so to speak we’re going
to do some solo mining um I’m just gonna dump all of our phones
and from our past mining experience we also have an ASIC miner that we’re gonna
throw into it too and if we get super lucky then we will hit a block and if we
hit a block that’s 12.5 coins – the pools 1% and I know what you’re thinking
pool you said solo to save us a lot of
headache on the setup we are using a pool that allows for solo mining kinda
kinda different I didn’t even know such a
thing existed but we found it I’ve been messing with a little bit I kind of
liked it and yeah so hopefully the phones aren’t going to stay on this too
long because I don’t feel it is our most profitable option with it we’re gonna
make this happen let’s see here looks like slush pool which was one of
our old time favorites still offers their good old stratum proxy so let’s go
ahead and see if we can grab that okay alright and now we’re just gonna cut one
of those out of there I don’t know why I got to cuz I wasn’t paying attention or
maybe I was I don’t know probably gonna put this on the D Drive somewhere on the
root Drive on the D Drive there and we’re just gonna just gonna call it a
stratum proxy Hey who would of guessed. Hey a nice little folder setup for it
and we’re gonna dump it in the folder don’t know if anybody’s touch all this
nice little trick but uh you hold down shift and right-click in the folder that
you’re working in you can open a command prompt and not have to do all the CDs
and get appointed where you need to go so there we go we got a nice little command
prompt and if I can type here ah mi ni ng underscore proxy and it’s
probably gonna be like /h yeah hey there we go woo alright so now what
we’re gonna have to do is we’re actually gonna have to make a batch file to run
this no problem at all we’re just gonna call this proxy and for right now just
making the txt file it’ll make it easy if we need to make changes later and
throw this up over here and it’s going to be mining underscore thank you proxy
and most of stratum mining pool port of strata okay so we need a – o and that
is going to be and again like I said I know it’s where we’re using a pool we
claim to be solo mining it is a I’ll try to remember to pull up the web page for
you and let you kind of see what it is but basically they get 1% and
through the blockchain if we hit it then they set it up to go directly into our
wallet – their 1% which is more than fair I think you know whatever
you’re going to do a stratum host and since all of them
our CG minor does allow yes that’s what I thought
everything we’re running does allow stratum so we’re running stratum to
stratum the the purpose of this proxy if you’re wondering is this will
basically if I understand correctly and for any of you that understand
cryptocurrencies better than I will I invite you to correct me because it’s
all a learning experience for me but for my understanding by running this proxy
it will combine the hashes from all of our devices into a single piece of work that
right I hope so but you know if not like said let me
know SH whoa not down there SH and we are listening on what’s your local IP
sir on two four four and we are going to
listen on stratum poured I believe we can do the same port as the post or yeah
that’s the host port since once an incoming port once an outgoing port I
might be wrong on there we will find out I’m sure for now we’re gonna go ahead
and throw on this – v I want to see if what we’re doing is working or you know
if we just think it is cuz that’s important and why did I do that I’m not
very smart sometimes we are going to reopen that and go to file/save as I
think we got this computer CPU mining so you know that would explain the little
bit of drag down were experienced there but we can still work around that
okay proxy .bat save all right hmm so i got something wrong
awesome be here oh well you know there’s an
obvious problem give that a try and we’re still not
working this this thing is just stupid alright so just to show you guys what it
should do when it comes up this is my little test rig now minor proxy owes so P 3333 look at that it’s doing exactly what it should do
right out difficulty four thousand everything exactly what we expect from a
pool from our solo pool again makes no sense I’m sorry
don’t yell at me it’s it’s it’s how he defines himself and or do it’s fun I don’t blame you
so what are we missing in did it I spell something wrong am i an mining underscore
prox (inaudible voice back ground) do I oh you mother
ha ha ha ha ha you guys know with command-line that
everything is super super sensitive you’ve got to have it all just right and
it does not like two underscores where one underscore should be so looks like
we have that little issue averted except for proxy mining proxy dot main trying to
connect to stratum pool at unhandled error see and this is why
we test Sol yes sooooloooo ck pool yeah go away go away get out of my
face get out of my face.. (background Laughing) all right and since now we know that
that is working and hopefully I’m not an idiot
well okay shut up hush hush I hear you over there even though you’re not saying anything I
can hear you all right and we’re gonna use this username for submitting
shares – is that – that’s – right see you okay
we’re gonna do that for the custom user all right now this user is actually
going to be our our our our our our our wallet address so give me just one
minute while I go retrieve that from a secured website and once again through
modern magic we are back back in DeeDee yes yes indeedy all right so we’re gonna
paste our wallet address here this should all be set up now we’re gonna
save it and do and see if we can connect now whoohoo see this this is what we expect
to see info proxy client service handle event setting new difficulty four hun four
thousand four thousand yes yes okay and then every now and then it will update
with these new jobs here all right that’s exactly what we want we’re gonna
throw this up over here you’re gonna throw this on the oh not there delete
that I’m gonna throw this gonna shoot a shortcut to the desktop
maybe if I know what I’m doing send to yes oh wait I’m gonna go ahead and do
that anyway that’s for us later um I can’t see any of our desktop things
right now but yes that will be what it will be so now we can go ahead and –
memorize that okay guys I’m gonna cut it off here it was getting to be a pretty
long video and from there guys don’t forget to hit that subscribe button
don’t forget to Like and make some comments and blow what’s your thought
and make fun of Mitch down there and remember guys the day is what you make
it so let’s make it a good one

SmartPhone Bitcoin Lottery setup! 12.5 BTC or $121,249.94! Part 1 computer setup

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