maker and developer Rory Johnson has
created a new Raspberry Pi laptop using plywood to create a unique portable
system that is now available under the Creative Commons license allowing those
interested to create their own laser curtain wooden laptop the plywood laptop
has been in development since 2016 two years hundreds of hours thousands of
dollars and one partners frayed patience later I finalized the designs for Rev
1.0 of the Pluto the Platonic Amma date the Raspberry Pi
or other similar sized single board computers the laptop has been designed
to enable owners to customize the internal layout adding extra development
boards batteries and other required electronics in any way they desire in
keeping with the idea of complete flexibility there’s no defined layout
for the internals of the ply top rather there’s an array of star-shaped openings
on the bottom plate that allow the builder to connect hardware components
up in whatever way works for them actually suggests just holding
everything down with zip ties to allow for ease of tinkering everything you
need to be Apple II to build your very own clip
Howard buy a Raspberry Pi mini PC or similar if you enjoy building high
projects you might be interested in our comprehensive list of Raspberry Pi
displays hats and small screens

Laptop NEWS !!! Plywood Raspberry Pi Laptop Has Created
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