Can you give the different branches of
computer science So computer science, it’s integrated in everything in our lives and we’ve never… like I didn’t know that before joining. And it was very exciting to get to know that So for example, when you think of all the
devices that use at home, like microwaves and a washing machine. Stuff like
that Those actually contain a huge portion of computer science. Where users… Where the software developers are working on the very low level applications that do the running of all those devices. But also computer science
can get very interesting if you look into machine learning, and how artificial intelligence is getting like all over the place now, in the world. And
all those applications like how Google Image Search, for example, would understand that the image you’re looking at is the image of a flower. And what
type of flower is it. And what color is the flower. Okay Or what other applications would know if they see your emotion and they would understand. All of this is a type of machine learning And we do that through pure computer
science Okay There’s also this idea of theory, which is how you can make an application faster How could you make things work in a more optimum way How can you do approximations and how can you make sure that the app is running correctly in a very solid way and if you are a fan of the movies and you’ve watched… all those movies around the Turing machine and all of that. They were coming out the last years. I love that movie Yeah, it’s amazing This is the foundation of computer science theory Where do you really want to specialize
and what do you want to do? So, other than working here at Google I also worked for a company based in Boston it’s a spinoff from MIT and it was
purely machine learning Okay So I really like working for this branch and I would love to integrate it with graphics and animation So, I think it’s one of the funnest things to do To use graphics and animation in education and in making the process of learning stuff better And I think that using computer science to make like the process of developing graphics and
the process of coming up with creative content easy And it’s facilitated for the creators, its something that I would love to do Do you think you’re going to go into the field are you going to go back into a master’s? I think I’m going to go into the fields for a couple of years just because I
want to get to understand how the like in professional world how things run on
a global scale or unaware okay yeah working here has definitely given me a
huge insight on that and it’s actually very fun to understand how by doing a
very small impact your impact propagates yeah I write Python and C++ and C Java
and draw a bit of Java but yeah I’d like to go sophomore and I’m the kiss of C++
which is very different like it’s a debatable thing in CS like who’s like
which one would I think is valid then you’re advocating for C++ definitely so
I don’t know if we’re going to get a lot of good flavor nose but is what is the
best advice you’ve ever gotten or advice that you would give to your younger self
okay the best advice that I’ve ever gotten was actually we have the we have
here in Google something called the RDS which is basically like a
extracurricular activities like it’s quick okay and one of them was called we
plus to us which is women in engineering plus plus XE sister ah that’s like the
Google experience Women’s Club yes and they used to make us like to prepare
lunches with the woman in senior position and we got to meet a lot of
very interesting woman and one of them was talking about how you should always
follow your passion and never be discouraged by the fact that maybe
people won’t agree with your opinion and yes was like the VP of cool iris which
is like Google glass that’s okay and like she talks about how people
might not always be accepting your opinion or your idea and if you’re
really passionate about you can definitely go places even if you don’t
think you have the potential for it so I would
definitely be pushing myself for the coming years just to make sure I don’t
lose this fashion or the files that I have where the work and also one other
thing is that make sure that whatever you’re doing has even if it’s like a
very small impact on your destiny around you because sometimes you get so much
drugs in what we’re doing and in the industry and we forgot the Hat we forget
the fact that oh we need to be giving back or like our impact should propagate
to other people okay and this is something I would I always remind myself
of to have like to make sure that whatever the way even if it’s in the
advancement of the technology it still has an impact on all sorts all sorts of
skins in the society and to have someone like benefit from what I’m doing is
there anything else about women in stem that we haven’t touched on that you’d
like to touch on or women in stem should work like should make sure that they’re
never this encouraged by the fact that the male-dominated domain I know that
because for example my team here just has a lot of real I actually think that
they are very empowering they’re very understanding and they also they’re very
helpful it’s not scary not so scary domain at all I actually enjoy being
part of this domain and I feel like a very welcomed to join so I would love
perfect like for more and more girls younger girls to be joining I would say
take a leap of faith and join computer science it’s one of the most creative
domains you can work for now and we are definitely going to grow both mentally
and intellectually and even select the finest size so I would say that

Part 2 // Radwa the COMPUTER ENGINEER and GOOGLER from Egypt

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