yeah you know let me go actually retweet
that we should be by on YouTube it’s funny how like we do that like hello
Twitter and like because we just literally signed on like no one is
probably know that it goes live give them a few seconds but yeah I say that
and then like immediately let me find us on Twitter real quick Dan for some reason you’re a little hard
to hear today yeah I everything is exactly the same pretty much
maybe it’s the morning so I’m not talking as loud and we are live on
Twitter as as well so anytime anytime all right welcome to the Macworld
podcast I’m Roman loyal joining us remotely is staff writer Jason Cross I
just in the studio with Leif Johnson hey and the most important man in the room
Dan Master Alka you can just say and Dan I like to remind people that you are the
most important man in the room because I have a segue for that the reason why
he’s the most important man in the room is because he’s monitoring our Twitter
and YouTube feeds he’s looking out for your comments and questions on today’s
show so if we have something to say about what we’re talking about today
please let us know and Dan will chime in and let us know what you guys are
thinking so today we’re gonna talk about some rumors that came out earlier this
week about Apple products but of course the main news today is that Apple
introduced this morning some new MacBook Pros based on the coffee Lake processor
Intel’s eighth generation Core processor so
after I actually meant to check this before the show how long
how long was it before between refreshes it was over a year I yeah so I want to
say was there was an early 2017 more more than a year ago but not yeah it
hasn’t been 2016 has it no no 2017 yeah it was definitely 2017
but I can’t remember when so yeah I used the last generation yeah so it’s been a
while but Apple has finally released new MacBook Pros and all the windows Coffee
Lake laptops I’m gonna keep calling coffee late cuz 8th gen just doesn’t has
no ring to it yeah they they all released in April yes that’s when so
everybody when those came out and it turns out there it’s great more cores
and they’re faster and all this stuff then everybody goes whoa Apple why
didn’t you why don’t you update yours when everybody else gets this so now’s
the time yes yes it’s Gordon Mong who’s an editor at PC world and he tracks a
lot of laptops for PC world and we always would have I think it would
happen like every other week he would be like where are those coffee like Max and
I’m just kind of like he even wrote an article for us a while ago about what
could happen how would be really cool what Apple comes out with these laptops
so yeah so we’ve been I mean within our staff we’ve been waiting for these
upgrades for people who don’t know coffee lake is the code name of the
processor so there’s not actually a lake of coffee for anything
I don’t yeah I don’t know how they come up I forgot how they come up with yeah
there are these in Washington state or something KB Lake was the one before
that but now I don’t even know if they’re geographically limited to that
right so is it that that’s similar to how Apple of California apart yep yeah
sort of thing yeah yeah so the cool thing about this processor or yeah about
this processor it’s should provide a big boost to
performance now in the past we’ve seen from generation to generation we’ve seen
maybe 10 15 percent boost I don’t know what the jump is this time but it should
be more significant than that simply you know the big change is that there are
more cores that these laptops are using the 15 inch goes from a quad-core 4 core
processor to a 6 core processor and the 13 inch goes from a dual core to a quad
core so it’s doubling the number of cores so in addition to that the Apple
has switched over to ddr4 Ram which is another thing that what last I mentioned
Gordon would always talk about like why are they still using DD ddr3 yeah that’s
crazy yeah and a lot of it it Apple didn’t actually specifically say this
but a lot of it had to do it has to do with power consumption so yeah those are
that’s kind of the two key elements or the key element is the new new processor
in these laptops so Apple actually had a showcase yesterday for members of the
media and in New York to show off these new laptops and I was there yesterday
that’s why we didn’t have a podcast yesterday we usually broadcast out on
Wednesdays mm-hmm but I was in New York taking a look at the new laptops yeah on
Twitter and lanten up with saying they set up an alarm for yesterday and no
podcast yeah but at the same time think about that with apples embargo he was in
New York yesterday he’s here now when he wrote up an hour story about it it’s
crazy yeah sitting in a chair going 500 miles per hour in the air happened yeah
and so the tricky thing more a little bit behind the scenes we were trying to
Apple invited us to this event but they told me was under embargo and but they
didn’t tell me the embargo would left until later so
last week we had no idea when we’re gonna be able to talk about this so
that’s why we just knew we weren’t going to be able to schedule the podcast on
Wednesday and so yeah so we just kind of scheduling-wise it threw a wrench into
how we usually do things also important to say that we were speculating what it
was going to broad like the day before so yeah yeah but you don’t look too bad
all things considered for flying back at the red eye and actually I’m wearing a
suit t-shirt but yeah I was in New York it was friggin hot mm-hmm yes star
Tuesday when I got there it wasn’t as bad on Wednesday but as they say it’s
not the heat it’s the humidity mm-hmm so and we have a question on
Twitter I’m gonna say the name is cherry berry and they’re asking are the older
Mac’s gonna be reduced in price as a result so the way Apple cycles our
products is they take when the new laptops come out they take the old ones
off mmm so the only way you can get the old ones
with the laptops is if you go into the refurb store so you can’t but they don’t
do like a sale of brand new of the previous versions Apple doesn’t do it
that way mmm so the only way you can get it now you might be able to go in I
don’t know if this is true now I’m gonna say it but I don’t know if it’s true you
might be able to go into an Apple store and find a previous model but I don’t
think they slashed a price but give you an idea it’s just like the new iPad it’s
priced similarly to the one the previous year so now you’re seeing all kind of
