CSGO is one of the most
currently played in the world its competitive and the massive amount of
people who play it make it very interesting very entertaining despite
the bad times you can not pass to losing
however Valve updates constants have made it impossible to
for which we have a computer smaller and less powerful
to enjoy the game, so now I’m going to bring one of the most
interesting to find for intel integrated, today i show you how
activate Lod BIAS using Hi-algo in Intel HD for CSGO, this is: let’s start first to download hi-algo. The link will leave it in the description Simply follow the common
installation steps I’m going to jump because I already have it
installed, let’s now turn to the Hi-Algo folder to do the
corresponding modification Let’s go to Windows, Program Files, Hi-Algo, Plugins BOOST, and look for the file exceptions.ini, we are going to copy it on the desktop since it will not let us edit it from where we are We open it and look for the next line, please just edit what you see search the line: Max_Adjust_LODBIAS and put 1, then using
the notepad finder let’s search CSGO, We will change the second line to True and we will go down to find Max_Adjust_LODBIAS We put 1 again,
close, save and Copy it again
in Hi-Algo folder Now, we
We will execute the Hi-Algo, we minimize it and we go to Steam and run the game Is going to leave this window wait a moment,
this window to always leave Press “yes” and expect for the game
start, it may take a while Well, I’ll turn up the speed a bit, I’ll explain They will load the map that you want to try, once loaded they have to press “F10”, the key, because otherwise the Mini-Map is gets corrupted or stays in a Super LowEnd mode, with F10 you fixes With F10 Hi-Algo is disabled, but the modifications are maintained This they must do it unless they want to play without Mini-Map That’s it, let’s go
with some clarifications this topic a little things to take into account First always always makes it necessary to activate or deactivate Hi-Algo Once you load the map first,
so you can see and load the map in LowEnd. Second to be able to retrieve the map,
unless someone Want to play without a map is important
always remember that F10 is the activator and deactivator. Second: The performance
May vary by computer If your processor is very bad use Hi-Algo
it will not help you improve your FPS However, if your processor is decent and if your
problem if on the GPU with this you should average up to 30 FPS because
you are loading all the graphics Lastly I want to offer an apology to all
those who were waiting for your record Because the truth are many problems with both
the account and youtube To be able to upload the video but
finally here it is, I hope you enjoy it I hope you solve them and see you in the next video until the other ¡chau! *Cool Music*

#PotatoToBasic – CSGO Lod BIAS para Intel HD Graphics [FPS Boost]
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