>>Susan Osterhaus: What I’d
like you to do, as we know, this is the Orion TI-84 Plus
Talking Graphing Calculator and I would like for
you to turn it on. And you remember where that
button is,[student turns on calculator] there you go. And did you feel it
vibrate a little bit?>>Tacey: Uh-huh.>>Osterhaus: and it made the
little sound that it’s on. So the first thing that I
would like for you to do is go into the Help button and
press that three times.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Press the
‘2nd’ ‘function’ key three times to enter Help mode. Home Screen.>>Osterhaus: Okay so you’re in
the Help mode now and go ahead and just press a few keys
to show us what it’s doing.>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
Minus symbol. Negative symbol.>>Osterhaus: Okay. So all the Help menu is doing is
telling you what those keys are and if you can’t find something
you can come back later and get into Help mode. So that’s a very, a good thing
to have and it also let you know about what’s happening
above the calculator. Let me explain to people,
from about here, down, all the way down here, that’s
your TI-84 Plus Calculator. And if your TVI says,
‘Do I have to do anything with this part of
the calculator?’. You’re going to say, ‘No,
that my math teacher is going to teach me all of that’. And what your VI
teacher is going to probably need help
with- to give you help with will be what’s above here
which is what we call the Orion. And let’s push a few
of those buttons. And we talked about these are
like Braille cells so we have like dots 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6 on this left side. Go ahead and press each of those
and let’s hear what it says.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Repeat.>>Osterhaus: Okay,
that’s your Repeat. [student presses next button]>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
Volume down.>>Osterhaus: Volume down. Okay.>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
Control Pause.>>Osterhaus: Okay.>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
Preferences. Key enters and exists
Preference Menu.>>Osterhaus: Alright.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Volume up. Shift Mute.>>Osterhaus: Okay so we’re
going to be using some of those keys as we go
through here as well and your VI teacher will
need to know about that to be able to teach you that. I want you to see if
you can find the key that has sine on it. [ Student searching
on calculator ]>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Sine,
press key and then enter value.>>Osterhaus: You’re
too good at this. [laughter] Okay press
it one more time because it’s giving
us instructions.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Sine,
press key and then enter value.>>Osterhaus: So it’s
telling you to press the key and then enter the
value, which is different from the Orion TI-36X
which you’ve been using. [calculator talking
in background] And let’s do X times,
I know I might have to help you with this.>>Tacey: So, wait.>>Osterhaus: X. It’s
the second button.>>Tacey: That. [student presses button]>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
X, equation enabled.>>Osterhaus: And then we’re
going to we have to do, let me see, I don’t know I
don’t think we have to do times. I think we can just, we’ll
find out because we were just on the other calculator. Alright let’s see,
can we find sine? Do you remember where sine is?>>Tacey: Right there?>>Osterhaus: My
gosh you’re good. You’re better than me. Alright, yes, let’s try that. And then we’re going
to put another X in.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: X.>>Osterhaus: You have
a nice light touch. Now if you wanted to you
could close parenthesis but actually the TI-84 Plus is so nice it doesn’t even
make you close parenthesis>>Tacey: Oh, that’s awesome.>>Osterhaus: so it won’t
make you look for it. And if you will press Trace
I think it should be happy, I hope.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Trace. Graph screen. [ Beeping ]>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
Playing the equation line. [Beeping]>>Osterhaus: Boy. [laughter]>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Y one equals X sine open
paren X. Graph style is line.>>Osterhaus: Now, I want it
to be more exciting so go ahead and try, go in and
do Y equals again>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Y equals>>Osterhaus: and do X
times, well just do X sine of X. Let’s see if it’s going
to- if it’ll make a cuter thing.>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
X equation enabled.>>Osterhaus: I think
I have to go back and get all the scatter
plots stuff out of this one.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: X>>Tacey: and then Trace?>>Osterhaus: And then Trace.>>Orion TI-84 Plus: Trace. Graph screen.>>Osterhaus: There we go. [ Beeping ]>>Orion TI-84 Plus:
Playing equation line. [ Beeping ]>>Osterhaus: There it is. [laughter] [ Beeping ]>>Tacey: That’s awesome. [laughter] [calculator talking]>>Osterhaus: So I think
what we, in my rush, okay what I remember, I’m
supposed to go back and get rid of all that extra stuff that
we had in the scatter plots so we can have our pretty
little equation there and I think we’re going to end
it on the X times sine of X but that’s awesome, as she said. [laughter] Okay. Alright.

Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator
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