Aww man! You gotta help us, man! I said I wanted to get high. And I said I wanted to smoke with these guys. And they took us like way too literally, man! Corwin: This is SpicyWaffle, I’m Corwin Uko: And I’m Uko! And this is METAL SLUG 1, or apparently… SUPER VEHICL-001 METAL SLUG There’s like some Zeppelins, and some tanks, and all sorts of crazy shit like that. It looks like they’re attacking a city. It’s gonna be awesome! This just came out on Steam like 2 hours ago or something and I guess that’s kinda late given that it came out in 1992 or something like that. Something like that for all I know. But we are going to be kicking some ASS on this. We’re gonna go ahead and go with the 20 credits, but if we fail we’re just going to go full on wuss mode And go with the freeplay.
[Uko]: I couldn’t agree more. Okay, so here we go!
Aww, I don’t get to be Fio! I wanted to be Fio! It’s just like a sausage party now!
[Uko]: Aww, that sucks! That’s some bullshit. Aww yeah!
At least we still get to kill… Not… Nazis? Or Not-zis? That guy was trying to knife me,
and I swear I just murdered a pig. [Uko]: I think I saw that too. Hey look. Look at our reflections in this puddle.
That’s actually pretty cool. [Uko]: Yeah, for the time that’s really awesome.
[Corwin]: Yo, somebody beached a submarine. Well, I guess we’re gonna murder the shit out of everyone. [Uko]: Hippies! Hippie! Give me your pants.
[Corwin]: Aww yeah! I’m glad that hippies have been in this game since the beginning. Ya know? It just wouldn’t be cool to not have the hippies. I need that hippie action in my life. [High-pitched scream from Corwin]
Don’t you drop your fucking shit on me
[Uko]: Oh god! You can drop your shit on Uko
’cause he’s just gonna take it. Oh god!
[More high-pitched screams] Okay this thing is not nearly as
difficult as the Helicopters were in METAL SLUG 3.
[Uko]: Yeah, in 3 the helicopters… I wonder if the series progressively got more and more crazily difficult. of the year and threw a fucking for PO
and destroy related the that’s that’s one of arm owner feels the same follows a
crusher here or takes to get in all year don’t looking for days like today some its home once of ok more I’m problem with health
problems ok I its don’t want a my sis someone who owns
collector’s item was armed and on Bachmann God I of the spot are his almost what the
danger box are box Oklahoma what I’m talking about a bell like the danger pearl a perilous
around others hippies hang out arguing this issue the Flyers where he
did he’s been a horrible horrible known lol
well but you take yeah Wow I’ll year yeah
it’s free reliability and we’ll look look its its high heel its Bop It s like a boss all your it’s it’s free like have sex with
waterfalls from yeah yeah Wow yet far the S I I’m while Alka I’ll with the hell is this abuse torture on
some for all for the bites are alright or apart it’s only the fight yeah I largely mom and dad more they’re all not Nazis in this game
so on I just job liked taken John the yeah
that’s definitely not a thing okay takes the job okay it nothing in my life
is ever suggested maintains job are fuck I’m putting this thing up your
weather whatever the fuck it they all-consuming a frappe I’m know
what I think is busted so okay okay no no I finally died that some bullshit
okay I’m a grenade welcomes taste the grenade all all of follow-up yeah Wow while America Wow yeah I actually don’t even
know these guys are America I mean games made demands lol those
sunglasses and that and that hairy ass as america to me that that you combine the two of them you have
Duke Nukem that some say in a bit so obviously you gotta you got to take into account the fifteen
years ago what the hell was going on here that the guys been like torture from top
building the see that and then the roast in this other guy on the street okay no no no not most are kitties
friends okay army and you gotta help us men I said I
wanted to get high and I said I wanted to smoke with these
guys in May took us like we do literally
million arm don’t o’clock what its I got shot because both that mother
fucker trying to climb well yes up what the fuck him bomb on no no no no no no that a arm is a jumping puzzle its oh I can’t seem to shake hands next ok I okay that’s that’s how they get you they they teleport here in are they
teleport they arm over her sure yen while the
other guy shoot us in the back are also you parachute bazooka like that I out with
Heather I mean military fitness thats it’s pretty metal oh yeah it’s
been pretty awesome the with this phone played the school hmmm armpit just love it no swear that guy
distort it somehow I swear yet but but look at the Moses that screen killed that’s weird %uh shot at the composition
ray I well of you ate that for me Heights all just for the doc few game I go like nails out all day it’s a good thing this year %uh that
same home year your I need his rockets ok singles something ok and made this price I wreck that shit others more common in
yet come on come on ok I hope all I guess I’d brown all know sports the whole I partly on fire man its almost seems like it will help down
here hi ice no 0 of I all that was beautiful seem crazy I mean owen et they’ll know you you got soul firearms I
think they’re by strap I takes the fiery stop stop trying to live here that’s the one okay always bailing
I’ll we have to kill me for doing that offer
20 all of her spot arm Lego like me feel like just secretly sneak open were made them what’s the point doing fold at that
point also white that he’s just like stomping their kids interest balls balls also sells many of them they
don’t appear to be tied up for anything one just his hands were tied widely disliked
stopped the shell all don’t you fuckin take me %ah okay your son was sucky both the sudden look
