I just want to keep my options open. When I
was doing my A-levels it was the same thing. Always just looking for the
broadest avenue that I could take. My undergrad, I did a psychology degree which I actually did here, at the University of Bath. It was a good
all-round degree that allowed me to explore lots different things. So I went looking for jobs
and landed myself in a summer job. I liked the work I was doing
but at the same time a lot of the software that we were using,
they’re quite outdated, very little support for them. I found that quite frustrating. I’d always been sort of interested in computer science and it definitely
inspired me to learn and maybe find myself in a role one day where I could
be building systems that could help people. The course is quite collaborative
and fosters this sort of environment where you’re always sharing ideas
and talking to people and everybody on this course wants to do well and wants everyone else
to do well. The lecturers were always
made themselves available. I chose to do the module called
Intelligent Control and Cognitive Systems and we were building robots out of Lego and setting them off so to roam
around the room and I’ve enjoyed all the coding that we’ve done on the course,
I find it a good challenge. A Computer Science degree is just so sought after, so valued. And think that’s what I’ve found
pretty much everywhere that I’ve gone. Now people are like knocking on my door. The world thrives on data these
days, you know. It’s the most valuable
asset that you can have. The study of
computer science holds the answers to the questions that you might not even be
facing yet. You’re designing something
that’s making someone’s life in some way, easier. You do something that you
have a sense of ownership over. Just how can
you top that as a feeling?

Shaun’s story – MSc Computer Science
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