the old high school Clubhouse I thought
we’d be safe here they haven’t been here in years the evil
masked figures turning Coolsville into Burnsville my gang is totally taking the
hit for it this is the most our fault you screw up every school randamonium
has an algorithmic cross currency of negative four point one to one with it
maybe just maybe we can reverse the current and therefore reverse the
monster-making process all we have to do is rewire this control
panel we bring it back to the Monster High we plug it back into the base pull
this letter the city will be destroyed hmm we’ll need to reassemble the control
panel so that we can use it to destroy the monster hives monster generator drag
and drop each piece to its correct location use the test meter to see if
things are in the right place we’ll need to hurry though before even more
monsters are let loose in Coolsville Yello chip aloo chips a white kid redtube a blue wire all ready to a yellow cube a red field of blue by
yellow please a red fuse a yellow fish amazing absolute yep a Bluetooth I’ll wipe you blue – jinkies let’s continue the mystery right we’re screw-ups for once just once
I love to do the right thing on purpose to be a zero to save the day
who are we kidding hey what’s that coming out of the water let’s get out of
here warn the others we have to get the control panel back to the Monster High like Color Me hyperventilating man the pterodactyl ghost is on a rampage
terrorizing Coolsville rescue ten people from the beasts airborne assault
Commissioner in saves the citizens of Coolsville from the pterodactyls
airborne assault click on the mouse when we get near anyone then I’ll apply the
brakes so that they can get into the Mystery Machine for safety let’s continue the mystery all right gang this is it let’s go and plug the control panel back the rest of you go the other way I’ll
hold them off the Black Knight goes to challenge me to a jousting match I’m
gonna need a sure and steady hand to defeat him carefully aim the Lance at
the Black Knight to knock him off his horse if we can unseat him five times
we’ll win the match just keep in mind that each time we unseat this creep the
Lance will become heavier and harder to aim get some don’t get so let’s continue the mystery you and
Scooby get the control panel back to the Monster High buzz you’re faster than me
but but like we can’t we wanted to be heroes like you but we’re not
maybe you’ve been heroes all along they just haven’t known it heroes
reload I’ve said it a billion times before but this time I really mean it all right Scoob we made it into the mind
when it comes to being a best pal you’ve never screwed up you’ve always
been there for me Thank You Maggie dueling’s the miner
forty-niner Scoob wait for me like there are times when a man needs to stand and
fight but like this is not one of them like
run away dude each section of the mind has a door that
can only be unlocked at a separate control panel change the red lights on
each panel to green each switch flips itself and any switch next to it it’s locked yeah let’s continue the mystery

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Walkthrough Part 5 (PC) Mystery Inc Clubhouse

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    The final battle awaits against the Masked Figure!

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    Pleasetell me how your playing this i have the game but no gamr drive to play it


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