Hi, my name is Jeff Amstutz. I’m a software
engineer at Intel, and we’re here at
SIGGRAPH 2018 showcasing interactive
professional graphics on Intel’s Xeon Scalable CPUs. Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs
give us a highly parallel CPU that let’s us interactively
render using the OSPRay raytracing framework,
an open source library put out by Intel. Here we’re showcasing OSPRay
interactively rendering the Disney Moana
island scene that was recently publicly released. OSPRay utilizes the Embree
raytracing kernels– another project in Intel– as well as the
Intel SPMD compiler. Users of OSPRay can deliver
high fidelity graphics for many different domains such
as scientific visualization, professional rendering, CAD,
architectural rendering– anything that requires
high fidelity graphics that are interactive. Embree and OSPRay make it easy
for application developers to deliver high fidelity
graphics without having to worry about the details. And we’re excited
to also announce another project along side
of Embree and OSPRay– Open Image Denoise– that
will take care of the details of doing image denoising at
interactive rates as well. So together, all three, when
put on even large scenes that are difficult to render,
that those three libraries together create quite an
experience for end-users. If you’d like to learn more
about all of these projects, you can find us at sdviz.org,
which stands for Software Defined Visualization.

Interactive Graphics on Scalable Intel® Xeon® Processors | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software
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