The Liftr Cloud Components Tracker
enumerates the instance types and sizes offered by the four largest clouds:
Alibaba cloud, AWS, Azure and GCP. Cloud computing offers customers choices in
optimizing app performance and response times by adjusting the configurations
and therefore the price of instances. A virtual core is a single hardware
execution thread. For modern Intel and AMD processors each physical core can
support two execution threads, which is two virtual cores. A processor’s
generation and the number of physical cores it runs simultaneously determines
how fast physical cores can operate, called GigaHertz. The most important
element of memory size is not the total size of memory offered by an instance
type in size. It is the memory-per-virtual-core that matters the most. Our Liftr Cloud Components Tracker records that over 90% of instance types
and sizes offered by the top four clouds are based on Intel Xeon processors; most
of the rest are based on AMD EPYC processors.

Liftr Look Ahead: Cores and GHz – Intel Xeon Runs the Processor Game

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