who is that a person was a person I wish
bones would fall out of them well nope havoc shard one person had a soul well
what’s up manner of creature looks different uh this is actually one of the
enemies room okay so recolor yeah okay Oh watch out
cuz he’s flinging something at you it’s too bad you can’t do that drag move
I’m trying to do that track move cuz then you could pluck him from that
vantage point and… yeah it wasn’t working well what what building would have had
this much tile in it uh subway oh it is a subway that’s nice that’s a nice
little detail um you didn’t pick that soul over there oh good I’m sorry it
looked like a torch yeah some of them look like torches or flares but a flare
ooh that’s a glowing egg or no it’s a beetle feeding on Oh on something that’s
been encapsulated oh wait what’s it was burning oh there’s
a burning beetle horror the burning beetle that’s how you destroy the webs
yeah so we probably do get the fire effect next all this I really like this
so many eggs being observant is literally in your name
watch well actually a Marvin and fire I only look at things that I like and I
don’t like spiders that much now you fury everything I like like how
great would that be if if this watcher was just kind of relentlessly low-key
and like hitting on fury you probably wouldn’t like it but I think I would
think it would be hilarious I like it I like awkward the idea of like awkwardly
hitting on one of the most powerful things in existence is than using today I want to see the mask oh sure oh gotta
wait for it to charge up again sorry okay that’s alright it charges up pretty
quick according to people so wait so this is slaw you know makes
sense spiders just wait yes spiders just kind of hang around they wait fur they
wait for their food to come to them they dream that sloth right there he’s just
sort of sitting on a throne I think okay well it looks like he’s just napping
sorry I mean he’s he’s lost that’s what he does well let’s keep checking out the
the upper and I thought we were gonna run to wrath next but I suppose we had
to go backwards this is a more freeform game you thinking you can freely explore
to some degree remember we’re gonna be some that are gated behind certain
abilities though yeah you want to be able to jump over to that yeah it
doesn’t look like you can get up there and in retrospect we probably have to go
ORD and then come back to get this stuff yoga yeah mmm so no I don’t see any more
flame beetles oh hey vulgrim shop I can tell from his
little wind catchers Yeah right here whatever it whatever they’re called
they’re not chimes they’re not dream catchers
it’s all about we capped out can you say is there a way to save no so does it
automatically save them I’m hoping well such hopefully I have yet to see
anything about saving I like that combo that’s effective at least against these
guys in group fights it’s garbage what’re
okay there’s I don’t know if they wings or
what’s over there but there’s stuff that has those really blue appendages to them
uh we’re over on the right left oh right oh those what are they like
little flies on a second I’m kind of turned around
isn’t that where sloth is down that little trail possibly yeah I would I
would fight everything in here first obviously bugs okay I’m hearing a lot of
like ah in the background I’m also hearing a lot of snoring uh maybe I
gotta check something how much I need one more sliver of adamantite oh yeah you’re right I’m hearing her
Aurora I wonder if that’s a maker could be it’s
a little monstrous to be maker let me come back to vulgrim for a second I feel
kind of I’m doing the thing I did in uh in under here oh where I’m just point
boring all of my points it’s a pure raw damage you’re gonna run into someone in
here there’s someone that’s smashing something
yeah there’s stuff going on well so what’s that oh that’s one of the flame
thing it’s kind of like a weird flytrap that look like I can do anything with it
yeah unfortunate oh there’s an angel down there the angel is which smashing
things or he’s fighting a demon no I just saw angel wings yeah there he
is there’s an angel oh whoa oh that happened oh and you yeah dye it so what happened
there was I I back cool yeah they do hit really hard I backed up into a crawl
space and so she went into a very slow crouch animation for a while all right
so we’re just back here lost their souls oh the enemies respawn Oh interesting
so maybe that’s how you I was wondering if their appeal means for me to farm for
Souls and it looks like it’s one of those that if they probably only respawn
if you die maybe if you go too far away okay I suppose we’re not very good at
aiming at things directly above you I feel like if an enemy is up high you
should be able to kind of like oh I can go up to those and do execution moves
that’s actually kind of handy there’s also is that a soul over there on the
far right yeah but I can’t reach it it’s on the other side of the gap okay
it looks like that thing that you smacked down is both still smack down
yep but yes so you can drive it for charge yeah want you wore him away from
the crawl space if you don’t act it accidentally yep trigger it give
yourself a better vantage point to fight from that make hope you could actually
lurk him up into the plant and the plant nabbed him
a sliver of adamantite I hate to do this we’re going back more upgrades for the
whip I must become strong and I also want to do testing Oh what
you can throw what how did you learn this
I saw he prompts oh you can wait can you throw him at the