Nicholas discounts on that from third-party resellers of seller excuse
me and so you’ll probably feel the same thing you see the same thing with
inventory with the the previous MacBooks as well right so if you want to get
eight twenty seventeen MacBook Pro your best bet to get a disc discounted prices
to go to a third-party reseller like Best Buy or somewhere online is Amazon
count as that Amazon probably does care yeah as long as they have it in stock
yeah right yeah we should mention since you’re looking at deals and prices that
Apple is also starting their back-to-school sale well that’s true
which if you’re a student a college student or something like that then you
can get there’s a there’s discounts on a bunch of different Apple gear including
the Mac books and you get a pair of Beats headphones stuff like that there’s
there’s we’ve have details on the site any minute now or there’s a story with
some details on there back-to-school sale so that’s kicking off as well for
students and these new MacBooks are gonna be part of the back-to-school the
new MacBook Pros yeah so that’s one way you can you can do that so wait this is
this is different from the normal educational discount correct it’s for
students only but it is a special sale where they give you a pair of Beats
headphones and there’s the discounts are different than their regular everyday
educational discount it’s in my opinion it’s not as good as it used to be no is
no absolutely not right yeah used to be this year’s sale is a little better than
it usually is yeah you get let’s see I have the info right here because we just
published the article so the infos up on mackeral calm but if MacBook Pros
MacBooks Michael airs IMAX you get a get to choose from a pair of Beats solo
threes which are $300 headphones power beats Wireless or beats X headphones and
you get their typical back-to-school promotion
and let’s see and if you buy an iPad pro you get a free pair of power beats
through wireless or beats X so those are all better and more expensive Beats
headphones than they’ve ever done years before it’s you know you can get a
couple hundred dollar worth of pair of Beats headphones alright on Twitter some
coral says upgrading max every cycle gets to be pretty expensive better specs
and I know that like from the video side Kors oftentimes do really matter as far
as improvements especially you know in like After Effects or si premiere After
Effects is a little bit more graphics card intensive I think ads use it a lot
too so have what’s your impression on the improvements people are gonna see
Apple made the blanket generic statement that with the 15-inch MacBook Pro you
could see up to 70 times better performance now of course seventy
percent seventy I think in the 70s now yeah yeah now of course that all depends
on what you’re doing you may not you know it all depends on what you’re doing
and what kind of task you’re performing and things like that you know windows
you may not notice like for instance windows opening any faster or anything
like that but if you’re like rendering or something like that development running VP VP is running
virtual environments for development and testing stuff like that those are all
gonna be much much faster if you’re just surfing the web mm-hmm you know it’s
that not CPU bottleneck I don’t think you need a Mac Pro I mean yeah yeah
Jason actually wrote a whole article of what you could expect in terms of
performance boos yes I looked at the the the benchmarks of stuff we did or we
meaning IDG that PC world did back in April looking at the
person of the coffee lake chips to the previous generation the cabling chips
and also just looking at the clock speeds that Apple is saying to kind of
back my way into a which exact model chip is that because they never say it’s
not until people get the laptops in their heads hands that we start to
figure out exactly which model of chip is it yeah and on the 15-inch MacBook
Pro what you’re getting is you’re getting two more cores and on tasks that
use eleven or twelve threads like things like video rendering WinRAR is good at
that that kind of stuff you you get up to fifty percent faster performance and
eat but even on low cork out one into three thread things which happens all
the time you’re looking at 15 to 20 percent
faster that’s because the boost clocks are higher and there’s more cash so
that’s that’s a big win that’s not oh it’s just more cores it’s gonna be
faster in everything and you’re gonna see an even better uplift in the 13-inch
model cuz it’s double the core it’s it’s going from 2 to 2 to 4 cores and they’re
all hyper threaded every all these are hyper threading so 8 threads and there
are far more apps that use more than 4 threads like for 2 in the 4 to 8 thread
range then there are that use like 12 threads so you’re more often you’re
gonna fully utilize that chip you’re gonna see that big performance jump and
the clock and there to the boost clocks are higher there’s more cash yeah
what’s not that different is the the the GPU that is in the 13 inch models they
have they use intel’s integrated GPU that version is in in coffee lake is not
really different than kb lake at all it has a tiny tiny little bit higher clock
speed but the main difference is has doubled the embedded dram and that will
help on really high resolutions but other than that it’s you’re not gonna
see a big beast and graphics performance yeah
on the 15 inch models all of those let laptops always come with a discrete GPU
and it’s been a Radeon 555 Radeon Pro 555
how is that changing during the perixx yeah so the 555 can be like once it was
a 555 and you can upgrade to like a 560 or something it’s still now it’s 555 X
which is pretty much the same thing only the only difference and this is is kind
of important is that the base model used to be 2 gigs of RAM of graphics Ram now
that they’re all 4 gigs so you don’t there is no low-end 2 gigs of graphics
RAM model and that’s good because on those high res 15 inch screens 2 gigs is
not cutting it it’s first you need to try and run something it like even at
1080p like running a game or something at 1080p 2 gigs is not not good these
days so you don’t have to pay for that upgrade to get that before gig memory
card now 4 gig graphics sorry it’s early but otherwise just like flat-out
performance wise other than those little tweaks graphics aren’t gonna get the bat
that big boost that you’re seeing in the CPU side yeah definitely alright on
