Alright, you’re looking at the
Intel DQ45CB, an amazing board. Lots of great stuff on there. Now,
let me just set this up for you, just so you can kind of understand
where you’re coming from if you’re getting this board.
Sometimes you’re building a computer, and it’s not exactly for gaming.
It’s not going to be a $2,000 computer. It’s not gonna be something
that’s gonna be ridiculous. You’re gonna be doing light
Photoshop work. You’re gonna be doing a little bit of movie editing here and there.
You’re going to be doing a lot of Excel, and documents
and stuff like that. You don’t need to go get one of those
silly boards with all the colors and all the PCI Express slots.
All you need, is something that’s really, really simple.
And, if you can get something that’s small, and fits into a small case,
it’s even nicer. Now, check this out.
This is a Micro ATX form factor. So, as you can tell, it’s really small. Right?
Really small and it’s definitely not one of those crazy colorful boards
with all the great features, but it does have every feature that
you could possibly need, or want from it. Now, first of all, let’s talk about
integrated graphics. This does have integrated graphics.
And, one thing you’ll note is that it’s a little bit different than
some of the other motherboards, is that it has two DVIs. Okay?
So it’s got DVI-I, and DVI-D. So, both of those are there.
That means you can run dual monitors without having to get a graphics card.
And that’s fantastic, especially for a work station.
Especially if its for a business computer. Those guys don’t need to have a video card,
they don’t need to be playing video games on your hour, okay?
It’s your buck here. You’re paying them. Are they gonna work for you?
Or are they gonna play video games? They’re gonna work for you.
You can set up dual monitors on here, which is very useful, increases your
productivity across the board. All your employees are going
to be happier. They can get twice the amount of work
done on their screen at the same time. Now, another thing that’s really
important about these boards is the fact that it is Socket 775,
and the fact that it does accept the latest and greatest Core 2 Duo
processors from Intel. So we’re talking about your
Yorkfields and your Wolfdale cords, your 45nms,
your E8400s, your Q9550s,
Q9450s. Or it’ll take the older stuff,
the Q6600s, which are still very fast. And in case you’re a dinosaur, you can still
put Pentium 4s in here. You can put Celerons, no problem.
The fact that it’ll take just about any Intel Dual or Quad Core processor is fantastic.
Up to a 1333 MHz front side bus. Now, moving right next door,
take a look at these DIMMS. Eight of them, sorry, four of them,
which is fantastic. That means you can put 8 GB of RAM.
It’ll do 667 or 800, which is very affordable.
That means that building a computer based on a motherboard like this,
can be extremely affordable for your business. You can actually build a PC
with 4 GB of RAM, a very fast dual core,
and a small case, small power supply, everything else just bare minimum,
you’ll probably spend around $400, and you will have a system
that’s gonna last you forever. Literally. It’s gonna last for
a good five to six years doing your basic office tasks.
Now, I’m gonna keep showing you around a little bit. Let’s go
back to the back panel. I’m gonna give you the little tour.
Now, first of all, obviously it was very cool to have dual
DVIs, and that’s very interesting. But, moving down the line, there is
a lot more to look at. First of all, you’re gonna notice that
you have four USB 2.0 ports, right here. And then you have
two more right here. This is your gigabit Ethernet,
so if you’re on a network you’re gonna have very fast
performance over your network. eSATA is a very important feature
to have if you want to have external backup. If you want to back up all your computers
individually, instead of over the network, it’s important to have this,
because it gives you 3 GB per second of throughput,
which is very, very, very fast compared to a 480 megabit per second here.
So 480 – 3,000. 480 – 3,000 which one
are you gonna choose? A lot faster. Definitely worth it.
The other thing that’s important is this Firewire. This is great if
you want to take anything off of a video camera,
edit a video. Firewire does 400 megabytes per second,
and if you do it from a digital video camera, it’s the best way
to transfer stuff over. And finally, down here at the bottom,
another great feature is on board HD audio. So that’s five channels. It’s actually 5.1,
six channels in total of audio coming through here. And that
uses the ADI 1882 Audio CODEC, which is also very good. And,
again those on board graphics, the GMA 4500 which is one of Intel’s
higher end graphics, on board graphics chips.
And you do get that dual link DVI which is the I and the D, so you can
