In case you missed
it, in June, we told you about the new
AI Developer webinar series, which covers the latest
in frameworks, optimization tools, and new product launches. Check out the on-demand webinars
that include “Introduction to Reinforcement
Learning Coach,” “Introduction to Intel
Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit and WINML,”
and “Introduction to NLP Architect.” There’s also a three-part video
series, The AI Opportunity. Episode 1 covers compute
power and the growth in AI opportunities
for developers, where Intel AI
computing expert Wei Li shared his views on the
opportunities and challenges in AI, how Intel is supporting,
and where we’re heading next. Episode 2 covers
where AI is going. Wei Li shares how natural
language processing is a huge growth area. And episode 3 covers
the challenges to AI. Wei Li discusses how data
labeling, which is currently performed manually, is one
limitation to greater AI usage. We released our
new video series, AI Practitioners
Guide for Beginners featuring Beenish Zia. If you are someone who
knows the basics of AI or is taking courses online
for machine learning, but have always wondered
where and how to get started, this series is a
great place to begin. It provides you with
a high level overview of business and data
strategy the machine learning practitioner needs
to know, followed by a detailed walkthrough of
how to install and validate one of the popular artificial
intelligence frameworks TensorFlow, on the Intel
Xeon scalable platform. In case you missed it,
check out these stories from our channel in the links,
and don’t forget to subscribe. [INTEL LOGO SOUND]

ICYMI June 2019 | Intel Software
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