YouTube Lucky Strike is asking have you covered anything about MacBooks or and
what processes processors will they have and I’m trying to find the name but uh
like Jerry Jerry Anne on Twitter ass if there was anything on desktop there and
I’m gonna ask two questions I think audience might have and that is you know
one does it look any different you know physically built and you don’t know
anything about prices so okay the first thing it’s only MacBook Pros nothing
else has been upgraded no MacBook Air no MacBook no desktops no IMAX yeah right
now just that go pros there are some rumors that we’ll get to in a bit but
yeah this was only MacBook Pros as official information yes as official
information only but pros easy when I could get all the
way 13-inch currently would start at $17.99 the 15-inch would start at 2003 the prices are the same as before their
Oh another clef clarification there is the 13-inch without the touch bar that
remains the same mm-hmm so that hasn’t changed at all
oh so they’re not touching Ellen at all here without the touch bar but yeah the
one without the touch bar the only one that has changed is the one with the
touch bar so the prices and the prices are still the same $12.99 $14.99 $17.99
$19.99 for the 13 insurers and $23.99 and $27.99 for the one little last
technical thing that reminded me of is they used to max out at 16 gigs of ram
you can get 32 now if you want to pay to upgrade your RAM when you when you buy
the thing so if you happen to work on like a lot of 4k video or something that
really is RAM hungry you can get up to 32 down so uh if you were to I don’t
know if you guys if it’s available on the store yet but what is the max like a
fully maxed out a laptop gonna cost you I think they are available right yeah if
you spec it out I haven’t SPECT it out yet
I’ll look it up while you answer the other questions I can’t you bring up
those storage so like 4 terabytes now yes on the that’s crazy on the 15-inch
MacBook Pro you can go up to a 4 terabyte SSD on the 13 inch it’s a 2
terabyte SSD but they’re not they don’t have anything like nvme I’ve got two
drives right in there is it it’s just like a normal solid state they actually
have very special I actually think it is an Emmy based Amex tell you on there but
it’s apples storage is way fast and it has been for a few years they’ve been
way in a lead on storage performance yeah I think it is and
and the Emmy here’s the precursor price for a maxed out maxed out 15-inch
MacBook Pro that is the that’s the core i9 they they have that special core on
ice and 32 gigs of ram and 4 gig SSD note with no edit software not adding in
like Final Cut or anything like that is 66 99 all right Apple if you’re if
you’re listening I can use one of those just saying just saying
another important thing since that’s been in the news a lot lately is that it
apparently has a quieter keyboard but there was oh yeah there was no reference
to Apple improving it but there may have been some kind of you know they’re
trying to avoid talking about that too much but obviously if it’s quieter
they’ve done something to its own to improve it and whether or not it’s more
reliable or not that’s anybody’s guess and but if I heard me on this podcast
before we’re talking about how some of the other people in the office here say
that me typing on my macbook pro is really loud so having a quieter keyboard
would be really it can’t be louder than a mechanical I mean it’s technically a
mechanical keyboard say the father father some more but I imagine that’s
just Apple hey from the PC world go it’s frequency click yeah that’s the thing
there’s like a like a deeper bass or a boom it’s like a thump where’s you know
that the click enos of of a mechanical keyboard there’s something almost like
joyous about it why is we like prancing horses or something like that but
there’s some prancing horses I wonder if it’s a lot to do with the bottoming out
because takeno on a regular you know mechanical keyboard you’re probably
starting to let go after after you feel the click but obviously because it’s
there’s a little movement in the MacBook Pro that you’re just like it’s just
hitting the very end like you know it’s not you can tell from the field
it’s not just bottoming out there’s a there’s something in the mechanism that
clicks I think they must have softened whatever whatever that is it makes that
happen they called a third-generation butterfly keyboard it’s still the
butterfly it’s not the old longer throw there else short throw compared to a
desktop keyboard but yeah and an Apple was saying at the event that you can’t
take any photos or video right so at the showcase I’ve been asked to call it a
showcase showcase at the showcase they did not allow us to take video or photos
but could you have recorded audio did anyone like lit like record the sound of
the click enos so I when I tried the keyboard at the event everything was the
the the venue so they have this loft studio yeah in New York that I have
these events and it’s kind of echoey mm-hmm so I couldn’t tell so it was hard
to tell what the sound was like it was probably out and crowded too huh it
actually wasn’t but it’s it’s it’s like a very wide open space with high
ceilings uh-huh so Sam kind of travels everywhere you know it’s free to you
know it’s it was so was hard to kind of like see I just couldn’t tell I was
really too difficult for me to tell if it was louder or not and also because
maybe it would have helped if I had another older laptop and do a comparison
I don’t know I think maybe they just the room didn’t know it didn’t work with the
room so I would have imagined that a recording wouldn’t be able to deliver
maybe if we get if we get the review units in time for next week’s podcast or
whenever we do a podcast and it’s going to have that meetings then we can
actually like do it on the podcast yeah you know see if they can hear the
difference with those mics matter of fact that was gonna ask room and when we
get a review you like maybe soon I don’t know if I’m right can’t work over there
you know we’ll just do a quick video up there and I’ll throw it on micro YouTube
channel yeah so we hope to get one in soon I
no they haven’t given me a date so I know they’re for sale but does it say
when they start one that wonder if you get it yeah when I shift when you go to
buy it gives you an idea of what the availability is and it says if you order
today it delivers June 16th of June 18th so you have to wait like five July or
July yeah that’s pretty soon so Apple does that a lot
