now pay attention the point is wiggles
as lattice into like a terrifying games town rose town
yeah goes down no we better follow him and figure out what he’s up to okay you randamonium an element which units
gaseous state is the critical ingredient to make a monster doesn’t randamonium
glow like those footprints at wickles Manor randamonium is a byproduct of
certain silver mines like the abandoned mining town in old Coolsville we should
get to the mining town and check it out zoinks like this mine is too spooky for
Scoob and I just click on the villains defend them off keep an eye out for
secret clickable areas for bonus points well I can don’t forget to collect the
Scooby Snacks we need this points like and don’t
forget to collect the Scooby Snacks we need 50 of them to get out of this let’s continue the mystery dude why did
you see that it was like a bunch of guys we lied all his friends funny here we are now let’s see if we can find
any more clues like who don’t be uh let’s go and check this place out what
do you say scooby-doo Wow well you get all this freaky stuff turned into a big
ugly monster oh man there’s got to be like an antidote in here somewhere
doink like Scooby’s in big trouble man that unlock as transformed him into
something very unschoolers drag-and-drop two potions over the mixing flask to
make an antidote man like and use the colors wisely the antidote has to match
the color shows oh shit
let’s try the how the makes like a purple potion let’s try the blue I need
to figure out how to mix an orange potions let’s try the potions let’s try
the yellow potion let’s continue the mystery that was
almost exactly like my freshman year of college what are you guys doing here
we’re a team you don’t just go off on your own
doing whatever you want Oh guys look at this they’re all here every costume from
every villain we’ve ever a masked hmm I don’t know who’s behind this but we
don’t need him transforming any more costumes are those the controls back
there that’s them disconnect that control panels destroy
the city if you have to but get me that control panel we gotta get out of here
bring the control panel dude did you see like which way the gang
ran off like the old saying goes how do the frying pan and into the freaky
skeleton dudes with eyeballs Fred come on follow me
shaggy has taken off down the hill steer Scooby down after him you have to
jump to reach the boxes of Scooby Snacks click the mouse to jump grab as many
Scooby Snacks as you can along the way you’re gonna need at least 50 the mystery you guys okay sure as long as you define
it okay as in massive agony get in let’s get to headquarters that’ll be the first
place the monsters will look for us I think I know where to go

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Walkthrough Part 4 (PC) Mining Town

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  • October 23, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    Awesome walkthrough

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    Too bad Buff Shaggy never shows up in this game

  • October 24, 2019 at 3:17 am

    Can You Upload More Games?


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