My name is Zubair Khan, I am currently a
a third year student here at Wichita State studying computer science. I’m actually interning at NetApp right now which is a company that handles a lot of data
and data management. When I came into Wichita State as a freshman, I knew I wanted to go into something related to CS, although I wasn’t terribly sure what I should do for that. So I went to the Career Development Center one day, they helped me make my resume,
helped me polish it to make sure that it was all good and after that they showed me how to use Handshake. Ultimately, I actually found an internship
at NetApp that I liked a lot. I’ve been at NetApp since March of 2017. The team I’m on does Quality Assurance, meaning that we go ahead
and we deal with our firmware as well as some of our software. Just to make sure that everything’s working as it should. So with Wichita State, that’s been really helpful because being able to live in Wichita,
being able to go to classes, and being able to find an
employer where I’m learning these real-world abilities while balancing class
has been really important. So it’s all thanks to the
Career Development Center and making sure I was able to find those
connections there.

Shock Doc: Zubair Khan, computer science major
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