or they drop it right after so I have a question just kind of about the whole
kind of event since you were talking about it like D is it weird that this is
now kind of like two events sort of in a row ish you know are they do you think
they’re gonna do more events like secretly or slight showcases secretly
you know versus you know these big official you know press announcements
what’s up with that so I was thinking about that because well so behind the
scenes for people we were when we were invited to this showcase we were trying
to figure out what it would be because we were like could it just be MacBook
Pros and they’re just that’s all they’re doing in there and I have to fly out to
New York to go see and that was me I was like they’re not gonna fly you to New
York for a MacBook Pro Cupertino is but as it turns out a lot of tech media is
located on the East Coast so which seems kind of odd because everything happens
here on the west coast in terms of tech but you know the big sites a lot of them
have headquarters on the East Coast so that’s one reason another reason that I
made up it totally made up in my head is that Apple PR has a huge budget and
looks for excuses to to go to places that they like to go by New York why not
do Hawaii somebody’s way nicer so but but then again you know I know that a
lot of Apple people who are there they tend to leave right after David they’re
not sticking around I mean they have to be there through the weekend probably
son up and stuff because when you go to the
event they have all their were home pods there they set out to venues I don’t
think that there’s necessarily gonna be a change into how Apple announces
products I think this is this is kind of what they do is where when it’s a really
new product a really major generational leap or something like that then it’s on
stage somewhere it’s at WWDC it’s at the September event they have sometimes
spring events or an October event you know like a media event October and
those are the big ones that get streamed out and there’s a big audience and
everything and then when they have little products like little refreshes
like this that are just like it’s mostly just a CPU upgrade turrets and MacBooks
that not a design refresher or any brand-new amazing technology then they
you know in invite press and small groups to check it out under embargo
under a really tight shortened Margo and they ship them right away like that so I
think that’s gonna keep keep happening another thing is you have the when you
have the big events kinda like Jason was talking about is that you have the you
know really cool invitations that other journalists like to share on Twitter and
everything and they have clues inside the invitations and everything there was
none of that here it was basic training email yeah yeah I could have seen that
this feels like it’s at least to me a pretty significant upgrade especially on
the improvement side that I could have easily seen them have maybe make an
announcement at WWDC the same and we’re bringing six cores you know to the
laptops and it won’t be available till you know July yeah you know these this
upgrade it is perfectly targeted at that WWDC audience yes so I don’t I don’t
know if it was a decision in terms of like trying to spread the news out like
they wanted to you know there was a lot of talk before WWDC that they wanted to
focus on software mm-hmm so I don’t know if that was I don’t know if this
decision was to kind of stick to that program if they wanted to just spread
the cycle out a little bit more maybe both me I don’t know if it has to do
with production and ramping up so that product is available
we don’t know but I mean it could be all those things or it could have just been
yeah we’ll do it in July besides the processor and the quite or
keyboard we should mention there’s two other significant upgrades or changes
one is that there is that significant what’s that use that significant am I
not allowed to say significantly you’re saying it was just a CPU upgrade say
what you know like double double the max RAM is not that significant but true
tone display witness I mean seen in the iPads and the iphone 8 and 10 these is
the first Mac with a true tone display and it has the t2 processor in it which
the iMac pro does and it does all the same stuff it does in the iMac pro it so
it’s secure boot and it’s the secure Enclave for your touch ID it does the
audio processing it’s the it’s the audio codec and it has the image processor
that does that manages all the images from the FaceTime camera so you should
get better FaceTime quality which is a real issue because that camera stinks
right I haven’t upgraded that camera a webcam it’s so old generation tech but
at least the video processing should be better enough to give you better image
quality and they looked at that and I Mac Pro and there really is a market
difference so so that and it and it also offloads the disk encryption to the
teeth it does on the island so those things should help speed up things also
just a tiny bit and I think we’re gonna see this in Mac’s going forward they’re
gonna stick those TT marks maybe next generation t threes and stuff like that
are gonna be in future max I think does this is the way they go yeah it’s kind
of a way to kind of get a little more performance out of the main CPU so it
doesn’t have to deal with this overhead the specific security boost to like have
this thing that they control this processor be the first thing that has to
happen before you can boot up the machine you know it’s so like to level
before you machine will even post in in Windows terms before it’ll post the
highest it gets that this thing has to authenticate and then being able to
control that gives them a lot of you know it helps the security if there’s a
security problem apples and control of it on YouTube you’ll is asking if you if
there were anything was there anything new to the touch bar and quarrel and I
have kind of a similar question about the camera I guess what’s what’s
preventing them from updating and are you surprised at all that they’re not
bringing like you know face ID at all so the touch bar is also supports true to
them which seems kind of odd to me but maybe not it doesn’t sound like you know
on the surface it can what but I guess in use you know maybe they’ll make more
sense if that’s the price remains the same with all the yeah classify that
under whatevs yeah for people who actually use the touch bar they might
