Hi this is Luc from Seoul Cycle.com and today
we are bringing you a short introductory video on how to use naver maps. Naver Maps is the
Korean version of Google Maps. But Naver maps is a lot more detailed for bicycle routes
and other search functions for things in Korea. Naver maps is currently only available in
Korean. But don’t worry, we will go through this step by step and you’ll be able to use
Naver Maps with ease in no time. To start off, let’s open a new window. And
in the address bar, type in maps.naver.com And again this is maps.naver.com and press
enter. This will bring you to the maps section on
Naver.com And if you zoom out a little bit, you’re going
to be able to see the Han river which flows through the middle of Seoul. But what we don’t
see are the bicycle paths as of yet. What we need to do is to activate the bicycle
function. If you look here on the top right of your screen, you will see the English letters
CCTV. That is not the tab that we need, but we need the tab to the right of this. Which you’ll see a Korean word that says Jajunguh
(자전거) And Jajunguh (자전거) is the Korean word
for Bicycle. Once you click on this tab, the square will become blue and that will show
you that you have properly activated the bicycle function. Let’s go ahead and click on that. And then
BOOM. All of the trails will appear on the actual map. Let’s zoom out a little bit. And you’ll see
all of the trails all across Seoul. And if you scroll out a bit more, and scroll from
side to side, you are going to be able to see all of the trails that go all across Korea. The trails that go down to Busan, the Chuncheon
trail, and also the East Coast Trail, and also the Jeju Island trails. Later on, go
ahead and play around with this. Scroll all around Korea and you are going to be able
to see all of the trails around the country. But for now, let’s zoom in on Seoul. When
we zoom it, it will show more details. You’re going to see that there are 3 different colors
of bike paths. The first one is the red path, the second
one is the blue one and the third one is the purple path. The red paths are actually dedicated bicycle
paths. But this being Korea, there are multi shared with people who are walking, people
on skate board and push scooters. Always be careful when riding your bike anywhere in
Korea because you might get cut off anytime. Always be aware of your surroundings and ride
safely. The second color is the blue route. The blue
routes are paths that are shared with cars on the streets or they can also be shared
with pedestrians walking; through a park or on a sidewalk. The purple paths is a Naver recommendation
that brings you to 2 different places in Korea. The first place brings you to the East Coast
and the other trail brings you to Imjingak station. I personally don’t like the purple
paths because I find they bring you through busy streets. Where cars go very fast and
also through tunnels when you get outside the city. It is a bit scary when you go through
tunnels and the cars are passing you 100 kilometers per hour. I hope you enjoyed this short introductory
video on Naver maps. Keep an eye out for our second video coming out soon. It is going
to give you more details on how to plan your routes and how to calculate distances and
plan where you want to go and how to get there. Please leave a comment below and we’ll get
back to you soon. This is Luc from Seoul Cycle.com. Cycle Safe
and High 5

Naver Maps intro part 1 for PC – what’s Naver maps and how to see bike paths
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3 thoughts on “Naver Maps intro part 1 for PC – what’s Naver maps and how to see bike paths

  • May 22, 2016 at 4:15 am

    Great explanation! Looking forward to the next parts. Naver also provides directions for bicycles which is really a nice feature.

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  • October 7, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Very helpful. Thank you!!


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