Advanced Cooling Technologies, The Thermal
Management Experts, offers a vast resource of thermal management information on our website,, including some useful tools and calculators. One of the most popular resources is our Heat
Pipe Calculator, which provides a performance curve of a copper/water heat pipe with your
given input values. With the emergence of many temporary thermal
storage applications, we’ve recently launched a PCM Calculator that will help you determine
which PCM material is right for your application. You can find the PCM Calculator at Or, from our site navigation, you can also
find it under our Resources section. In this video, we’ll walk through a sample
calculation using the PCM calculator. The tool provides PCM material options that
best serve your temporary thermal storage needs, anywhere from -10°C to 85°C, and
it’s pretty easy to use. To determine appropriate PCM materials, the
user inputs a few simple Parameters: Initial Temperature of the heat source,
Final Temperature (or PCM melt temperature), Amount of Power the PCM Heat Sinks needs to
be able to absorb, Amount of Time the PCM Heat sink needs to
absorb the power while still maintaining the final temperature. And Finally, the user will input some PCM
Heat Sink Base Dimensions. Go ahead and input the values that are appropriate
to your application. For this example, I’ll need PCM for an application
that has an initial temperature of 10 degrees C, and a final temperature of 30 degrees C.
The power generated by my device is 30 watts. The heat needs to be stored for one hour. And, my device is square, 36 x 36 inches. Once my data’s populated, I click, “Compute
PCM Options.” The Calculator offers me solutions with three
different PCMs, detailing the Volume, Mass, and Energy Stored in Latent Heat for each
of the PCM materials. These results are also graphed, showing the
expected transient performance for up to three different PCMs suitable for my application. Keep in mind, these results are approximate,
since the calculator assumes a general fin thickness. ACT develops custom solutions with the optimal
fin thickness for each application’s unique requirements. You can print or save a PDF of the output,
and submit the results to the Thermal Experts at ACT to discuss your application in detail. An engineer will get back to you pretty quickly. ACT designs and fabricates PCM Heat Sinks,
so we can help provide the hardware solution to your temporary thermal storage needs. To learn more, don’t forget to check out
our thermal storage resource page, also located under Resources, that provides additional
information on thermal storage, PCM heat sink design, current Research and Development,
as well as several thermal storage webinars. We hope you find our PCM Calculator easy to
use and helpful in selection of your PCM material. Visit us at to access our library
of technical webinars, use online tools like this PCM Calculator, read our technical papers,
and connect with us when you’re ready to discuss your thermal challenge. We’ll see you next time!

How to Use: PCM Heat Sink Calculator by Advanced Cooling Technologies
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