notice it but yeah so another thing about the t2 is that it now has support
for hey Siri mm-hmm that’s right so you can so if you want to use Siri while
you’re using your new MacBook Pro you can say here’s a Syrian the Siri
interface can you say yo Siri sure if they said like because that’s activated
at the end of the commercial they’re like okay they’re like okay Durant like
well it’s like we’ll make that for you I was like does that mean yo seriously
does work or you know is that just the joke they should totally make that this
shit yeah oh what’d be cool as if it only worked for Kevin Durant but yeah so
there’s that camera the camera um oh I’m only guessing that there’s
something maybe in terms of like they just can’t get the size down hmm I could
think of there’s Windows laptops with a lid as thin as a MacBook Pro
that have much much better cameras so I I don’t know what that is they can fit
in a phone they could fit it in the riot no the phones much thicker than that top
yet choose I have a lid as far as but then again there’s some stuff behind the
candle at the phone – so who knows as far as face ID I’m a little surprised
they’re not I think maybe that’s coming in the when there’s a big design refresh
of the MacBook I would not be at all surprised if they put the it’s not a
face on you module it’s a true death the true depth module module from from an
iPhone just stick it up there hopefully without a notch I was gonna say we don’t
really need a notch on the laptop but but Mike zombies mike symon would love
it he’d be like oh that’s great I love that much but think if they could put
that in there because you know using stuff like Windows hello on PCs to log
in with your face that’s great you’re always looking right at it anyways
because you’re opening up your laptop and it’s looking right at you so yes
yeah so I could see that you know maybe like in a future t3 yeah and then
incorporating that the whole true def camera so maybe next year so that sounds
about right yeah so oh there was a question earlier
about Mac desktops yeah so there was nothing announced in terms of Mac
desktop stir in a not really related but kind of related Apple or black magic was
there at this showcase and they announced a new EGP you mm-hmm
so it’s external graphics processing yeah I mean how different is that
compared to what a life has been looking at the biggest difference is that this
is an integrated graphics card so you’re see I thought they give you it’s it’s a
fixed card in a in a unit so you can’t you can’t upgrade the card later and
it’s like a Radeon 580 yeah yeah it’s already on 580 it’s $6.99 it’s
so so did they announce anything about you know additional compatibility like
it’s adding you know that you can use it to render and do a lot more because I
feel like when leaf was testing it out it wasn’t doing it was just basically
powering an extra monitor but can you do a lot more with it now so or did they
not talk about that they did so the people who were the people that they had
demoing they had one they had one person who has this this one doctor who does
biological 3d animations and she does a project called molecular molecular
flipbook which is an open-source app and she makes these animations and she has
used the the EGP for that okay there was less and less do more now I think it
does do more yeah get the photo you still need an external monitor though
yes so that’s not doing rendering this is actress green I’m confused
it’s I don’t think it actually is technically capable of doing more stuff
than it ever has before it’s it’s a it’s a matter of when apps update tell you
guys to support the e GPU writes its app update issues anything that uses metal
or probably even OpenGL can use it it’s just that if you want to use an e GPU
you have to plug your monitor into that e GPU yeah you can’t use the e GPU with
the monitor plugged into with the display on your laptop or plugging in
something right yeah you have to use an external the so this particular product
is actually kind of geared towards Apple users so it works with the reason why I
brought it up in the desktop Mac stuff is that it works with Thunderbolt three
Matt okay so you can use it on an iMac Pro any Mac that has Thunderbolt 3 and
you have to run high sierra because high sierra has the built-in support for the
EGP is yeah so it’s a it also has some additional connectivity ports
so it has to Thunderbolt three ports four USB 3 ports and an HDMI 30 HDMI to
Jeff now bluntly I’m actually not that impressed by this you know you can get
better performance with a better card with some of the GPUs I was playing with
this would be respected but this is seen geared towards Apple users I’m not
trying to be cynical here but it really does seem like it’s people who really I
just needed a more powerful graphics card here’s one I don’t have to put
anything in it I don’t have to do any customization I just have to plug it in
and I’m like yeah and it’s not even that powerful in my opinion but it would be
nice if there was a more powerful GPU in there but I don’t think that’s a bad
price $6.99 it’s the enclosure and the car and the
car which isn’t bad and it’s for like you said for an additional Thunderbolt
in USB ports which some of these EGP things aren’t doing enclosures aren’t
doing so you know if you’re some people are intimidated by having art what card
do I buy how do i you know if that’s your and it’s a little smaller it seems
like a little more compact so it seems like if you’re the kind of person is
that intimidated by these things it’s you’re not paying a big surcharge to
plug this in and you’re not losing Porsche gaining a bunch of ports so I
haven’t seen it in person but it also looks like it has more vertical design
than horizontal usually when you see them yeah it’s a it’s kind of like the
Mac Pro almost and that type of form factor it’s more up and down so I would
have I would like to see them do a Vega version of this you know just the Radeon
Pro 580 but for what it is it seems like it’s it’s not a bad price and it’s not a
bad design so so just to kind of wrap up Apple’s announcements apple also release
some new leather sleeves for the MacBook Pro yeah they only used to be for the
MacBook before right the the 12-inch boots will not hair not pro MacBook and
now they make sleeves for the program yay Wow yay for lettuce leaves I want to see you
with a leather sleeve like you know like the basketball players wear just walk
around the office with a leather sling yeah yeah so we hope to get one in
