I’m David Shaw, and
this is AI News. Millions of plant species
exist in the world. And while we’ve
identified a lot of them, there are still many
that are unknown. The first step to
identifying plants is to know their
scientific name. After you know the name, the
features of each plant species are categorized into things
like family and class. So how can AI help? With a solution that can
help identify plant anatomy. The solution is built using deep
learning and computer vision algorithms. It’s powered by the Intel
distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit Model Optimizer. The primary objective
of this project is to accurately
classify plant species. The input can be an image, a
video, or a live camera feed. This article walks you through
every step from gathering the data to labeling pictures. It also includes the best ways
to capture images or frames from a video or live camera
feed, plant recognition using a TensorFlow classifier,
and sampling images from the test run. You’ll be able to see how the
model has classified the plant types. This application can be helpful
for modern day taxonomists, naturalists, and
even enthusiasts. Plant taxonomy helps us
understand the world around us. With the power of AI,
just think about what we can learn in the future. Follow the links provided
to read the article and learn how you can try
plant recognition with AI. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you next week.

Identify Plant Anatomy Using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit | AI News | Intel Software

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