metal gear solid 5 metal gear solid 5 metal gear solid 5 metal gear solid 5 Back to the Battlefield today’s mission. Take out some Russian communications Time to get down to business metal gear solid 5 After the Eastern communications post and destroy the Target equipment to location is on your I droid I Scouted this location a bit earlier got most of my targets already Got one left and can I have to locate? And when I find it the russians are going to have to resort back to core your pigeon in order to effectively communicate with one another The antennas are located in this base of the head. It’s just one more that I can work complete I’m pretty sure I know exactly where sloquet Shoot is [that] so it’s just a matter of marking it then rigging it in the other antennas with explosives and pressing the big red That baby button that looks like the target cookie You know where all the antennas are now take out all three of them. How you do it is your call [roger] [that] in fact. I just ordered a supply truck filled with C4 to ensure the dis mission goes out with a bang it looks like we got a russian soldier creeping up on the side here that Are not making [moves], so I’m sure what he’s gonna do next metal gear solid 5 When I get my inventory here And this character looks like I’ve seen the world – a heineken [party] Yeah, like a youth Amanda, Chicago’s right now Planting these spotlights everywhere looks like the guard went the other way No better time to the [president] to rig this and expenses. Take care and well not how you do it is up to you I’ve got just the thing for it. Here are some [olive] [oil] It’s an explosive that you [deadly] power or control after you’ve planted it. Yeah I’m aware that’s exactly why I got All right, I’ll get to a safe distance before you settle on two then they [pulled] the ready button and then press the action button Now let’s not go get ahead of ourselves here ocelot still got two more antennas to read metal gear solid 5 Sneak through here undetected here. We are at ten at number two [clym] update And please the explosives should take care of them well enough now you do it is up to you I Think it’s pretty well understood that I’m going to be using C4 for this occasion All right one more antenna to rig. Let’s get down there and take care of Damn, it looks like a guard spotted me City’s got his flashlight out, too There’s guards all over this cat damn police Less I want to do is get a [fire-type] Better stay Low we pulled the pass All right, son of a bitch to come around this your corner be ready for you That’s right. Keep searching over there in perfect opt-in if you can get up here and break the last antenna All right, you’re the last one [explosive] should take care of them well enough what [you] doing is up to you Left Antenna is rigged Time to get the hell outta here deadly Looks like a con another guards attention better stay low This game the edges seems to be in a fund a [Waltz] I’m but men do is I usually stroll through Afghanistan right now Hey Nice camel fatigues [a] little better come I feel Just a lot of guards up there, but I think I’m gonna take the chance or Paulton covers many [would] see back in mother face guard appearances post [I] think I’ll go ahead and take him out [and] then detonate our charge subject on board leave the rest of us [they] should [be] quiet. Just take a second [here] to appreciate this moment all the same outcomes of sleep Better [han], [I] here’s a bumpy ride Okay, this will be far enough away to safely take the slow becomes a goodness got That got their attention good. That’s the first one. I’m for number two is roy the Romanian exited nice That’s the second one number. Three good work. You’ve completed your objectives now get out of the hot zone stretch your dad Six passes you [begun] [upon] me now Good luck [rana] me back metal gear solid 5 hey silver, you’ll never guess what I just did yeah move sometimes equipment the hell in back that’s Alright [girls]. Let’s get out of here Made it out of the hot selling [low] side [of] the enemy mission 45 Mission Complete boss metal gear solid 5 metal gear solid 5

Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain Gameplay Part 4 | PC | Story Mode Walkthrough | Cinematic Movie

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