sooner than later and we’ll do a full review but if you
want more details on the new laptops on the Blackmagic EGP you on the leather
sleeves on the potential performance boost that you can get check out our
website we’ve got articles up on all of that and we’ll be waiting for we’ve unit
and hoping to have a little more on that coming soon yeah but unofficially what
about the unofficial news so yeah so that’s all for all the official news but
there was a lot of unofficial news that also came out yesterday starting with a
potential Mac Mini we should mention that all these things all these new
rumors are from a new report from ming ching kuo cool art who i forget where he
works now but he released a new report and it’s got a whole bunch of here’s
what I expect from Apple and he’s unusually accurate yeah he’s really
dialed into the supply chain and that’s where he’s kind of getting the sources
for these rumors so some of this stuff is stuff we heard before and there’s a
bunch of new stuff too so were there any did he I admit I I’m kind
of behind on the rumors you were flying a lot was an airplane without any Wi-Fi
that’s that sucks no Wi-Fi had no headphones but whether it did he release
any specs on potential specs for the Mac Mini did did he talk about I mean it was
just basically that there was gonna be Union you know that’s gonna obviously it
helps like a new chip in it and stuff like that but it’s but nothing specific
I mean just said there will be an upgraded Mac Mini and that could be a
whole new design be you we don’t know I mean even if it
looks exactly the same that’s that’s pretty big since it hasn’t been updated
into what five years it’s gonna be more many four I think this is the most
recent yeah okay yeah I think it’s forever in in tech terms especially when
we have the PC what are they called again nothing you yeah yeah yeah new new
uni computing is that right yeah yeah that are really small you know this is
gonna be really many I go compute stick like its I could see them to compute
stick with one Thunderbolt 3 port everything new the the latest size for
the Mac meaning because it’s gone through a couple sizes over the years
yeah isn’t that big really it just needs to be dramatically more powerful for our
size and you know it would be cool if you know it was a coffee like based Mac
Mini that was pretty cool this is core Mac Mini yeah maybe that’s why they’re
waiting yeah I mean even the four course that would be great you know and more
RAM better RAM all that stuff so yeah that’s the rumor is just there’s they’ll
be an upgrade this year that was and that’s really all yeah yeah just Apple
tends to use mobile processors in the Mac maybe because of the small form
factor and the cooling and stuff like that so that’s why I would say in a
coffee like the laptop processors would be kind of cool definitely so more
rumors that came out yesterday they were there was also some Apple and Apple
watch rumors live can you enlighten us on what the Apple watch Jason you
actually know that dance move yeah so that basically what it is is the
just larger displays yes and which we heard before but now there’s supposedly
sizes so I think it’s Oh how many inches I think it’s going
the small version would go up to 1 5 7 and 1.25 7 inches and which is almost 40
millimeters and a large one would go up to 1.7 8 which is about 45 millimeters
that’s diagonal measurement it’s assumed that there’s no change the form factor
and or the aspect ratio or anything so it’s just the assumption is they don’t
want to change the case except for maybe a slight bit of thickness because they
want all the bands to still work right so they’re just there’s quite a bit of
bezel around the screen in a current Apple watch and they’re thinking they’re
gonna be able to slim that bezel and give you a bigger face which is great I
have to admit I was looking I didn’t even realized that there was that much
dark space or on the OLED so the black parts blend right in are so black they
blend right in which is great the other rumours and these are things that he
said before but he just reiterated they expects there to be better battery life
either through a larger battery or just more efficient processor both or
whatever and a more efficient health sensor or better health centers which
would be maybe a better heart rate sensor maybe there’s something else
there adding instead so better health monitoring it would be great if there
was a heart rate monitor that was always on efficient enough to kind of be always
on that would be good yep so when did when did the series 3 come
out that was less fairly recently yes nice fall with him together with the
iPhone for the holidays so yeah so that’s coming up pretty soon then mm-hmm
it feels like that though that series 3 just came out yeah they’ve been yeah
they’ve been on a yearly cadence with yeah they announced the first one really
long before it launched its initial onstage announcement but since then it’s
been announced in September with the iPhones and shipping together with the
iPhones basically in the fall so it seems like they’re gonna be on that same
same cadence there and you and Cora on YouTube
is the same 15% increase in screen real estate yeah that’s yeah the math works
out to 15% that’s me yeah about 15% more area yeah imagine it almost going to the
edge and you have an idea of what it what it is because currently it’s
currently just like on that the square edge of it
excuse me of rectangular but it’s yeah when you said you it would it would take
up more and now it would allow you know I think better force touch work in there
that could work as well I think it would it would be nice especially don’t change
it because right now as it is I think it’s as big as I want it I have the
bigger 42 ability or what but not any thinner no rumors we don’t know there’s
there’s no yeah I think for me that’s that’s what it’s gonna take
because I felt like the one that’s now and even though a lot of watches they’re
just too thick that’s kind of annoying like if you could people can watch
that’s like I have a very thin profile watch but it’s you know it’s just
literally just the time it’s funny it barely ever bothers me but it bothers me
when I’m writing I just can’t imagine happens a lot and so yeah
I’m with you Dan in that like I have thin wrists I always have to wear very
thin low profile watch and I’m bothered by large watches and heavy watches and
and almost every men’s watches like ridiculously big on me and annoying I’m
