Our world is changing.
We are already seeing the effects of climate change on ecosystems and on economies.
The world’s governments have agreed to limit average temperature rises to below 2°C,
which means that emissions will need to halve by 2050.
But by 2050, the global population could grow from 7 to 10 billion,
and the economy could triple. This could increase the world’s energy demand
by 70%. Is it possible to keep to our 2 degree target?
Can those in developing countries aspire to the lifestyle enjoyed by richer countries
today, and how much will it cost?
To find out, experts from around the world have come together to build the Global Calculator
– an open, free and interactive tool that anyone can use to explore our options to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions. The results may surprise you.
The calculator shows that it is possible for everyone to have good living standards in
2050 and tackle climate change. But for this to happen, we will need a green
technology revolution to change the way we produce and consume energy.
And it needs to start now. We need a radical move towards low-carbon
electricity generation, while also doubling electricity supply.
At the same time, huge strides will be needed in energy efficiency.
We will need to protect and expand our forests, as they act as an important store of carbon.
This will reduce the amount of land we have available for farming, so to make sure everyone
has enough to eat, we will need to need to increase crop yields by 40 to 60%.
Businesses and governments are already using the tool to explore these opportunities for
themselves. [Simon Harrison, Mott MacDonald] The tool addresses a wide range of areas that are really quite critical to our business and for us it’s really helpful to be able
to look at impacts and balances between the drivers in the tool to think about how we
face the future. But even more importantly to work with our
clients in helping them understand implications for their business in whichever countries
they’re operating. [Prof Yang Yufeng, ERI China] I can use this simulation tool to check different sectors from the global angle, and can compare them with our China calculator.
And I can check how much emissions important sectors are emitting globally. sectors, and the emissions for the world.
[Simon Harrison] The piloting that we’ve done internally has attracted a lot of attention from colleagues
all over the world who are interested to participate and contribute their expertise and see things
from their perspective so I’m optimistic that it’ll become a
significant part of how we think. I’d very much encourage other people to
use it as well. [Narrator] Visit globalcalculator.org to try our interactive
tool yourself. See if you can hit the 2 degree target, and
share your pathway on Twitter. The Global Calculator – informing the climate

Prosperous living for the world in 2050: insights from the Global Calculator
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