at the web yes Rome at the web now she’ll cuz he was about to blow
now I wasn’t about to blow but he was getting he was getting toasty we found a
secret yeah you did there’s a bunch of souls yeah you can
let’s look around just to make sure you can climb back yeah I can climb back up
okay good but it does look like an important
chamber oh man you found a mega bug I’ll make a bridge
bug hurts like a bug gets the smack or you get to do lips right now it has a bunch of little bugs on top
of its back yeah it’s sending them off so that it’s oh and one snack to pack
your health before their inevitable destruction don’t just look at your arm
patting yourself on the back how do you plan on dealing with that my
bloodthirsty mistress Juba nation core ooh
automatically increase the amount of health restored by Nephilim respite by
875 who did the or was that hurt oh okay so we’ve got zip bug oh the bug is gonna
eat and then he’s gonna get fat honey flames on that’s a cool mechanic I
like that you bring a bug to feed on ya ever that Lanie missus material is it’s
a date system maybe it’s just glowing because there is a bug in me he’s
already fed he’s a narc yeah he’s already fed Oh can you drag him up Oh
beans to feed first second platform with him though yes and that burns yes oh it
doesn’t it looks like I’m gonna have to loop around and yeah find some other
means of getting through there cuz I don’t I don’t see a way of of lighting
him up for this section and I don’t see a means of getting through the webs on
the other area look over there at the at the ledge yeah go down see there’s the
angel who is he fighting a big demon looks actually multiple angels fighting
a big demon ah oh you’re not going through the crawl space I was gonna go
upgrade my weapon oh I see III know this sort of thing is kind of slow at the
same time this can be the hardest or this isn’t the hardest but this isn’t
the easiest oh so there’s six regions in the game okay so the tree the bug area I
assume that’s what those little yeah then four more okay lo okay so let’s let’s go back here
and upgrade the web I’m just gonna keep upgrading the whip whenever we get the
chance because it gives me a flat damage boost and then come up with the fact of
it that I’ve been that lady you sent back is here actually that’s her okay
and there she is alright and then we go back down or yeah
yeah then we go to face sloth Angels this is pretty oh I see the temperature
the light was different inside so it changed the outside too okay what is oh
I see that symbol probably means the one I just came from yeah that’s nice I like
that I like that a lot though you can keep track of where you need to return
to how much trash could that possibly we
need no no no back up let’s talk about let’s actually talk about this seeing is
this is an interesting topic well I’m just thinking what would a fantasy
person do when met with these things all I was doing I was just like it really
depends I think on how like fantasy were talking I really do like the idea like a
fantasy system like Oh sorta like that’s one
thing um I think fantasy and sci-fi never quite gets right in my mind of the
like the wild stuff that you could potentially mundane objects it’s always
awesome weapons awesome magic awesome yeah like but you don’t have the awesome
mixer yeah like I oh there’s a human Wow that one took less convincing what
you just sort reached it out with it and it’s like anyway um just like must I
touch goes back I wonder how many of the humans are are stranded and around the
city we’re probably gonna collect quite a lot of them over the course this game
is it going to do anything for us I have no I should be a hundred swing point in
here so I actually have no idea how to get over there
wait not not even to that platform no oh okay yeah nothing it also sounds like
that demon might actually be the character like the ADC well the demons
the one laughing yeah he’s enjoying his little fray with the Angels
okay so I’m gonna come back down here cuz it just seems like it’s the proper
workaround because we went in here and we’ve seen
did we oh oh to be actually come through no we haven’t
no we we didn’t yeah we never went in here oh well why you threw him at the
bat awesome and then you can probably go
through the other side yeah but first larger clumps and whatnot
okay so whoa that one rejuvenates itself okay you need to let that guy feed oh that means if you want to get through
the two the one on the other side you’re gonna need to get a new bug in fast okay
where are you I don’t believe that’s the way you get a new bug this is how I get
a new bug because the other one responds you slowly I gotta bring I gotta have
two bugs for this excuse me you’re coming with me buddy mmm that thing is shockingly docile uh it
might be just one of those I don’t know what energy you’re using Oh are they
gonna share are they gonna be nice that one sort of nudged the other ones away
oh no he’s charged okay you get the second one I’m fairly
certain this is how you’re supposed to do this awesome
there’s tighter timing done oh I miss that sound effects love that I missed
that it really doesn’t feel like they kind of her trying to go with like a
return to form you know more of a we’re almost the Angels more of a Darksiders
one field and then – I think I’m okay with that Oh wrath we all need a puppy hmm this
point be round enjoy this too much oh that is
unfortunate well it looks like wrath yep and it’s
named rafts oh boy it’s funny how we could view the angels fighting with him