do digital and analog through these DVIs. It doesn’t really matter.
Now let’s move along to card buses. Let’s see what we got over here.
We got two PCI Express x1s. So those are great if you want
to add any type of peripherals. You can pretty much throw on
audio cards. If you want to get bigger audio cards or pro tools,
any type of, pretty much anything you want can go in there.
So, it’s really good. You also have a PCI conventional down here,
which is gonna also be very useful. And, the big one is this one right up here.
This is your PCI Express x16 slot right there which is absolutely
essential to have if you ever want to upgrade to a video card.
That’s the latest card bus. It’s PCI Express 2.0, the x16,
that means it’s 16 lanes electronically in there. So, if you want to add
one of the latest and greatest video cards, you very well could on this board.
It’s not a problem. Again, this is a business board.
It’s more for general computing use, but if you wanted to throw a
fast processor and 8 gigs of RAM, and a big video card on here,
not a problem. You could definitely make this into a gaming
computer if your heart so desired. Coming down right over here, the next
important thing is to have, make sure you have lots of connectivity
for you hard drives. So, this board actually has
six SATA connectors. Five that are actually here via headers
and then one of the them is that eSATA that’s on the back.
It’s very important to have those, because you can run a lot of
RAID on here. If you’re running, you need to
back up everything redundantly, you can do RAID 0.
You can do RAID 1. You can do RAID 5.
You can do Raid 1 + 0. All that kind of RAID-ability
is all on board on this chip. Did I make that word up,
“RAID-ability”? That’s cool. Awesome. It’s great when you stumble
through things and all of a sudden you come up with gold. See that
ladies and gentlemen, that’s magic. RAID-ability, fantastic, so in the end,
8 gigs of RAM, Socket 775 for your 45 nm Core 2 Duos
and Core 2 Quad Processors. You have dual DVIs on there.
So you can do on board graphics but still have two monitors.
You got gigabit Ethernet. You got on board 5.1 channel audio.
You got the microATX form factor that’s really small. It’s gonna fit in
a small case but if you want to expand, you want to upgrade, you can.
You have tons of SATA ports with lots of RAID-ability, and
PCI Express 2.0, so if you want to throw a video card on there you can.
If you want to throw on any other peripherals on there, you can.
You have a bunch of USB 2.0 headers at the bottom to add more
USB 2.0s, as if the six on the back wasn’t enough already.
You got eSATA, you got Firewire. This board’s got it all and
it’s in a tiny little package. It’s the DQ45CB from Intel. If you have any questions on it
feel free to Email me here. See you guys next time. For more information on the
Intel DQ45CB Micro ATX Motherboard, type in:
I69-2184 into the search engine of any
of these major retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Intel DQ45CB Motherboard
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  • February 6, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Silly boards? PCI Express is one of those things every board should have! Wow, those dual DVI outputs are awesome.Every Intel board, except the new x58 one is LGA775, psh. If you want basic office tasks, you shouldn't build computers, just get a deal from Dell, they'll sell you like what a hundred computers for a great price. Nice HD audio. I like the GMA3100, It was awesome, I had it before I upgraded to a 9800 GT.

  • February 6, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Cool, it has a PCI-E 2.0, I don't see why you'd stick a big video card into a noobish motherboard. "Raidability". The amazing thing about this motherboard is the dual DVIs, I've never seen that on any other motherboard. I wonder why they never state the price on these video reviews…

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    what was so great about it..?

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    The price range and the fact it has everything you need, You could even make an average range Gamer PC with this Motherboard

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    I wish whoever made this POS board was dead. It's worse than Chaintech and Acorp were back in the day. It's a total buggy POS, Elitegroup owns this garbage.

  • December 15, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    With the latest BIOS, this board supports now 16GB of RAM instead of 8GB.

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    Got one of these recently to make an office pc, runs good. Few issues but that's mainly to do with ram. Not terribly shabby.

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