not annoyed by the Apple watch at all and I have had the large one havin 42 I
think the shape of the back the very how rounded it is and the little bulge of
the the heart rate monitor and stuff like that kind of makes it feel like
it’s not as hefty as it is the points of contact aren’t aren’t as much so
compared to any other watch its size I find it way more comfortable and I’m
surprised by that like me too I was expecting myself to hate to Apple watch
you know basically got it for work I’ll be honest with you and it has gotten
especially at the sport band I’ve gotten to the point where I barely notice it
only when I’m typing and that weight on my left hand is you know kind of
interfering but it’s a very sensitive that that type of things so other than
that I probably won’t even notice it I don’t
yeah I’m not a fan of watches I didn’t wear one before the Apple watch and I
wear it only because of work so I feel like I should know about the Apple watch
I actually loaned my watch to elena yi at PC world because she was doing a
review of a different device and she wanted to compare it to the Apple watch
and she had my up I’ll watch for over a week and I didn’t even notice I’m just
not a big watch person so I have to admit there’s been a couple of times
when I’ve accidentally lifted at home it’s only been like twice or something
and I believe it or not I miss it so I’m a little different than that s and the
thing is I have very minimal notifications so when something actually
comes in it’s pretty important so that’s one of the reasons I miss it yeah yeah
yeah I’m the same way I really I really managed my notifications down I do it on
my phone but on my watch even more so I really restrict it to if
my life watch buzzes it’s something I need to pay attention to right now and
it happens several times a day and I always look at it and I’m always glad I
have it there can just ignore it because I don’t need to pick up my phone right
now you know yeah so another rumor that or another
speculative point that connection quo put out was new iPads one that I thought
was interesting in 11 inch model mm-hmm so Apple currently has a 10-inch ten and
a half inch model at a 12 point 9 inch models so that well the ten and a half
inch one we replaced by the 11 inch model so this is iPad pro iPad pro Quran
he didn’t mention anything about we just got an upgrade to the regular iPad and I
don’t think there’s another one coming this year yeah no way
and that these iPad pros would have faced ID to me that’s not even a
question I think that’s almost a given at this point yeah it would be really
weird if they shipped new iPad pros with touch ID the question is whether they’ll
have a notch right to me what what I’m I’m wondering and they have to make face
ID work at any orientation are solvable problem but they haven’t done it on
yet so yeah yeah that’s interesting it seems to me like if you took a ten and a
half inch iPad and you just made exist a puzzle banded the screen into the bezels
a little bit that’d be 11 right yeah they have to change the size of the app
it does it yeah it’s still the same physical size it’s just that the bezel
around it is reduced so you think you’ll be able to fit the same cases even other
big thing yeah because I got the screen or factor into that day right the
display the cutouts for screens would be yeah yeah wouldn’t someone would
physically fit but then you would have stuff cut off right yeah right so the
end and the possible processor net is a 11x what he said he didn’t say and and
the timing of it makes it weird because he he reiterated the stuff about the
iPhones there’s gonna be three sizes is all the stuff we we’ve talked about a
few times and you expect it to be an 8 12 in other years the the iPad pros the
last two versions of iPad pros have come out significantly before the iPhones so
they always have the last year’s a processor with an X they burn you know
they have an 810 X and then three four or five months later iPhone comes out
it’s got the a 11 a 9 X you know what is different this time is it’s just like it
was in 2016 I want to say or maybe it was 15 where they did announce the iPad
the new iPads together with the iPhones and when they came out that year the
iPhone had I believe it’s the a9 or is the 8 was the a 9 and then the iPads had
an a 9 X so it could be just by based on timing the iPhones will have an 8 12
iPads will have an 8 12 X be a little weird if you had an 8 12 over here that
was faster than the a 11 you had an a 11x that’s also faster than an a 11
but in maybe in different ways or something so
just to keep the iPads from ever possibly being any slower than the
iPhones yeah it would be in a 12x the question is did they plan it takes years
to design CPUs and stuff today plan it this way to have the a 12x ready in time
for this all right which means there were there would be no
iPads that never had in a 11x right right so it’s gonna be a busy fall yes
yeah do you think they’re gonna break this up into two events for all this or
was this you think I mean obviously these are just rumors but if these were
all true would this be to events or one of them I say it depends on if they have
a one more thing if they’re having a big product that we don’t know anything
about I think that would force break up into two different events but if it’s
all these together I think it’s possible they could do it in one yeah September
events typically have iPhones and or iPads they could put those together but
if they were gonna introduce a Mac Mini there’s also one of the rumors was
there’s a new the processor should get upgraded in the MacBook but there’s also
some new low-priced notebook people are talking about it
like it’s their MacBook Air or a replacement for the MacBook Air or
something like that but something that come in under a thousand dollars would
it be you know if they’re doing that Anna Mac Mini and a processor upgrade
for the MacBook that sounds like that’s a lot to do in a one more thing right
it’d be a very big September event sometimes they also have an October
events right yeah that’ll happen there’s also supposed to be upgrades to
the iMac according to Co where I would expect first of all that they get the
coffee like processors but there’s also he says a significant display
performance upgrade was the wording I don’t know what that would mean it’s
already a great display it’s already a DCI p3 color game at 5k display so there
