Most of the PC 98 characters are not very
popular and little is known about most of them but I will do my best to introduce them
here. Touhou 1 Highly Responsive to Prayers
Hakurei Reimu is the hakurei shrine maiden she uses the divine magic of the Yin yang
orbs to fight. She cannot fly in the PC 98 games so she rides Genji a flying turtle in
many of them. She appears in almost every Touhou game as a playable character so she
is a main character. She is one of the few PC 98 characters to make it into the Windows
era. ShinGyoku is a being that protects the gates
to hell and makai. It has three forms. A yin yang orb a priestess and a priest.
Yuugen Magan is encountered in makai. I looks like a set of five eyes with an image of someone
wearing a kimono in the center. Elis is a devil with the ability to turn into
a bat. Reimu encounters her in the Ruins of Vina in Makai. She may be a vampire.
Sariel is an angel of death that Reimu fights at the end of the Makai route in the fallen
shrine. Sariel’s gender is unknown. In traditional Abrahamic religions Sariel is an angel of
death. Mima is a strong evil spirit that hangs around
the Hakurei shrine. During the PC 98 series Mima lives at the Hakurei shrine. She is very
knowledgeable about the shrine and the Yin-yang orbs. She is very popular for a PC 98 character
so every time there is a new touhou game fans tend to joke that Mima will be coming back.
She is also treated as Marisa’s teacher. Kikuri appears as a large disk with the image
of a woman on the front. Reimu fights it somewhere in Hell during the hell route. It is possible
that the woman is trapped in the disc but this is not confirmed.
Kongara is encountered by Reimu at the end on the hell route in the Silence Shrine.
Touhou 2 Story of Eastern Wonderland Genji is a male turtle that serves Reimu.
Genji can fly and Reimu rides him around because she is not able to fly in the pc 98 series.
Genji can be found at the Hakurei Shrine in the PC 98 series.
Rika is a human engineer that created tanks and monsters that attacked Reimu. She creates
both regular tanks and has created a large flying tank called evil eye sigma that takes
the appearance of a giant eyeball with wings. Meira is a human that attempted to acquire
Reimu’s power by defeating her in battle. Though Meira did lose in the end.
The five magic stones are a set of magic stones in genmukai and may be guarding it.
In the PC 98 series Marisa Kirisame starts out as a servant of Mima in Touhou 2. Her
hair is red when she first appears but later in the series marisa has blonde hair. She
later becomes a playable character for the rest of the series.
Touhou 3 Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream Ellen is a witch with a pet cat named Socrates.
She doesn’t age but in exchange she She has problems with her memory and will often forget
things even during conversations. This tends to make her appear childish.
Kotohime is a somewhat strange person. She is a princess but she calls herself a police
officer. Though it is improbable that she actually is one.
Kana Anaberal is a poltergeist that was created by a mentally unstable girl. She lived in
a mansion but the residents there are no longer afraid of her. Later in Touhou 3 she decides
to Haunt the Hakurei Shrine instead. Asakura Rikako is a human and is one of the
few people in Gensokyo that values science more than magic.
Kitashirakawa Chiyuri is a graduate student from the outside world that came to gensokyo
on the Probability Space Hypervessel along with Yumemi. She serves Yumemi who gave her
the ability to use artificial magic. Chiyuri created the invitation that was responsible
for the events of touhou 3. However if you choose Chiyuri as a playable character she
is just a regular resident of Gensokyo. Okazaki Yumemi is a college professor from
the outside world. She came to gensokyo to study real magic and share it with the scientific
community. She is in charge of the Probability Space hypervessel and has discovered a way
to create artificial magic. Ruukoto is a nuclear powered robot maid that
Reimu received after the events of Touhou 3. Ruukoto enthusiastically performs her job
as a maid but she is not very good at it. Mimi or Mimi-chan is a sentient missile that
Marisa “obtained” from Yumemi. Marisa doesn’t know how to actually use her as a weapon.
Touhou 4 Lotus Land Story Orange is the name of a youkai that is encountered
on the mountain in touhou 4. Kurumi is a vampire that Guards the Lake of
Blood from intruders. It is presumed that she does a good job because Elly on the other
side of the lake hasn’t had to fight anyone for a long time.
Elly is the guardian of Mugenkan she is supposedly very strong but after not having fought for
s long time she claims she has lost her touch. Her stage theme Bad Apple is one of the most
well-known Touhou Songs and as a consequence she is one of the most well Known PC 98 characters.
Kazami Yuuka in the PC98 series is the owner of the mansion mugenkan. When you arrive she
is woken up in the commotion and you fight her in her pajamas. Yuuka is very strong.
She reappears in the windows series in Touhou 9.
Mugetsu is the creator of a dream world. She is the Younger sister. Her older sister is
called Gengetsu. They are demons and presumably live in the dream world that mugetsu created.
Touhou 5 Mystic Square Sara is a gatekeeper to one of the entrances
to Makai which was located inside a cave in a mountain.
Louise is a resident of Makai that wanted to go to the human world. However she loses
her chance when the heroine attacks and defeats her.
PC 98 Alice is very different from windows Alice. She is younger and is probably not
a human so it is improbable that this Alice is the same Alice that appears in the Windows
series. Yuki is a witch that uses fire magic. When
you encounter her she is with another witch called Mai and they are presumed to be friends.
Mai uses ice magic. If you defeat Yuki before Mai, Mai will claim that Yuki was just holding
her back. Yumeko is a maid that serves Shinki and is
Shinki’s strongest creation. Her species is unknown but she is probably either a demon
or a youkai. She throws swords at her opponents Shinki is the Creator of Makai and everything
in it. She was running a tourist industry for residents of makai so they could visit
the human world which is what caused the events of Touhou 5. In the fandom she is often considered
to be Alice’s mother. She is also one of the more popular characters from the PC 98 games.
As a bonus I feel I should mention a character that was supposed to be introduced in Touhou
6 Emodiment of scarlet devil but had to be cut due to time constraints.
Satsuki Rin, everything we know comes from leftover code in the games files and speculation.
She may a mythical creature called a Kirin and there is some speculation that she would
have been a nurse.

Intro to Touhou: Characters part 5 (PC 98)
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