Hi, my name’s Jason with Mount Baker Mining
& Metal and today I wanted to show off some of our new products, this machine is for grinding
oyster shells, and it was commissioned by one of the largest shellfish producers in
the state. And so I wanted to walk you through the machine,
show you how it works, talk a little bit about the shell and how it grinds, and we’ll talk
about the end product and what it’s used for. So this the feed side of the machine. You can dump a whole skid steer bucket of
oyster shells into the hopper. There’s a cleated belt that drags the shell
up and feeds into a 16 inch by 12 inch hammer mill. Okay, we’re on the other side of the machine
now, and this is the top of the cleated conveyor belt, that drags the shell out of the hopper. It comes down into the hammer mill here, this
is a 16 inch by 12 inch hammer mill, run by a 15-horse electric motor. The shell is crushed, it goes through the
three-quarter inch punch-plate screen, and out this discharge conveyor. And it can either be discharged into a pile,
a trailer, or into a small dump truck. So here’s some of the shell we’re going
to be crushing today. This is processed shell, so it’s been sitting
out, they’ve cleaned it, there’s even some big clusters like this where a couple
shells stick together. But this is the fairly easy stuff to crush. There’s some other stuff called green shell,
which is fresh right out of the salt water. There are bigger clumps, have some junk on
it, some rocks with it. So we’re going to try both types today and
show you how each one crushes. Here’s a look at the green shell that we
crushed. You can get an idea for the size that comes
out of there. And over on the edge here, there some of the
bigger pieces. So it’s all three-quarter inch minus, and
there’s quite a bit that’s less than three-quarter. And we can crush one of these blue totes in
about 10 minutes. I think these weigh about five or six hundred
pounds a piece, so that gives you an idea of the throughput. And this green shell was quite a bit different
than the processed shell. It had big chunks of wood in it, rocks, sand,
the oyster shells were all slimy and clumped together. But it didn’t seem to matter in the hammer
mill, it took it just fine and crushed it all down, and discharged it to the conveyor
belt. So even the green shell crushed just great
through the system. And this is all the processed oyster shell. And it’s used for all kinds of stuff, like
chicken feed, soil amendments, fertilizer, landscaping mulch, bocce ball courts of all
things. So that’s kind of what the product looks
like, and again, when you change those screen sizes, either bigger or smaller, you can get
a little bit finer grind or coarser grind. So thanks for watching our video, and if you’re
in the shellfish processing industry we’d like to hear from you. And it’s just one more unusual thing we’ve
crushed in our machinery. So thanks again for watching and we’ll see
you in our next video

Sea Shell/Oyster Shell Processor Grinder Hammer Mill Machine
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