Nvidia’s r-tx graphics cards provide
remarkable gaming performance but the company doesn’t seem to be satisfied
just yet and has taken a leap forward with the launch of the March rumored
r-tx super desktop graphics card series NVIDIA has unveiled the super variants
for all of its existing r-tx cards which means we get our TX 2060 super RTX 2070
super and our TX 2080 super what does the Super branding mean in terms of
performance well Nvidia says that their new graphics
cards feature a minor uptick in performance as compared to the previous
RT X lineup launched last year to start with our TX 2060 Super is said to offer
a 15% average improvement in frame rates compared to the standard our TX 2060
there’s certain game titles where it can bump up to 22% the much-awaited rearm X
finally has an India launch date yes after teasing its new smartphone launch
earlier this week Reaume has now confirmed that the rearm X round in
India on the 15th of July the launch date was confirmed by rearmed CEO Madhav
chef who took to Twitter and send out a picture of the rearm X spider-man far
from home gift box which recently went official in China with a caption that
read supers cited coming to you on the 15th of July rearm X the Indian Institute of Technology
Madras all right and has released the software development kit SDK for its
Shakti microprocessor opening it up for third party at the development based on
the risk the architecture and funded by the Ministry of Electronics and
information technology Sark T was unveiled last November by a team of
iolite and researchers who said they were already in touch with 13 companies
regarding strategic and commercial applications for the homegrown
microprocessor development of the open source chip was started in 2016 by the
rice group at item as part of a project to release a family of six classes of
processors that they said would be on par with commercially available
solutions in terms of their performance and efficiency according to the
researchers Shakti is aimed at reducing the dependence on imported micro
processors and using indigenously developed computing systems in the
defense sector to eliminate the risks of espionage if you haven’t been living
under a rock you would have heard about the departure of Apple’s design genius
Johnny I from the company last week I’ve is leaving Apple to start his own design
firm which will count the Cupertino giant as its first client this is sudden
for everyone and has sparked a ton of controversy around the reason for ives
departure however the great result of the same as that Tim Cook stepped in to
deny all controversy and tease a bit about Apple’s upcoming projects numerous
reports have since cropped up on the internet talking about how it wasn’t
motivated enough over his final few months at Apple they claimed that Live’s
departure comes as a result of the frustration with Tim Cook’s diminished
interest in the design process and product development along with his
leadership overall

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