from a distance and they seem to be faring just fine the instant you come up
on the scene defeat this utter defeat okay so I have no healing that’s Lee
he’s the large and slow Oh watch out for that laughs he looks like wrath to me the
flames the armor whoa versus blades in case it ignites
and charges is this it I mean I wouldn’t expect Rath to be
anything but straightforward Oh that’s a little easy or not what huh
what hey if we sound a little confused it’s because the next cutscene or the
previous cutscene just straight up was into the review copy of the game so here
it is and we’re gonna be very confused about this because we didn’t actually
see this cutscene until like 13 hours in whoops rampage your master summons you sister offer to you you barely slapped justice we set up war the others their greater
forces at work here much help something is wrong with the
world and now back to your regularly scheduled confusion that’s a little easy
or not what huh what for now I asked of both angel and demon do
you arrive here of your own free will the tenants of the hollowing demanded I
do Lord of the hollows as do I even both fought this war since the dawn of time
you are weary yet immortality prevents the ultimate respite the lord of the
hollows alone can restore upon you this gift the final release No
be recycled time and time again to fight for heaven and hell Oh finally free challenge that you as creature awakens
deluded pawn of the charred Council do you even know where you are I know
exactly where I am the stench bitch phrase you the hollers is a hell all its
own indie but it is one that I alone leave what did you do to them
nothing that they did not wish for your ignorance on your face the true
consequences of this so-called war for balance are beyond your comprehension
perhaps I should hollow you a watch this only confirms what I already held to be
true you are just a puppet the council is playing you to further
their own machinations unlike you I have not come to this place for personal gain
the seven deadly sins must be eliminated once and for all to protect the balance
you mock I will not be deterred she speaks the truth
Oh Lord and she is tenacious to say the least your words carry no weight with
they stink of lies how did I skip that cutscene
wait you skipped a cut I must have after we killed Warren there absolutely
absolutely Ben earth crap yeah yeah cuz it looked like you had gotten stabbed
and then teleported here somehow yeah this is more than a test of battle a
demonstration boss if you’re so quick to comment your wave ready to crack the
true righteousness requires true insight if this was a test you have failed to
resist a call to raw impulse is a different type of stray spare your
wisdom I know my strength and when I prove it to the council I alone will
lead the horsemen the seven will be destroyed along with their designs for a
world far more hideous than the apocalypse we already know this a flame below for what purpose even I am
aware that there are times when sides must be chosen take this weapon and know
that I have chosen MA or take heed host the universe has so many
your survival depends on what you you must open your eyes to much more
than that which gazes back at you from the mirror fine can we go now not quite
here there is the matter of Abraxas to discuss a breakfast
the demon meddler diverted to remain intact
he must be Delta he threatens your balance his very soul
must be brought to me I see and you want me to do it Oh Bertha I’ll consider it
no guarantees new watcher be gone now before you continue what was the button
for skip were you accidentally just awaiting him in combat or I have no idea
I have no idea I always skip that cutscene oh you should have gotten
stabbed and then yes so what I’m gonna do is probably play up to that point on
a separate file yeah just use mad sheets or something cuz I can lock my HP in
place mm-hmm I don’t know yeah that was unless there really isn’t a cutscene
what if that’s the case or was ever cut No there definitely had to have been a
cutscene so what I was liking is look at him for a moment is that supposed to be
like the arc that’s probably the Ark of the Covenant are the Covenant it looks
like it he’s gone that’s why I was pointing at him like look it’s the Ark
of the Covenant yeah neat but I don’t know okay so how do we do this oh wait
it is X to skip cutscenes so you were just probably using your whip move and
it went through I I stopped as soon as we took him down if
if the regular attack button is also the skin of a button that’s bad something
changes when I hold it I can feel its power coursing through my hands
oh so it’s dual-wield okay can i load No okay so we have Barb’s of score and
chains of scorn these it doesn’t look like I can load the game I mean this
might set you before the wrath battle but it looks like it’s saved okay at
least I can save now the Lord of Hallows chamber yeah you yeah I’m just gonna have to play through
this a second time on a second yeah oh and make sure that you don’t skip the
cutscene and then yeah I don’t even know how to do it I’m just probably gonna
figure out how to make myself and vulnerable and then just hit him real
slowly like so yeah she was talking barely oh talking about wading through a
pond it was interesting dialogue oh cool and this is how you have a flame
lead this is me you

Let’s Play Darksiders 3 – PC Gameplay Part 3 – Sassing Time Is Over

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