Hello my name’s Hugo and I’m Education Manager
here at Meridian Audio. In this short video, I’m going to give you a brief overview of
the UHD722 HDMI processor. Here are the connections on the back of the
product. It carries seven HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. We’ll talk about those as
well as the other connections in a moment. This the standard UHD722 – a rack-mount version
is also available. On the front panel, there are seven keys for
input selection and a Standby key. These keys are touch-capacitive and they illuminate to
show which input is selected or whether the unit is in standby.
All seven inputs support HDMI 2.0b . Bear in mind that this specification allows for signals with a data-rate of up to 18.2 Gigabits per second. So, if the installation includes any sources which have that capability you’ll need to use HDMI cables which can deal with the high data rates. By the way, don’t presume that
all cables which are labelled as 4K or UHD can do this. It’s worthwhile digging into the spec-sheet to look for that magical 18.2 Gigabits per
second figure which is sometimes rounded down to 18. Now let’s take a look at the HDMI outputs.
The main output supports HDMI 2.0b and is labelled HDMI Out 1. The second output is
HDMI 1.4 and therefore limited to 1080p video. It’s important to note that it’s not possible
to send a UHD signal and a 1080p signal simultaneously. If you’re using two displays,
you can use a UHD-capable HDMI-splitter fed from the main output. So that’s the HDMI connections dealt with.
However, the main function of the UHD722 is to extract digital audio from HDMI so it can
feed the audio system. So let’s look at the audio connections now. One of these RJ45 sockets is the MMHR output.
This carries multi-channel digital audio to feed a Meridian Surround Controller such as
the 861V8 or G65. The Speakerlink socket is used to carry Meridian comms and the Audio
Return Channel. It’s essential to use Meridian comms as this
allows us to switch picture and sound together. The Speakerlink socket carrys the Audio Return
Channel but it does not carry any audio from any of the seven HDMI inputs. There is also a Smartlink connection. This
a group of four digital outputs for use with legacy equipment and two-channel systems. So, what do we do when installing a UHD722
into an existing Meridian system which has no Speakerlink connections? How do we get
comms to work? Well, every UHD722 is supplied with one of these. This is a legacy comms adapter and it converts
the Speakerlink socket to a 5-pin DIN connection which accepts a Meridian 5C comms lead. This makes it very straightforward to upgrade
a system which currently uses the UHD722’s predecessor, the HD621. Just make sure that
the HDMI cables are up to spec in regard to the higher data-rates previously mentioned. The final connection to look at is the RS232
connection. This is used to configure the UHD722 using the Meridian PC set-up program,
MConfig. Well, that’s the end of this product overview
and I hope you found it useful. For more information on the Meridian UHD722, please visit our website.

Meridian UHD722 HDMI Processor: Overview
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