at little 13 getting I reebok has rushed the tank the lease the phone bill okay wise a building near arm all words they’re concealing disarm super mega tank yeah on railway don’t immediately withdrawal from a chicken be
those things mostly crazier than they look so I no other
their cornering me of no don’t look closely with your
fuckin right she’ll right fielder for why it’s not warns
okay don’t you hope its scold and put the shit outta me you on the lawn century over here yes
they are all year yeah yeah arm I some say it’s still of 11 are it looks like you home got 18 like a little bit all those things
the ball home aids this is confusing arm Thurles his put
explosives into the ER so into their in the heart
citizens thank you thank you thank you your arms
like shot your life you think you think yes thank you OMW way that some prick flying right
there and he said drone why is it so small arm maybe it’s just I don’t even know robes
worn invented yet i’ll know what their trucks kill okay know what you’re really it look
back they’re flying circles around the frame rate yes yes they are once again game from my 1997 or whatever still playing back
there in 1997 well Irene I goodbye artist alger were okay that was some sort of super
all from a good boy or something like that are ok you want
right now I can dig okay this is no this is years the warbirds this thing goes for shooting crazy home
in not missus II just swirling yeah yeah but you when you’re fuckin 0 okay to kill it back that direction that
some balls do it man are I guess I of the hop into his for
people about oh well shit follow all 000 somehow you’re not dead that’s
amazing all over I feel committed I O God home okay year of fuck you in your
booking hopeful craft Wow whoa second level down all yeah Howell that song the the pretty
cool okay with that you know they really kinda the main
water hey with the whole super machinery on where some light snow officinals of army and I don’t like what wine crime ok I oh I lost it I for like that was thanks product but you with his like summit or
whatever so what are the really seem like a naughty things no
they don’t told you or ice jump right into that look at the
house I stood there and took it like a dumbass
although the primary very credibly bad yes it is are old told you fuck I know you about
for-profit insurer our friend from related guides literally throughout my entire
supply on a of the house I was robbed us for help I’m three helicopters is a great pastime video arm yet against someone to carry yes and sending her from being on I’ll
arm I see you with your are year yet goal with this shit okay I’m over
here now all rights would i look hopeful to get a
burger gonna try to roll over if you extra 0 on there we go gotta play someone epic music for that job I wat the danger barrel I’m gonna head all okay and I walked the danger berle on danger barrel goal why you no
exploding for her home I mean it’s a danger barrel tell
explosives in I’m hammering my back button as hard as I can okay that’s
a really cool looking for me I swear it moving um olive why on go best I Mets Willets as the that brought
to I assume you ate them harshly fat yet
now I’ll okay act oh I was like act all my fatness is not only a bowling
ball the last line owns the movement’s most live but that’s no
excuse home it was like dive bar I’ll call him wide-eyed I said you’re
right do some like bone kickin back like it was a sexy mama all and I’m or her bf them what
militarized how can you weapon I snowballs they fucked up they’re not see ice for those
aboard kicking back like some from like hot sexy day like paint be like when your friends
birds live yeah on hundred-mile mom mall all year yeah I
guess is that in that number not the snowball says
nothing is sacred ok no just okay but use the fire burning
she is what bitch dole okay okay was unthinkable for a
long time there a free whites attacking something
off-screen what you Mozart blowin’ yeah all get of
equal value you way Mike okay discussed okay own stance on right all the Britney switches millions like X for
Amex for am ice when we did that all in the some melted a little bit slogged okay which with 431 believe that he was
the first alien you’re right about 200 texts will its Tiger loan exploded stay how I somehow I thought the girls will come
of them for epic thing to say a bad but I just
couldn’t I all yeah yeah all all oh yeah taste the fuckin arm ok I guess I thinks
the plane but testifying bases I with what he wants spoiler I km the 0 yeah look cute while nazis arm
absolutely workspace the golden child I other
spends about okay definitely sucks face the world okay the high danger barrel God danger barrel gold no the with the test armed it’s not only
that dangerous to know want to explode police okay girlie that
dangerous are did across to me that building holdover yeah yeah were good yep there we go here yes be bills the fuckin take be from will mobile canteen for thanks said you seen that ball force actually
you know what you’re right will that work thanks a lot robots yeah
there’s a that’s a whole different thing on the tree is flashing like crazy that
is know how you’re okay not have trees were
are this kid not come with the seizure want to be 4000 gots able to get out arm gotten together or but I follow okay all
I was still in there rip okay so that’s it for the
supplemental slide 1 you enjoyed this video please like and
subscribe buttons and leave any comments below spicy waffle signing out but while I was
looking at your fire bitches all that nice pile Orleans know that’s good
for still for some this it ok yes Wow guy I was bloody end zone the world bookends yeah into the sacred book retooled
celebrated by the people the spicy

Planes, Trains and Murdermobiles — Let’s Play METAL SLUG 1 (Steam PC) (Part #1) (Local co-op)

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