what’s left is HDR and either a high refresh rate variable refresh rate
something like that so that doesn’t be great to see in an
iMac so do you think rumors are worth basing purchasing like hold off on
depends on who they come from but III don’t think so yeah I think because the
product cycles are so long and they’re I can’t think of one time when there was a
new product in you I was like yo you you app so that’s an absolute must-have
feature that you’re gonna have to wait for it
you know you can I think a lot of times you can live without it I mean so maybe
in the case of the new MacBook Pros you know if if you were hitting a
performance ceiling then you know if you were video producer or someone who works
with a lot of data you know maybe then that’s but it’s hard to tell because you
don’t know one day you know there’s no there’s no way to predict when Apple’s
gonna produce come out with these prongs yeah they’re the product cycles that we
know about all the time I think regardless of what the rumors are the
product cycles worth holding off on like you knows I phones are in September so
rumors there or not don’t go buy a new iPhone in late August
yeah or a new Apple watch if you want the latest and greatest Apple watch
because you can assume from years of repetition here that it’s gonna be in
September right and you’re gonna feel real bad if your thing at one upped a
month later right but that really doesn’t have anything to do with what
the rumors are about them yes most of and even if you don’t really want the
latest and greatest in terms of the iPhone waiting is always smart because
when Apple Apple does what the iPhone unlike the other products is they use
the older generation and they reduced the price of it they still make it
available mm-hmm so like for instance you can still get an iPhone 6s it’s an
it’s cheaper you know it’s it’s it’s apples trying to provide more affordable
options so with the iPhone yeah there is an advantage to waiting
when you’re in in September and you’re thinking about getting a new phone there
is an advantage to waiting but when it comes to the other Mac product Apple
products Macs in particular it’s yeah the cycle just so erratic necks and
iPads kind of have a little bit of an erratic cycle yeah you never really know
yeah I mean as a point to that we’ve been hearing about these new iPad pros
since the beginning of the year yeah and we thought they were coming this spring
and then we thought they were coming at WWDC and how we’re assuming that they’re
probably gonna come in the September launch we just hear before the end of
the year so if you heard about him in the beginning of the year and you
thought oh I’m gonna hold off cuz they’re coming this spring I’ll get my
iPad pro the spring you’d still be waiting with nothing like that bro all
right so unless there’s any other rumors that we haven’t talked about what what’s
what’s since we have a lot of stuff going on next week what’s what what do
you think was gonna happen as far as podcast goes oh that’s right I
don’t think we can have one next week next week meetings so our next podcast
where we have company we have we have stuff helping in the company that will
prevent us from podcasting next week so it might have to wait until the week
after so the week of July July 23rd yeah yeah it looks like that’s what’s gonna
have to happen yeah no podcast next week yeah but news
on the website so you can always get your fix you can they can follow these
guys on Twitter and and they’ll say there’s if we get the new MacBook a new
MacBook Pros in time and we do something like a one-off hands-on video or
something like that yeah that’s right the from the new will warn
you guys yeah we’ll let you know ahead of time when and where it’s gonna be
yeah we have some work company work commitments that are happening next week
so but if we happen to get the new MacBook Pro before that we’ll do some
yeah we’ll do some stuff I’m hoping to do an unboxing but oh yeah if we get it
we’ll do it advice yes sir and we’ll do it live it’s gonna be on a kind of short
notice kind of thing so hopefully but hopefully it’ll happen within the next
few couple days or so so yeah stay stay subscribed and follow
us yeah subscribe so again no podcast next week we’ll come back the week of
the 23rd most likely Wednesday but keep an eye on the website well
we’ll post one we’ll be broadcasting next so a lot of stuff to look forward
to this it’s like to think Jason cross thanks Jason
thank you so instead I like to think life hey thanks thanks dad
yep I’d like to thank you the people watching again keep an eye on our
website for our next broadcast thanks for joining us ciao

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3 thoughts on “New MacBook Pro, Apple product rumors | Macworld Podcast Ep. 613

  • July 12, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    $2799 for 15" 8th gen i7 with 32G and 555X? Thats just too expensive,

  • July 14, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    I think the world is slowly moving towards thicker and larger watches….all of my watches are thick and chunky

  • July 19, 2018 at 6:38 am

    The student discounts are terrible aren’t they. Here in Australia they are even worse! My son went to pick up a new Pro from an authorised seller who was offering 10% discount. As he is about to start Uni next week (hence he needs the laptop) he asked them if they could apply the student discount. He was told he could have one or other discount but not both. Given the student discount was only 6% in his case (apparently it differs by uni/shop/product/student/day of the week potentially who knows) he obviously went with the shop discount of 10%. I think it’s incredibly unfair that a student is penalised and unable to access the shop sale and also their student discount. Both are applicable to me. I am also in the market for a new Apple MacBook (my 3rd). Our home has bought so many products over the years. I almost feel like cutting my nose off to spite my face and going back to Windows simply because Apple wouldn’t offer me any discount for buying the Pros last week. I called to see if they would give a bundle discount if I’d gone in to get my sons and mine together. We have top end iMacs and Pros, Apple TV, mobiles galore, have owned and bought countless iPods, 4 iPads, the list goes on and there is zero customer loyalty scheme for people like me. Talk about a sour taste in my mouth right now 🤷🏻‍♀️


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